52nd Ave Sports Bar-Maria Webster & Friends

Arnada-Alan Bennett, Ajay, Jeremy Clevenger, Lon

Artichoke Music-Mike Morgan & Ira McDonald

Ash Street-Acroyear, Dreams In Exile, Children of Paradise

Berbati's Pan-LP Upsetters, Grooveyard, guests

Billy Reed's-Bust-a-Nova w/Andre St. James

Blue Note-Saxophobia starring John Gross

Buffalo Gap-Los Lost

Candlelight Cafe and Bar-Norman Sylvester

Cascade Bar & Grill-No Evil Star

* Chez What? Cafe-Charlotte Vanderwolf

Cornelius Pass Roadhouse-Caleb Klauder Band

Crystal-Leftover Salmon, Robert Walter's 20th Congress

Dante's-Soul Kitchen starring Big Yeah

Gemini Bar -Robbie Laws Band

Green Room-Brent Williams Bacchanalia

Hoppers Blues Bar-Boyd Martin Blues Jam

Jazz De Opus-Rob Davis Quartet

Jimmy Mak's-The Mel Brown Quintet

Kelly's Olympian-Earl Benson, Johnnie Ward Trio

Kennedy School-Black Swan Classic Jazz Band

Laurelthirst-Jen Bernard, Lara Michell, Velvida Underground (6-8pm)

* Medicine Hat-Elyse Weinberg, The Places, Hutch Harris

* Meow Meow-Sauvie Island Moon Rocket Factory, Mothball, Thanksgiving

Mt Tabor Pub-Living Daylights

Rabbit Hole & Mad Hatter -Open Mic with Bobby Soxx; Catfish (6-8)

* Red and Black Cafe-Rock & Roll Camp for Girls Coming Out party starring music and auctioning autographed lady rock memorabilia, art, more (7 pm)

Rock Creek Tavern-Rene Corbin

Sam Bond's Garage (Eugene)-Ramona the Pest

Satyricon-Lazy Cowgirls, Invisible Men, Valentine Killers

Snake & Weasel-Dexter Grove, Willies Dirge

St Johns-Dave Carter, Tracy Grammer, Mary Gauthier

Star E. Rose-The Nerve Again

Tabor Acoustic Room-Blake Wood

Tillicum Pub-Lloyd Jones

Tonic Lounge-Black Barrell

Twilight Cafe & Bar-Big E & John

White Eagle Saloon-Ezra Holbrook's TBA AllStars


52nd Ave Sports Bar-AWOL Blues Band

Arnada Cafe-Logos Eye, Smidgen, Bye Bye Chinook

Ash Street-The Viles, Dirty Lowdowns, Full Bores, The Backstabbers

Berbati's Pan-Pinehurst Kids, Pan Tourismos, Surface Creeper, J. Hell

Billy Reed's-The Earthtones

Bitter End-Coyote

Blue Note-Derek Sims Quintet

Broadway Saloon-Kenny Lavitz

Buffalo Gap-Mad Hattie

C.I. Bar and Grill-Sonny Hess & the Power Band

Candlelight Cafe and Bar-Jesus Presley Band

Cascade Bar & Grill-Linda Hornbuckle

Cobalt Lounge-Junior's Grades, TV616

Coffee Time-Lorna Miller

Corner Saloon-Jon Koonce & the Honky Tonk Trio

Crystal-Leftover Salmon, Robert Walter's 20th Congress

Ethos, Inc-Sate, Random, Third Estate

Gemini Bar -Too Slim & The Taildraggers

Green Room-super Volcano

Henry Ford's-Lyle Chaffee

Hoppers-Aaron Black featuring Johnny Black

House of Grooves-The Fartz

* Jasmine Tree-Peter Pants, Freight Train Casanovas, The Dolomites

Jazz De Opus-Mario DePriest

* Jimmy Mak's-Thara Memory's History of Black Music in America

Kelly's Olympian-the Swaggers

Laurelthirst-Devil's Cabaret, Prairie Dogs (6-8pm)

McMenamins Grand Lodge-Yesterdaze Child

Medicine Hat-Bastinado, Woke Up Falling, Transmarine, Jenni Alpert

Meow Meow-Hochenkeit, Wow & Flutter, The Teriyakis, Weigh Brown Orchestra

Mt Tabor Pub-John Brown's Body

Music Millennium NW-Rebbesoul (12); Tim Easton (5 pm)

O'Connor's Yamhill Market-AJAY

Ohm-Keep Pushin' starring Garth, Mr. T, Dorian

Old Church-Dorothy Butler (noon)

* Pine Street-Dead Moon, Tight Bros., The Need, Serum Greys

Paris-New Society, Proof 151, Hey Fat Kid, Compact 56

Produce Row Cafe -Three Finger Jack

Rabbit Hole & Mad Hatter-Plumb Bob; Petty Cash

Rock Creek Tavern-Miles Ahead

Roseland-Insane Clown Posse, Insolence, Marz

Salty's on the Colombia-pianist Andrea Kitaev

Satyricon-The Figgs, The Real Pills, The Vespertines

Canyon Grill-Terry Robb Duo

Snake & Weasel-Uncle Cyclops Reunion

St. Johns-Tim Easton, Lou Jones, Luther Russell

Star E. Rose-Christine Young

Tabor Acoustic Room-Spigot, Bill Bloomer

Tillicum Pub-Michael Henry Blues Project

Touchstone Cafe-Allyn Roberts

Twilight Cafe & Bar-Kismet, Water

Typhoon!-Nancy King & Steve Christofferson

Viscount Ballroom-Everything's Jake

White Eagle Saloon-Pig Iron

Wilf's Restaurant & Piano Bar-John Gilmore

WOW Hall (Eugene)-2 Live Crew


52nd Ave Sports Bar-Al Perez

Aladdin Theater-John Pinette

Arnada Cafe-Desmodus, Desolation, Melee

Ash Street-Alan Charing Controversy, Betty Already, Flophouse Palace

Billy Ray's Neighborhood Dive-86ers, MS 45

Billy Reed's-Norman Sylvester Band

Bitter End-Caleb Klauder & Friends

Blue Note-Snuffleupagus

* Borders Books-Nancy Curtin, Alfredo Muro (2 pm)

Borders-Beaverton-Saturnalia Trio

Buffalo Gap-Jimmy Robb Band

C.I. Bar and Grill-Sonny Hess & the Power Band

Cascade Bar & Grill-Paul Delay

Cobalt-Temper, Dan Creech, Saber Tooth Tiger

* Community Music Center-Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Concert & Hula Demonstration starring Sam Kama and Lani Hawkins (2 pm)

Corner Saloon-Jon Koonce & the Honky Tonk Trio

Ethos-Deb Cohen Jazz (2 pm); Open Mic (6 pm)

Gemini Bar -Soul Vaccination

Green Room-American Girls

Henry Ford's-Lyle Chaffee

Jasmine Tree-Indigene, Ditty Twisters, M-Set

Jazz De Opus-Miles Ahead

* Jimmy Mak's-Thara Memory's History of Black Music in America

John Henry's (Eugene)-Los Mex Pistols

Laurelthirst-3 Leg Torso Sextet, James Low (6-8pm)

* Medicine Hat-The Swords Project, Kingsbury Manx, Carissa's Wierd

* Meow Meow-The Microphones, Wolf Colonel, Basai

Mt Tabor-Higher Ground, Countrypolitans, Ashbury Park

Music Millennium NW-Starter Kit (5 pm)

O'Connor's-Bobby Norris w/ Larry Dunlap

Ohm-Systemwide, S-Dub

Paris Theatre-Fade Out, Debris, Creature

Pine Street-2 Live Crew, Kenny Mac, DJ Chill

Produce Row Cafe -Bingo

Rabbit Hole & Mad Hatter -Big Orange Splot; The Wags (6-8)

Red and Black Cafe-Jeff Ambrose

Rock Creek Tavern-Brothers Jam

Roseland-Plain Jayne, Fatle, New Society, Undertaker, Cripple

Satyricon-Poison Idea, The Briefs, Astro Bastards

Canyon Grill-Johnny Martin Duo

Snake & Weasel-Diggabone, Shed Inc.

St John Fisher Parish-PSU Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Choir doing Mozart

Tabor Acoustic Room-Chris Chandler's Flying Poetry Circus, Amy Feeney

Taylor's (Eugene)-Mojo

Tillicum Pub-Michael Henry Blues Project

Tonic-The Jolenes, Kirby Grips, Death Ray, Christine Darling

Touchstone Cafe-Pam & Maggie

Twilight Cafe & Bar-Red Line Taxi

Typhoon!-Darrell Grant Trio

White Eagle Saloon-Spigot, Fragile Jack

Wilf's Restaurant & Piano Bar-John Gilmore

WOW Hall (Eugene)-Moth


Ash Street-Switch, Avenue of the Strongest, Captain Kid

Billy Reed's-Albina Jazz Ensemble, No Compromise

Buffalo Gap-Quinella

* XFallout ShelterX-One Last Thing, Longshot, Divit, Everyday Victory, Pornstore Janitor

Crystal Ballroom-Melcochita, Cambalache

Hoppers Blues Bar-Aaron Black Jam

Jazz De Opus-Dan Balmer Trio

John Henry's (Eugene)-Island, Three Fingered Jack

Ohm-Converge starring Jeff Anthony, Jennifer Folker, Dan Reed, Keith Schreiner, and special guests

Old Church-Portland Gay Men's Chorus' Third Annual Classical Matinee (2 pm)

Paris-Last Stand, Next Level, Said & Done, Cascade

Pine Street-800 Octane, Good for Nothing, Spare Lead, Burnout

Red and Black Cafe-Ecofunk Band, Enuf

Rock Creek Tavern-Eric Schweiterman

Sam Bond's (Eugene)-Laura Kemp, Caren Armstrong

Snake & Weasel-Sandman, Open Mic Poetry

St. Mary's Cathedral-PSU Orchestra/ Choir: Mozart

Tillicum Pub-Johnny Martin (6-9 pm)

Viscount-Bergie Crandall's Let's Dance Band

White Eagle Saloon-Songwriter's Circle w/Michael Berly, David Pugh, Jon Nuefeld, Nann Aleman, Pete Krebs


52nd Ave Sports Bar-Jazz Night

Berbati's Pan-Songwriters in the Round; Pan Jam

Candlelight Cafe and Bar-JR Simms

Crystal-The Miss, Andi Camp, Woke Up Falling

Dante's-Karaoke from Hell

Green Room-Open Mic w/Mississippi Mud

Hoppers Blues Bar-Jimi Bott Band

Jazz De Opus-Jimmy Bennington Trio

Jimmy Mak's-Gumbo Mondays w/Lloyd Jones Band

John Henry's (Eugene)-Wow & Flutter, Teriyakis, Thong

Laurelthirst-Karaoke?, Kung Pao Chickens (6-8pm)

* Meow Meow-Wesley Willis, Country Teasers, Chuck Venn

Produce Row Cafe -Jazz Jam with Ron Steen

Red and Black Cafe-Bobby Birdman

Rock Creek Tavern-Zig Paulsan & Juliet Snow

Snake & Weasel-Open Mic w/Michael Berly

White Eagle Saloon-Little Sue & Lynn Conover


52nd Ave Sports Bar-Open Mic Comedy

Arnada Cafe-Open Jazz with Captain Easy

Ash Street-Robert Rude Band, The Mossbacks

Bar 71-Mardi Gras w/ Jon B., Jammin' 95 DJs, more

Berbati's Pan-Dizzy Elmer, Pan! Pan! Girls

Bitter End-Citizen Lane

Blue Note-Jazz Jam w/ Pacific Blue Jazz Quartet

Buffalo Gap-Stephanie Schneiderman's Acoustic Trio

Candlelight Cafe and Bar-Linda Hornbuckle

Cascade Bar & Grill-Johnny Ward, Whit Draper

Green Room-Mark Alan

Gypsy -Mardi Gras

Jazz De Opus-Nancy King & Steve Christofferson

Jimmy Mak's-The Mel Brown Sextet

John Henry's (Eugene)-Rainer Maria, Mike Kinsella

Laurelthirst-Sean Nowland's Open Mic, Jackstraw

Lotus-Tone Loc, Midnight Star, Norman Sylvester

Medicine Hat-The Fascination

Mt Tabor Pub-Dervish, Hiatus, Zulu Vision

O'Connor's Yamhill Market-Open Mic w/Kal Tanner

Ohm-Dahlia w/ Ben & Ravi

* Old Church-Miranda Moy performing Faure's Fantaisie, Molique's Concerto in D Minor, more contemporary flute (7 pm, free)

Produce Row Cafe -Bluegrass Jam

Rabbit Hole & Mad Hatter -Karaoke

Rock Creek Tavern-Terry Robb & Albert Reda

Snake & Weasel-Willies Dirge, The Backwheels

Taylor's (Eugene)-John Brown's Body

Tillicum Pub-Norman Sylvester Quartet

White Eagle Saloon-Mark Alan


52nd Ave Sports Bar-Steve Coates & Friends

Ash Street-Liquid Amber, John January Band

Billy Reed's-Riot Trio

Bitter End-Buds of May

Blue Note-PSU Jazz Night

Buffalo Gap-TOCA

Candlelight Cafe and Bar-Terry Robb

Cascade Bar & Grill-4th Plane Jaiant

* Crystal-Boycrazy, Blanket Music, Doug Shepherd

Dante's-A Night with Miss B. Haven

Green Room-Earth Tones

Hayden's Lakefront Grill-Jay Purvis

Hoppers Blues Bar- Robbie Laws

* It's a Beautiful Pizza-Improvised Music Workshop starring Travis McAlister, John Crousbauer, Peyto Yellin, Mome Raths

Jazz De Opus-Jimmy Bennington Trio

Jimmy Mak's-Rob Scheps B3 Organ Trio

Laurelthirst-Catfish, Susannah Weaver & Man Power

Medicine Hat-The Frontier, Bye Bye Chinook, Section 8

* Meow Meow-Bright Eyes, Crooked Fingers, Azure Ray

* Mt Tabor Pub-Pan Tourismos, Starbugs

O'Connor's Yamhill Market-Quinella

Old Church-Michelle Wilson & Michael Barnes (noon)

Pine Street-Face to Face, H20, Snapcase, The Explosion

Portland Art Museum-Stephanie Schneiderman

Produce Row Cafe -June Bunton's Open Mic

Rabbit Hole & Mad Hatter -Pete Krebs & The Kung Pao Chickens; John Henry (6-8)

Rock Creek Tavern-Reach

Sam Bond's (Eugene)-Art of Flying, TeaTotallers

Satyricon-Jeremy Toback


Snake & Weasel-The Waybacks, The Wags

* Star E. Rose-Open Mic Night

Tillicum Pub-Jim Mesi Band

* Tonic Lounge-DJ DMP, The Chosen, The Cuf

White Eagle-Jon Koonce's Greasy Roots Roundup