Live Music


15th Street Pub—Bluegrass Jam, 7 pm

Abou Karim Restaurant—Anson Wright Duo

Aladdin —Live Wire!: Thomas Lauderdale, MarchFourth Marching Band, Heroes & Villains, Ralph Huntley & The Mutton Chops, 7 pm, $10-12

Alberta St. Pub—Monty Green’s Bluegrass Invite, 9 pm, free

Alexander's Lounge—Ron Steen Jazz Jam, 8 pm, free

Amazon Cafe—EZ Connection

Andina Restaurant—Gypsy Jazz Trio

Andrea’s Cha Cha Club—Cubaneo, 10:30 pm

Ash St. Saloon—Prismatic, Sauce Policy, Blue Marmalade, 9:30 pm, $5

Beale Street NW —Kinzel & Hyde, 8:30 pm, free

Berbati's PanMichael the Blind, Stuart Valentine, Tim Martin, $6

Biddy McGraw's—Johnny Connolly

Bliss—NW Royale

Blue Monk—Stephen Walker & The Few Chosen

Buffalo Gap—Tony Smiley

Bungalow’s Martini—Open Mic, 9 pm

Dante's—Crosstide, Shapes & Sizes, The Listening, 9:30 pm, $5

Doug Fir —Ohmega Watts, Copy, Alela Diane, 9 pm, free

Duff's Garage—The Old Hustlers, The Splashdowns

East Chinatown Lounge—Missnomer, 6 pm; Auditory Sculpture, 10 pm

Edgefield —Flat Mountain Girls, 6 pm, free

Eugenios—Bill Shively, Stan Cassell, 7 pm

FezThe Conductor, Thirty-Two Ways, Heartless, 9 pm, $5; Invasion w/DJ Catalyst, 10 pm, free

Food Hole—Hototogisu, Smegma, Ghosting, Dead/Bird, 9 pm, $5

Gemini —Karaoke from Hell

Goodfoot —Ramblin’ Rose

Green Room —So Called Blues Band, 9 pm

Ground Kontrol—TRONix: Magnum PA, DJ Dave Weigel, 9:30 pm, free

Halibuts—Terry Robb, 8:30 pm, free

Hawthorne Theatre—Kill Your Ex, Lovely Mess, Family Tree, Bel Air Academy, 9 pm, $6; Frank, 9 pm, free (balcony)

Heathman Hotel—Johnny Martin Trio, 7 pm

Holocene—Bark, Hide & Horn, Laura Gibson, Kele Goodwin, 9 pm, free

Hotel deLuxe—The Mouse that Roared, 8 pm

Imbibe —Arabian Nights, 8 pm, $5

It’s A Beautiful Pizza —Bill Coomes & Larry Adair, 8 pm

Jax —Robert Moore & The Wildcats, 8:30 pm, $8

Jimmy Mak's—Mel Brown B3 Organ Quartet, 9 pm, $5

Kells—Tom May, 9:30 pm

Kennedy School—Stolen Sweets, 7 pm, free

Laurelthirst—Lewi Longmire Band, 6 pm, free; Bingo Band, 9:30 pm, $5

Les Schwab Amphitheater—Lynyrd Skynyrd, 6:30 pm, $32.50-65

Mississippi Pizza—Lilla Dmone, 6 pm; Canoofle, 9 pm

Mock Crest—Claes of Bluesprints, Open Mic, 8:30 pm

Monty's—Kenny Lee & The Sundowners’ Open Jam

Pioneer Square—Kate Tucker, noon

Portsmouth Club—Open Mic

Proper Eats Cafe—Proper Jazz Jam, 7 pm

Red & Black Cafe—Jason Webley, Andru Bemis, 8 pm, $7

Rock Creek Tavern—Colin Spring, 8 pm, free

Sabala's Mt. Tabor—Last Vegas

Salty's on the Colombia—Patrick Burke

South Park Blocks—Portland Youth Jazz Orchestra, 7 pm, free

The KnowAmple Sample, Old Ironsides, ...ship, free

The Stein Haus—Haus Cats

Thirsty Lion—Holding Out Band

Tillicum Club—Lloyd Jones, 8 pm

Tin Shed —Cello-Bop, 7 pm

Tonic—Black Top Demon, BXF, The Sacred Dice

Towne Lounge—Rob Scheps Big Band, 9 pm, $5

Twilight Cafe—Jay Millas & Co.

Valentine’sMILK, Like a Circus Fire, 9 pm, free

Wallbangers —Dueling Pianos

Washington Park—Melao de Cana w/Virginia Lopez, 6 pm, free

White Eagle —Michael Jodell, James Low, Matt Brown, 8:30 pm, $4

Wilf's Piano Bar—Tony Pacini


15th Street Pub—Gravel Road, Autolite Strike, Hairspray Blues, My Life in Black & White, 9 pm; Lon, 10 pm

Abou Karim Restaurant—Nancy King

Alberta St. Pub—Myshkin’s Ruby Warblers, 6:30 pm, free; Beglan’s Irish Jam, 9 pm, free

Alexander's Lounge—Ron Steen Jazz Jam, 8 pm, free

Andina Restaurant—John Butler Trio, 8 pm

Ash St. Saloon—Santotzin, Cleveland Steamers, Dialek, Animal Farm, 10 pm, $4

Bar Pastiche—Mark Ferguson, 8 pm, free

Beale Street NW —Danny Hay Davis, noon; Ward Stroud

Berbati's Pan—Stormcrow, Order of the Vulture, Just Another Consumer, Detterrorformed, $5; Good Fridays w/Rev. Paula B, 5 pm (barside)

Biddy McGraw's—Billy Kennedy Happy Hour, 5:30 pm; Shawn Hawkins & The Offenders

Blue Lake Park—Moondance, 6 pm, $4/car

Blue Monk—Devin Phillips & New Orleans Straight Ahead

Boons TreasuryScotland Barr & The Slow Drags, 9 pm, free

Borders (Vancouver)—Courtney Jones, 7 pm

Buffalo Gap—Jacob Merlin Band, 9 pm

Coffee Lovers—The Ahs, 7 pm

Corner Saloon—Backlash

Dante's—Black Heart White Noise, Deccatree, Cabinessence, 9:30 pm, $6

Doug Fir —Dan Caballero, Zombi, Get Hustle, 9 pm, $12

Driftwood Tavern—Open Mic w/Doc Michaels

Duff's Garage—Oblivion Seekers, Texecutioners

Edgefield —Caroline Oakley, Pete Leone, free

Food Hole—Big Business, Rabbits, Red Fang, 9 pm, $5

Gemini —Moments Notice

Green Room Paula Maya, Chris Babson, 9:30 pm

Grolla—Eric Skye

Halibuts—Lee Blake

Hawthorne Theatre—Debaser, Bad Neighbors, Living Proof, Rook’s Pointe, Gray Matters, 9 pm, $8

Heathman Hotel—Johnny Martin Trio, 7 pm

Holocene—Comets on Fire, 16 Bitch Pile-Up, Eternal Tapestry, 9 pm, $8

Imbibe —Little Sue, 6 pm; The Tallboys, The Flat Mountain Girls, 9:30 pm

Jax —Hank Hirsh Quintet, 8 pm, free

Jimmy Mak's—David Friesen

Jolly Roger—Earl & The Reggae Allstars, 10 pm, free

Kells—Grafton Street, 9:30 pm

Kennedy School—Voodoo Mountain Zydeco, 7 pm, $10

Laurelthirst—Petty Cash, 6 pm, free; Radio Giants, 9:30 pm, $5

Les Schwab Amphitheater—Bend Brew Fest: Jennifer Lynn, Freak Mountain Ramblers, The Derailers, 4 pm, free

LV’s Uptown—Rob Scheps, Dave Frishberg, 7 pm

Mississippi Pizza—Voodoo BBQ, 6 pm; Tom May, Amanda Richards, 9 pm

Mississippi StudiosNick Jaina, Matt Sheehy, Horsefeathers, 9:30 pm, $7

Mock Crest—Sneakin’ Out, 9 pm

Montego Bay—Kat & The Roots Revolution, 10 pm, free

New Copper Penny—Dennis Mitchell Band, 9 pm, $5

Ninth Ave Public House—LKN

Oregon Zoo—Etta James, Leroy Bell, 7 pm, $19

Oxbow Park—Brad Price, 8 pm, $4/car

Poor Richard’s—Cabezon

Portsmouth Club—DC Malone & The Jones

Produce Row —Well Swung Gypsies, 9 pm, free

Red & Black Cafe—...ship, Chris Maher, 8 pm

Red RoomThe Drunken Generals, Diosa, Fate or Fortune, 9 pm

Rock Creek Tavern—Jack McMahon, 9 pm, free

Rock n Roll Pizza—Hyperthermia, Barrette Barnacle, Sleep Terror, Almost is Nothing, 6 pm

Rose Garden—Dew Action Sports Tour: Crossfade, 9 pm

Sabala's Mt. Tabor—Pirate Rock Show: Sunken Chest, Solovox, $10

Siam Society—Adam Hurst, 9 pm

SlabtownCarl Weathers for Governor, Frank Schwentt

The Artistery—Ghosting w/Valet, Pumice, Privacy, Metal, Tim Biller, 8 pm, $5

The Signal—Signs of Hope, Grounds for Assault, Prepare for War, 7 pm

The Stein Haus—Danny Hay Davis, David Graham, 9 pm

Thirsty Lion—Culann’s Hounds

Tillicum Club—Steve Bradley, 8 pm

Tonic—Soul Distraction, Floorboard, Snow Day Trip, End of Kings, Sinergy

Towne Lounge—Bright Red Paper, Cabinessence, Sergeant, 9 pm, $5

Twilight Cafe—Rosyvelt, The Richard Pryor Conviction

Valentine’s—Ohioan, Jefrey Leighton Brown, Mark Kaylor

Wallbangers —Dueling Pianos

White Eagle —Reverb Brothers, 5:30 pm, free; Rob Barteletti & The Shadows, 9:30 pm, $6

Wilf's Piano Bar—Sandy Dennison Quartet

WOW Hall (Eugene)—The Yard Dogs Road Show, Inkwell Rhythm Makers, 8:30 pm, $12-15

Xenos—Catawampus, 7 pm, free

Yola's Foster Road—Open Mic


15th Street Pub—Right on John, Rollie Tussing, Michael Schott, Benjamin Dewey, 9 pm

18601 SE Cheldelin —Leestock: Eli Keller, Codename: Lydia, A Pedestrian Life, Daniel & The Lions, The Jezebel Spirit, Mayday Mayday, Holiday Unheard Of, Haley, 5 pm, $4

Abou Karim Restaurant—Anette Lowman

Alberta St. Pub—The Tallboys, 7 pm, $5; Johnny Keener, 9:30 pm, $5

Alexander's Lounge—Ron Steen Jazz Jam, 8 pm, free

All Saints Episcopal Church—Oboe Recital, 7:30 pm, $5

Andina Restaurant—Toshi Onizuka

Ash St. Saloon—Leadface, Monkey Fur, Crack City Rockers, The Cooks, 10 pm, $4

Beale Street NW —Jim Mesi

Berbati's Pan—The Secretions, Ashtray, The Giddy-Ups, The Anxieties, $7

Biddy McGraw's—Ashbury Park

Bitter End—Grand Union

Blue Monk—Shelly Rudolph

Boons Treasury—Wildwood Holler!, 9 pm, free

Borders (Bridgeport)—Catherine Garvin, 7 pm

Borders (Gresham)—Courtney Jones, 7 pm

Buffalo Gap—2Loons4Tea, Sweetjuice, 9 pm

Corner Saloon—Backlash

Dante's—Thor, Zolar X, Stovokor, 9:30 pm, $8-10

Devil’s Point—Dirty Lowdowns, The Last Vegas, The Greatest Hits, 10 pm, $5

Doug Fir —A Silver Mt. Zion, Carla Bozulich, 9 pm, $12

Duff's Garage—Wheatfield

Edgefield —Cary Novotny & Johnny B. Connolly, 7 pm, free

Food Hole—Holy Ghost Revival, Billion Dollar Brain, Whips & The Whale, Mr. Divisadero, 9 pm, $5

Gemini —Ward Stroud

Goodfoot —Devin Phillips’ New Orleans Funk Project, $5

Grand Cafe—Doc Wilson, Lyle Ford, 6 pm

Grand Lodge—American Music Fest: The Derailers, Freak Mountain Ramblers, Lauren Sheehan, Vivid Curve, Joe McMurrian, Korby Lenker, Jennifer Lynn, 1:30 pm, free

Green Room —Rich Man’s Burden, 9:30 pm

Ground Kontrol—capitalSTEPS, Spamtron, 9 pm, $3

Halibuts—Rick Welter Trio

Hawthorne Theatre—Justice for Kimberly Benefit: Syx, Eyelidup, Inflikt, DIJ, 9 pm, $8; Scott McChane, 9 pm, free (balcony)

Heathman Hotel—Anandi

Imbibe —The Trampolines, $5

Jimmy Mak's—Linda Hornbuckle

Jolly Roger—Earl & The Reggae Allstars, 10 pm, free

Kells—Grafton Street, 9:30 pm

Kelly's Olympian—Basta!, DJ Amai

Laurelthirst—The Blueprints, 6 pm, free; Dan Haley & friends, 9:30 pm, $5

Les Schwab Amphitheater—Bend Brew Fest: Rock School of Bend, Hogwash, Flat Mountain Girls, Dirty Martini, Stone Soup, Bingo Band, 12:30 pm, free

LV’s Uptown—Rob Scheps, Glen Moore, 7 pm

Mississippi Pizza—The Mojitos, 6 pm; Ben Fowler Quintet, 9 pm

Mississippi Studios—Pete Droge, 8 pm, $20

Mock Crest—The Nightlights of New Orleans Duo, 9 pm

Montego Bay—Kat & The Roots Revolution, 10 pm, free

Music Millennium Eastside—Customer Appreciation BBQ: Acoustic Minds, The Naysayers, Joe New, Debra Arlyn, National Flower, Sally Tomato, Garth Michael McDermott, 11 am, free

N Vancouver & Failing—SCRAP Iron Artist: MarchFourth Marching Band, Paul Silveiria, Ask Irene, Freight Train Casanova, The Sprockettes, 12:30 pm, $5-20

Poor Richard’s—Southern Cross

Produce Row —Lilla D’mone, Big Kato, 9 pm, $3

Proper Eats Cafe—Armadillo Speedbump, 9 pm

Red & Black Cafe—Lusty Leaf, 8 pm

Red Room—Hank Pice, Von Hummer, Vanadia, 9 pm

Redbird/Haiku—Jason Maxfield, Pellatron, Arman Augusto, 6:30 pm, $3

River City SaloonKen DeRouchie Band

Rock Creek Tavern—Intervision 5, 9 pm, free

Sellwood Park—Clean Energy Fair: Tye North & friends, Ashbury Park, Cross-Eyed Rosie, Surrounded by Ninjas, Blue Zebra, Mars Retrieval Unit, noon, free

Slabtown—Camp 3

The Stein Haus—Charlie & The Big Package

Thirsty Lion—Jonny Smokes

Tillicum Club—Steve Bradley, 8 pm

Tin Shed —Silver Strings, 7 pm

Tom McCall Waterfront Park—Tour de Fat: Yard Dogs Road Show, MarchFourth Marching Band, Drums & Tuba, The Handsome Little Devils, noon, free

TonicLowenbad, The Hotness, DJ Flip Flog, Illmaculate

Towne Lounge—El Jesus de Magico, Pillowfight, The Professional Man, 9 pm, $6

Twilight Cafe—Autolite Strike, Hairspray Blues

Uptown Village on Main Street—Village Street Fest, 10 am, free

Wallbangers —Dueling Pianos

White Eagle —Hot Rod Deville, 9:30 pm, $6

Wilf's Piano Bar—Mia Nicholson


15th Street Pub—Wayward Trio

1927 SW Jefferson—Goose Hollow Peace Day: Karaoke from Hell, Wheat Kings, Lew Jones, Three Finger Jack, noon, free

Alberta St. Pub—Will West, 8 pm

Andina Restaurant—Greg Wolfe

Ash St. SaloonThe Superlab, Prick & The Burn, 9:30 pm, $5

Augustana Lutheran Church—Augustana Jazz Quartet, 6 pm, free

Beale Street NW —Gospel Lunch, 1 pm

Beulahland—Chickweed, 3:30 pm, free

Biddy McGraw's—Irish Music Open Jam

Clyde's Prime Rib—Ron Steen Jazz Jam, 8 pm, free

Dante's—Polly Panic, 9 pm; Sinferno Cabaret, 11 pm, $6

Doug Fir Power of County, Clampitt Family, 3 pm, free; Yard Dogs Road Show, MarchFourth Marching Band, 9 pm, $12

Edgefield —Billy Kennedy, 5 pm, free

Elephants Deli—Ron Steen Trio, 2:30 pm

Fez—Fantasta, Mars Retrieval Unit, 9 pm, $5

Hawthorne Theatre—Heather & Mandy, Mourning Star, Under Consent of the King, Perfect Imbalance, Few & Far Between, 9 pm, $6

Holocene—Ghosting, Pumice, Bonus, GMS, Grouper, 9 pm, $5

Jax —Pacific Crest Jazz Orchestra Benefit, 6 pm, $10

Kells—Cronin Teirney, 9 pm

Kelly's OlympianFerocious Eagle, Think in French, The Maybe Happenings

Ladd's Inn—Open Mic w/Chris Newman, 9 pm

Laurelthirst—Freak Mountain Ramblers, 6 pm; Ed & The Boats, 9 pm

Lents Park—Lents Founders Day Celebration: Providence Dance Band, 2 pm

Mississippi Pizza—The Loafers, 6 pm; Ball Sac Reduction Benefit : Pam Carsten, Lee Kyle, Angela Campbell, 9 pm

Mississippi Studios—Raina Rose, Southpaw Jones, 8 pm, $7

Mock Crest—David Gofreed, Troy Johnson, 8 pm

Moon & Sixpence—Foghorn Stringband, free

Music Millennium NW —Sneakin’ Out, 3 pm

Pioneer Square—India Fest, 11:30 am, free

Proper Eats CafeKate Mann, 7 pm

Red Room—Excellent Gentlemen, Echo Helstrom, Eric Tweed, 8 pm

River Roadhouse—Sinner’s Club Open Jam, 8 pm

Rock Creek Tavern—Jo Haemer, 4 pm, free

Rock n Roll Pizza—Dimbag Tribute: Inflicted, Chaos, Apocalypse Head, Tallboy Shotgun, Dead Whore River, 6 pm

Sherman Clay Recital Room—Phame Academy Benefit: Canoofle, 2 pm

The Steinhaus—Kinzel & Hyde, 8:30 pm, free

Tonic—Frienemies, Ninth Moon Black

Towne Lounge—Paranaut

Uptown Village on Main Street—Village Street Fest, 10 am, free

White Eagle —Open Mic, 8 pm, free

WOW Hall (Eugene)—Bowling for Soup, Lucky Boys Confusion, Army of Freshmen, Punchline, 6:30 pm, $15-16


Aladdin —Cracker, Camper Van Beethoven, 8 pm, $21-24

Alberta St. Pub—The Pickups, 6:30 pm, free

Andina Restaurant—Sambafeat

Ash St. Saloon—The Psyrupgun, Withdrawl, Mantic, 9:30 pm, $4

Biddy McGraw's—Lowell J. Mitchell, Jeffree White, 6 pm

Clinton Corner—Reggae Jam w/Earl the Reggae Allstar, 7 pm

Dante's—Ground Zero Lounge w/Clyde Lewis, 7:30 pm, free; Karaoke from Hell, 10 pm, $2

Doug Fir —Yard Dogs Road Show, MarchFourth Marching Band, 9 pm, $12

Edgefield —Skip vonKuske Diva Series w/Terra, 7 pm, free

Fez—Joann Ellis, Doug Wyatt, 8 pm, $5

Green Room —Open Mic w/Chuck Warda, 9 pm

Halibuts—Lloyd Jones

Hawthorne Theatre—Bowling for Soup, Lucky Boys Confusion, Punchline, Army of Freshmen, 7 pm, $15

Imbibe —Jaycob Van Auken, 5 pm; Essential Ancient, 8 pm

It’s A Beautiful Pizza —Five Euro Tip, 8 pm

Jimmy Mak's—Dan Balmer, 7:30 pm, free

Kells—Cronin Teirney, 9 pm

Laurelthirst—Kung Pao Chickens, 7 pm

Mississippi Pizza—Emily Herring, The Jeff Boortz Band, Or the Whales, 7 pm

Moon & Sixpence—Johnny B. Connolly, free

Produce Row —Ron Steen’s Jazz Jam, 9 pm, $3

Red RoomFerocious Eagle, Think in French, No Go Know, 8 pm

The Stein Haus—Fabulous Badcats

Towne LoungeAdvisory, Guau Guau, The Headliners, DJ Spoiler

Tube—Portals, Grass City, DJ Nate C, 10 pm

White Eagle —Griffin, 8 pm, free

Wonder Ballroom—Japanther, This Bike Is a Pipe Bomb, Show Me the Pink, 8 pm, $5

WOW Hall (Eugene)—Don Caballero, Zombi, Middian, 7:30 pm, $8-10


Acme—Dinosaur Heart, Montauk, 10 pm, free

Aladdin —The Waifs, 8 pm

Andina Restaurant—Toshi Onizuka

Apotheke—Landau, Zoe Keating, 9 pm, $10

Ash St. SaloonThe Janglies, Or the Whale, Hello Damascus, 9:15 pm, free

Beale Street NW —Band Its Jam w/John Wheeler

Biddy McGraw's—Dylan Thomas Vance, Griff Bear

Blue Monk—Ramsey’s Groove Trio, free

Candlelight —Reggie Houston’s Earth Island Band, 9:30 pm, free

Clinton Corner—Pagan Jug Band, 6:30 pm

Clinton Street Theater—Kabbaleh Dream Orchestra, 7 pm, $6

Crystal Ballroom—Wolf Parade, Frog Eyes, Whale Bones, 9 pm, $12-15

Dante's—The Divining Rods, Dark Skies, Brothers Blood, 10 pm, $3

Duff's Garage—Dover Weinberg Quartet

Edgefield —Caleb Klauder, Sammy Lind, 7 pm, free

Green Room —PDX Songwriter Showcase, 9 pm

Hawthorne Theatre—Open Mic, 8 pm, free (balcony)

Imbibe —James Low, Lewi Longmire, 6 pm; Paul Brainard, Billy Kennedy, 9 pm

It’s A Beautiful Pizza —Balkan Music & Dance, 9 pm

Jimmy Mak's—Mel Brown Septet, 7:30 pm, $6

Kells—Cronin Teirney, 9 pm

Laurelthirst—Jackstraw, 6 pm, free

Mississippi Pizza—Mississippi Jazz Jam, 8 pm

Mississippi Studios—Christopher Williams, Adam Smouse, Keegan Smith, 8 pm, $10

Mock Crest—Reverb Brothers, 8 pm

Old Town Pizza—Acoustic Songwriter Spotlight

The City—EZ Connection

Tonic—Hot Slag, Broken Soviet, Electric Corduroy

Wallbangers —Dueling Pianos

White Eagle —Joe McMurrian’s Acoustic Review, 8:30 pm, free

Wilf's Piano Bar—Ron Steen Jazz Jam, 7 pm, free


15th Street Pub—Bluegrass Jam, 7 pm; Open Mic, 10 pm

Abou Karim Restaurant—Portland Jazz Singers

Acme—The Crosswalks, Yoyodyne, Oh! Captain

Alberta St. Pub—Zydeco Dance Party, 7 pm

Alexander's Lounge—Ron Steen Jazz Jam, 8 pm, free

Amazon Cafe—Ramsey y Los Montunos, 9 pm

Andina Restaurant—Neftali Rivera

Ash St. Saloon—Fantastapotamus, Dustin Pattison, Ron Greene, Amy Bleu, 9:30 pm, $4

Berbati's Pan—Careen, Deluxe, Day of Lions, $7

Biddy McGraw's—Bob Soper

Blue Monk—Andrew Oliver Quartet

Boons Treasury—Steve Cheeseborough, 8 pm, free

Buffalo Gap—Brian Copeland Band

Cascade Bar—Jam Band PDX

Clinton Corner—Gypsy Jazz & Acoustic Swing

Dante's—Pojama People, 10 pm, $10-12

Doug Fir —Think Airbag, Oh Darling, Old Growth, 9 pm, free

Driftwood Tavern—Open Mic w/Doc Michaels

Duff's Garage—Blues Jam w/Suburban Slim

Edgefield —Acoustic Minds Trio, 7 pm, free

Equator Cafe—Open Accordion Night, 8 pm

Fez—Packway Handle Band, 9 pm, $5

Goodfoot —The Texas Bel-Aires, New Church Militia

Green Room —Matt, Jaycob, The Don, 9 pm

H2O Martini Bar—Matt Vrba, 6 pm

Halibuts—Paul DeLay

Hawthorne Theatre—Open Mic, 8 pm, free (balcony)

Heathman Hotel—Clay Giberson, 7 pm

HoloceneThe Shaky Hands, Wooden Nickle, Ample Sample, 9 pm, $5

Imbibe —Lincoln Crockett, 5 pm; Dixon, 9 pm

It’s A Beautiful Pizza —Irish Music, 6 pm; Arabian Music, 8:30 pm

Jax —KMHD/Jax Jazz Jam, 7 pm, free

Jimmy Mak's—Mel Brown Quartet, 7:30 pm, $5

Keller Auditorium—Chicago, 8 pm, $49.50-69.50

Kells—Cronin Teirney, 9 pm

Laurelthirst—Casey Neill & The Norway Rats, 6 pm, free

Main Street Plaza—Amelia, 5 pm

Mississippi Pizza—Evil Alien Costume, 6 pm; Seaweed Jack, Adam Gnade & Band, 9 pm

Mississippi Studios—Keith Varon, Ryan Auffenberg, 8 pm, $7

Moon & Sixpence—Trashcan Joe, 8:30 pm, free

Music Millennium NW —Joni Laurence, 7 pm

Oregon Zoo—Plena Libre, 7 pm, $9.50

Portsmouth Club—Blues Jam w/Rowdy James & The Handlers

Produce Row —Open Mic w/June Bunton, 9 pm, free

Proper Eats Cafe—Open Mic, 7 pm

Red & Black Cafe—WS-Burn, 8 pm

Rock Creek Tavern—Jon Koonce Band, 8 pm, free

Rock n Roll Pizza—The Sweater Club, The #1 Dads, Dyers Rocket, The Chapstick Equipment, Thermal Viskacity, Captain Cadaver, 7 pm, $8

Sabala's Mt. Tabor—Born/Dead, 9 pm; DJ Mee’oww, 10 pm, free (lounge)

The Old Church—Christopher Schindler, noon, free

The Signal—The Battlecat, The Hard Way, Hatchet Diaries, Grounds for Assault, Bottled Violence, 7 pm, $6

Thirsty Lion—Keegan Smith

Tillicum Club—Jim Mesi, 8 pm

Towne Lounge—The Horns of Happiness, $6

Twilight Cafe—D. Sep D.

Vino Paradiso—The Djangophiles, 8 pm

Wallbangers —Dueling Pianos

White Eagle —Broken Prophylaxis, 8:30 pm, free

Wilf's Piano Bar—John Gilmore

Wired Coffee—Open Mic, 7 pm

DJ Listings


Acme—Booty: DJ Solomon, Puppet, Stormy, MoRocca, 10 pm, $3

Apotheke—DJ van Dis, 8 pm

Backspace—Metronome: Microelectronic Funk

Bettie Ford—DJ Yaz

Boxxes —DJ Sam

Chances Sports Bar—DJ DannyG, 10 pm

Crush —L-Train

Devil’s Point—DJ Kenoy

Dunes—Vicious Cycles w/Neighborhood DJ, DJ Linoleum, free

Greek Cusina—Soul Seduction w/DJ Colette, Heather, Mercedes; DJ Brett (Taverna)

Kelly's Olympian—DJ Noctranus

Matador—DJ I Heart You, 10 pm, free

McFadden's—James Steele

Noir—Elbo Room: JT Donaldson, Ravi, Mercedes, Ravi

Produce Row —Small Axe

Ringler's Pub—DJ Savi, 10 pm, free

Ringlers Annex—DJ Honeydripper, 10 pm, free

Saucebox—Techno Sol w/DJ Suppoz, 10 pm, free

Tube—DJ KJ

Umpqua Bank—Physical Element Fashion Show: DJ Stay in School, 6:30 pm


720 Club—DJ Radius, DJ Jason Philips, 10 pm, $5

Acme—Wild Card Cabaret : Makeover Mayhem, 10 pm, $5

Beulahland—Seoultrain w/Seoul Brother #1, Dong Ko-Nee Lee-Us

Boxxes —DJ Sam

Crush —Crush Burns: DJ Break Beat Buddha, DJ Set It & Forget It, 9 pm, $3

Crystal Ballroom—‘80s Video Dance Attack w/VJ Kittyrox, 10 pm, $3 (Lola’s)

Delta Cafe—Arland+Akina

Devils Point—DJ Kenoy, 9 pm, free

Dunes—Kulturszene w/31 Avas, M. Quiet, 10 pm, free

East Chinatown Lounge—King Fader, 6 pm; DJ Izm, 10 pm

Fez—Shut Up & Dance w/DJ Gregarious, 10 pm, $5

Goodfoot—DJ Aquaman's Soul Stew

Greek Cusina—Body Call w/DJ Izm, Professor Stone, DJ Sneakers (Minoan); DJ Brett (Taverna)

Ground Kontrol—Time Lapse: Moonchild, 10 pm, free

Kelly's Olympian—DJ Sharon Needles

Matador—DJ Trixie Doll, DJ Lucifina, 10 pm, free

McFadden's—James Steele

Night Light Lounge—Criminal Justi System, 10 pm, free

Noir—Oubliette: DJ Apocalypse, City Rocker, $3


Pi-Rem—Continental Funk: Chihiro Wimbush, DJ Vertago, Conoley Ospovat, 9 pm, free

Ringler's Pub—DJ B Dangerous, 10 pm, free

Ringlers Annex—DJ Ted Striker, 10 pm, free

Saucebox—All Things Considered w/Mr Mumu, 10 pm, free

Tube—Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots w/DJ Nikki C


Acme—Ghetturista: DJ Anjali, The Incredible Kid, DJ Blackmarks, 10 pm, $5

Ararat—After Dark: DJ Matt e Starr, 11 pm

Aztec Willie's—Salsa Night w/DJ Jose, 9:30 pm, free

Bettie Ford—Award Tour: DJ Evil One

Bobby McGee's—Kevin Berry’s Old School Jam w/DJ Michael Morris

Boxxes —DJ Dougalicious

Chances Sports Bar—DJ 1996 Olympics

Colosso—DJ Hwy 7, 10 pm

Crush —DJ Suppoz

Dunes—Summer Bounce w/DJ $ew What, Ninjah, 9 pm

East Chinatown Lounge—Jammotron, 7 pm; DJ Nik Fury, 10 pm

Greek Cusina—DJ Professor Stone, Flipsta (Minoan); DJ Brett (Taverna)

Ground Kontrol—Reaganomix: Mr. Roboto, 10 pm, free

Holocene—Beach Blanket Burlesque: DJs Mr. Charming, Sappho, 9 pm, $5-7

Matador—DJ Moisti, 10 pm, free

McFadden's—Jason B

Momo's—DJ Wicked, 10 pm, free

Night Light Lounge—DJ Chango, 10 pm, free

Noir—Dementia: DJs Valence, Zufall, Mohawk Adam

Pala—Micro, Johnny Monsoon, Josh Banks, $10

Pi-Rem—Our Stompin’ Ground: DJs Manoj, Deafchild, Dibi Yosi, Loki, 9 pm, $5

Ringler's Pub—DJ Savi, 10 pm, free

Ringlers Annex—DJ Ted Striker, 10 pm, free

Saucebox—Lovely w/DJs Derek Fisher, the perfect cyn, 10 pm, free

Tube—Gimme Danger w/DJ Maxamillion


Bettie Ford—Jayanta

Crystal Ballroom—Hive: DJ Blackout, Owen, 9 pm, $3 (Lola’s)

Devils Point—Stripparaoke w/KJ Pinky, 9 pm, free

Greek Cusina—Industry Night w/local DJs

Ground Kontrol—Black Sunday: DJ Nate C, 10 pm, free

Matador—DJ Donny Don’t, 10 pm, free

Noir—Mr. Clean, Matt Rock, free

Red & Black Cafe—Rose City Copwatch Benefit: local DJs, 6 pm, $3

Sabala's Mt. Tabor—DJ Thumper (lounge)

Stumptown (Downtown)—DJ van Dis, 4 pm

The Know—DJs Zombo, DrewGroove, 9 pm, free

The Nest Lounge—DJ Ben, 9 pm

Vendetta—SIN Soul Sundays: DJ Maxamillion


Aalto Lounge—DJ Maxamillion

Berbati's Pan—Tha’ Boom w/DJs Automaton, Beyonda, Ko, Wesley

Boxxes —DJ Synthetic

Devils Point—DJ Brooks

Duff's Garage—Zombo’s Mondo Party

East Chinatown Lounge—iPod uPod

Greek Cusina—Monday Night Raw w/DJs Hightower, My Friend Andy, ATM, Davis Cleveland, 10 pm, free (Taverna)

Ground Kontrol—Service Industrial: DJ Carrion, 10 pm, free

Kelly's Olympian—DJ Sars

Matador—DJ Hanna, 10 pm, free

Momo's—Mello Mondays w/DJ Mello Cee

Slabtown—DJ Marantic

Tonic—Matt Machine


Boxxes —Flirt w/Cory

Crush —Sapho

Devils Point—DJ Kenoy

East Chinatown Lounge—Throwback Tuesdays: Evil One, Gemo

Egyptian Club—DJ Automaton, 10 pm

Fez—Combichrist, DJ Carrion, DJ Horrid

goodfoot —Eclectic Selectors Perspective w/Seoul Brother #1, Atom13, Homonym, 10 pm, free

Greek Cusina—DJs James Steele, Antonio, 10 pm, free (Minoan)

Kelly's Olympian—DJ Hott Scott

Matador—DJ Pakastani Tranni, 10 pm, free

Sabala's Mt. Tabor—DJ Hopper, Paultimore, 9 pm, free (lounge)

Saucebox—DJs Heather & Nick Larimer, 9 pm, free

Towne Lounge—Meet Department, $2

Tube—No No No Disco w/DJ Nightschool, Neighborhood DJ


Basta's—Mr. Mumu, 10 pm, free

Bettie Ford—Homotherapy: L-Train, DJ Automaton

Bitter End—Skoolyard, DJ Redi Jedi

Crush —DJ Amanda & The Love Jones Lounge

Devils Point—DJ Kenoy

East Chinatown Lounge—Deena B, 6 pm; DJs Atom 13, Soil, 10 pm

Greek Cusina—DJs Shylock, Roommate, Bluechris (Taverna); DJ Wicked, MC Gainon, free

Jolly Roger—All Hands on Deck w/DJ Opter, AliCat, 10 pm, free

Kelly's Olympian—DJ Colin Sic

Matador—FauxReal, 10 pm, free

McFadden's—Baby Anne, Joe Nasty, Zita

Pix Patisserie (NE)—PRA Night, 9 pm

Red Cap Garage—Vas-O-Line: DJs Beyonda, Solomon, Dandylion, Stormy, 9 pm, $3-5

Saucebox—Beat Initiative w/DJs Rafa, Flutterby

Tonic—Trinity Soundz

Three Friends Coffeehouse—Suck My Open Mic w/Tamara J. Brown, 7 pm