52nd Ave Sports Bar-Maria Webster & Friends

Arnada Cafe-Hyperstar, Keef

Ash Street-Here Comes Everybody, Captain Bogg & Salty, Canoofle, $4

Berbati's Pan-Rock & Roll Art Show: Acacia, Amy Jane, Kay-Bs, Sukha Matra, Rick Bain & the Genius Position, $5

Bitter End-Bob Shoemaker Blues Band, 9 pm, $5

Blue Note-Saxophobia

Buffalo Gap-Dover Weinberg Trio, 8 pm

Cascade Bar -The Pole Cats

Cornelius Pass-Jon Koonce & the Honky Tonk Trio

Crystal-Red76 Journals: Fact or Fiction? films/journals/Colin Meloy/Strategy (Lola's), 8 pm, $5

Dante's-Soul Kitchen w/ Black Angel, DJ Barry, 9 pm, $5

Egyptian -Gender-bender Drag Variety Show, 8:30, $5

Fado-Ponticello, free

Fez-Dahlia, Aziza, 9 pm, $5, free w/coupon in Mercury

Gemini Bar -Earth Tones

Goodfoot-Triclopse Organ Trio, $3

Green Room-Lea Kruger, 7:30 pm, free

Hoppers-Big Monti, 9 pm

It's a Beautiful Pizza-Rob & Friends Open Mic, 9 pm

Jazz De Opus-Dave Freisen, Dan Balmer, Jerry Hahn

Jimmy Mak's-Mel Brown Quintet, $6

Laurelthirst-Ashleigh Flynn; Velvida Underground

Grand Lodge-James Low Band

Medicine Hat-Thanksgiving, The Drakes

* Meow Meow-Rainer Maria, Juno, The Prom, $7

Mock Crest Tavern
-Donna Jose open mic

Mt Tabor Pub-The Noyz, Merge, Jon Ko

* Oregon Zoo-Cesaria Evora

Paris Theatre
-Rave America Wrestling, 8 pm, $8

Polly Esther's-Karaoke from Hell

Produce Row Cafe -Slicers, Three Finger Jack, 9 pm, free

Rabbit Hole-Open Mic w/Bobby Soxx, 6 pm

Red and Black Cafe-Meaghan Solay, 8 pm, All Ages

Reed College
-Chamber Music NW does Schumann, Mendelossohn, Schubert, 8 pm, $17-33

Rock Creek Tavern-Brothers Jam, free

Rogue Pub-Snobbish Crawfish, Wild Trout

Satyricon-The Barfeeders, The Oozies, Lopez

Snake & Weasel-Skip von Kuske & the Festering Fools; Willie's Dirge, 6 pm

Tabor Acoustic Room-Brian Herritt

Tonic Lounge-Hugh Jazz Orchestra, guests

White Eagle-Ezra Holbrook's TBA All Stars, $3


Arnada Cafe-Hyperstatic Union, guests

Ash Street-Trophy Wife, Pink Chihuahua, The 9s, $5

Berbati's Pan-Jerry Joseph & the Jackmormons, Richmond Fontaine, Gasoline Kings, $8

Bitter End-The Strangetones, 9 pm, $5

* Blackbird-Jackie-O Motherfucker CD Release, Swords Project, A John Henry Memorial, Staked Plain, 3728 NE Sandy, 9 pm, $6

Blue Note
-Andre St James Quartet

Brasilia -Lo Nuestro

Broadway Saloon-Tim Lincoln, 9 pm

Buffalo Gap-X-Angels, 9 pm

C.I. Bar and Grill-Richard Day Reynolds

Cascade Bar -Too Slim & the Taildraggers

Cobalt Lounge-Red Sector, Perfect in Plastic, $5

Cornelius Pass-Flat Mountain Girls

Corner Saloon-Liquid Blues

Dante's-Smoochknob, Bullhead, DJ Josh Banks, $8-10

Ethos-Kliphouse, Slim Jane, Ultra Swade, 7 pm, $5

Fado-Grafton Street, free

Gemini Bar -Jon Koonce & the Gas hogs

Green Room-Atom West

Hoppers-Kenny Blue Ray, Aaron Black Band, 9:30 pm

Jazz De Opus-Tom Grant

Jimmy Mak's-The Congregation, $5

Laurelthirst-Baby Gramps; Prairie Dogs, 6 pm

Grand Lodge-Say Uncle

Medicine Hat-The Stuck-Ups, The Hunches, The Nearly Deads

Mock Crest Tavern-KC Murphy & Friends

Mt Tabor Pub-Lisa Miller & the Trailer Park Honeys, Countrypolitans, Melody Guy, Spigot

Music Millennium NW-NeveReady, 5 pm, free, All Ages

Paris Theatre-Pathos, Strange Occurance, Sate, NW Royale, Syx, All Ages

Produce Row Cafe -Robert Cannon & June Bunton, $3

Rabbit Hole-Los Comatosos; Petty Cash, 6pm

Red and Black Cafe-Amoree Lovell & friends for Frida Kahlo's Birthday Party, 8 pm, All Ages

Red Lion-Linda Hornbuckle

Ringler's Pub-Billy Kennedy & Friends, 4-7 pm, free

Rock Creek Tavern-Miles Ahead, free

Rogue Pub-Snobbish Crawfish, Wild Trout

Roseland-Rammstein, Crossbreed, 8 pm, $22.50

Satyricon-Longshot, The Secludes, Everyday Victory, K thru 6th

Snake & Weasel-The Stragglers; Lawnboys, 6 pm

Tabor Acoustic Room-Johnny Keaner

Tillicum Pub-Steve Bradley Band

Tonic Lounge-Room 101, The Visit

Touchstone Cafe-Arlene Hale

Viscount Ballroom-Live Swing, $10

White Eagle-John Bunzow Band, $5


Arnada Cafe-Inflikt, guests

* Ash Street-Camaro Hair, Copter, Christine Darling's last show, Kitty Diggins, Sheryl Diane, $4

Berbati's Pan
-M. Doughty, DJ Jeffizm (8-10 pm); Sex Mob, Kulturshock (10:30 pm)

Bitter End-Stranger Neighbor, 9 pm, $5

* Blackbird-31 Knots, The Prids, The Planet The, Stateside, 3728 NE Sandy, 9 pm, $5

Blue Note
-Dan Balmer Trio

Brasilia -Alfredo Muro Latin Ensemble

Buffalo Gap-X-Angels, 9 pm

C.I. Bar and Grill-The Polecats

Cascade Bar -Guy Forsythe band

Cobalt Lounge-Elbo Finn, The Free Martins, Rubber Burning Hot Rods, Babs, 9 pm, $5

Cornelius Pass-Jelly Head

Corner Saloon-Liquid Blues

Crystal-Hazzard County, Sircutbr8ker, DJ Chris Edwards,$5

* Dante's-Dizzy Elmer, UHF, Pop Gun, 9 pm, $6

-Michael Conner, Mosaic, Josh Rivera, 7 pm, $5

Fado-Grafton Street, free

* Fez-Panic Project starring Andre St. James, Dr. Warlock, 3-Peace, 9 pm, $12

Gemini Bar
-Jerry Joseph & the Jackmormons

Grand Lodge-Melody Guy

Green Room-Earl & the Reggae All-Stars, $5

Hoppers-Kenny "Blue" Ray, Aaron Black Band, 9:30 pm

Jasmine Tree-High Violets, The Fringe, 9 pm

Jazz De Opus-Tom Grant

Jimmy Mak's-Thara Memory's Super Band, $6

Laurelthirst-James Low, 6 pm

Medicine Hat-Wad$worth, Mister Generosity, messiahmyass, Going to March

* Meow Meow-Rock & Roll Camp for Girls Benefit starring Made for TV Movie, Corrina Repp, Colin Meloy, The Starve, All Ages

Mock Crest Tavern
-KC Murphy & friends

Mt Tabor Pub-Ike Willis Band, Lost & Found

* Ohm-Q-Burns Abstract Message, $9

Paris Theatre
-Last Stand, Hyperstar, No Thanks to You, The Widgets, Money Bags Gram, All Ages

Produce Row Cafe -Freak Mountain Ramblers, $3

Rabbit Hole-Manta; Ben Gilde, 6 pm

Red and Black-Chena Mesling Fury, 7:30 pm, All Ages

Red Lion-Linda Hornbuckle

* Reed College-Chamber Music NW: The Brentano String Quartet does Haydn, Charles Wuorinen (World Premiere!), Beethoven, 8 pm, $17-33

Ringler's Pub
-Freak Mountain Family Band, 2-5 pm, free

Rock Creek Tavern-Kenny Lavitz & Scott White, free

Rogue Pub-Catherine Welson & Bob Love

Rose Garden Arena-Janet Jackson, $34.75-77.75

-Our Lady Peace, Shades Apart, 8 pm

Salty's on the Colombia-Andrea Kitaev

Satyricon-The Hell Candidates, Herkemer, Film

Snake & Weasel-Druha Trava; The Dew Dads, 6 pm

Tabor Acoustic Room-Juliet Wyers

Tillicum Pub-Steve Bradley Band

* Tonic Lounge-The Red Sector, Temper, Dino

Touchstone Cafe
-Rene Corbin, 7 pm

White Eagle-Norman Sylvester & the Boogie Cats


Aladdin Theater-Acoustic Hot Tuna (Jorma Kaukonen & Jack Casady), $23.50-25

Ash Street-Malibu Run, $4

* Blackbird-Carissa's Wierd, The Places, Aveo, Garmonbozia, 3728 NE Sandy, 9 pm, $5

Cascade Bar
-Rockin Jake

Dante's-Sinferno Cabaret starring DragonTribe fire troupe, Miss Lucy Fur, 9 pm, $5

Fado-Traditonal Irish Session, 7 pm, free

Green Room-Mia Doi Todd, The Clogs

Hoppers-Aaron Black Jam, 9 pm

Jazz De Opus-Dan Balmer Trio, 8:30 pm

Laurelthirst-Neil Gilpin's Belmont St. Octet, 10 pm; Freak Mtn. Ramblers, 6 pm

Medicine Hat-Noise for Pretend, The Fascination, Honeybunch

Mt Tabor Pub-Vince Converse, Michael Hornbuckle

Ohm-Cool Cat Candace's Pyjama Jam Midnight Summer Sleepover; No Nudity, $5

Red and Black-Open Mic w/ Elyce Hues, 8:30, All Ages

Ringler's Pub-Foghorn Leghorn, 2-5 pm, free

Rock Creek Tavern-John Shipe, free

Satyricon-Speeddealer, Belvue, Like Hell

Snake & Weasel-Matt Burlin, 6 pm

Tillicum Pub-Johnny Martin, 6 pm

Viscount Ballroom-Ballroom w/Bergie Crandall's Let's Dance Band, 5 pm, $10

White Eagle-Girls Girls Girls Comedy Revue


Dante's-Karaoke from Hell, 8:30 pm, $1

Ethos, Inc-Straphange, Wet Confetti, 7 pm, $5

* Fallout Shelter-Christiansen, Thirty3, At a Glance, Tettragammatron, 8 pm, $7, All Ages

-Mel Solomon & Norman Moody Band, 9 pm

Jazz De Opus-Dave Grasser Quintet

Laurelthirst-Kung Pao Chickens , 7 pm

* Medicine Hat-Benefit for Rock & Roll Camp for Girls

* Ohm-Oregon Miss Starlet America Jasmine's Fundraiser Starring Lifesavas, Starchile, Kamil Real, E-Blaze, Unlisted, Vulture Party, $5

Paris Theatre
-2 Man Advantage, Don't Look Back, No Thanks to You, Blunt Trauma, The Bearings, All Ages

Produce Row Cafe -Ron Steen Jazz Jam, $2

* Reed College-Chamber Music NW: Kodaly, Dohnanyi, Brahms, 8 pm, $17-33

Rock Creek Tavern
-Casey and Rouke, free

* Roseland-Cradle of Filth, Nile, God Forbid, Poison Idea, $20

Snake & Weasel
-Pig Iron, Acoustic Open Mic

White Eagle-Susannah Weaver & Lynn Conover


52nd Ave Sports Bar-Open Mic Comedy

Arnada Cafe-Captain Easy

Ash Street-Bozart, Wicketran, Wadsworth, $4

* Berbati's Pan-Michael Franti & Spearhead, Melodius Thump, 9 pm, $15

Bitter End
-Monti Amundson & Jon Koonce, free

* Blackbird-Super 8 Potluck w/ Tiny Picture Club; bring yr own film and musical instrument, 3728 NE Sandy, 8 pm, $3-5

Blue Note
-Open Jazz Jam with Pacific Blue Jazz Quartet

Buffalo Gap-Blindlight, 8 pm

* Catlin Gabel School-Chamber Music NW does Kodaly, Dohnanyi, Brahms, 8 pm, $17-33

Cobalt Lounge
-Electro Lush, $3

Crystal-G. Love & Special Sauce, $16.50-18.50

Dante's-Vaud-eville, DJ Dairy, MC Andrew Harris, $5

Green Room
-Maximum Flow

Hoppers-Girls Night Out, 9 pm

Jazz De Opus-Nancy King & Steve Christofferson, 8:30 pm

Jimmy Mak's-Mel Brown Sextet, $6

Laurelthirst-Sean Nowland's Open Mic, Jackstraw, 6 pm

Medicine Hat-Rob Scheps et Salon Des Refuses, 9 pm, $5

Mt Tabor Pub-Crosswalk Fashion Show w/Hurl & Bob, Wheeler Walker Ponder, Earl & Reggae Allstars

* Music Millennium NW- Spearhead, 7 pm, free

Ohm-Dahlia, Ben & Ravi, 9:30, $5

Produce Row Cafe -Bluegrass Jam, free

Rabbit Hole-Karaoke

Rock Creek Tavern-Terry Robb & Albert Reda, free

Rogue Pub-Bob Shoemaker, 7 pm

Snake & Weasel-KBOO's 5000th Member Party & Benefit starring In the Round, Jacob Elliot, Dylan Vance, Damien Adia, Shed Inc, Redwood Highway

Tabor Acoustic Room-Crosswalk, Heva, Cotton Jenny & Pesky Fences

Tillicum Pub-Norman Sylvester Quartet

White Eagle-Mark Alan



Arnada Cafe-Miguel's Songwriter Circus

Ash Street-Fiction, For What it's Worth, The Rust, $4

Berbati's Pan-Granola Funk Express, $8-10

Bitter End-Jerry Joseph, 9 pm, $7

* Blackbird-The Decemberists, Little Wings, National Anthem, 3728 NE Sandy, 9 pm

Blue Note
-David Valdez Latin Jam

Buffalo Gap-Toca Taste Test, 8:30 pm

Cascade Bar -4th Plane Jaiant

Cornelius Pass-Pacific Wonderland

Dante's-A Night of Miss B. Haven, 9 pm, $5

Egyptian -Arabesque starring Michael Beach, Middle Eastern dancers, 8 pm, $4

Green Room-Earth Tones

Hoppers- Robbie Laws, 9 pm

Jazz De Opus-Mel Brown, 8:30 pm

Jimmy Mak's-Stephanie Schneiderman, $3

Laurelthirst-Harebrained; Susannah Weaver & Man Power, 6 pm

Mt Tabor Pub-Mozaik, Hamsa-Lila

Oregon Zoo-Ledwaard Kaapaana, Cyril Pahinui

Produce Row Cafe -June Bunton's Open Mic, free

Rabbit Hole-Pete Krebs & the Kung Pao Chickens; Francis Farmer Gals, 6 pm

Rock Creek Tavern-Scott Steele, free

Rogue Pub-Stu Salnave Blues Jam, 8 pm


Snake & Weasel-The Larry Keel Experience

* St. Johns Pub-Scott Amendola Band, Noe Venable Trio

Star E. Rose
-Open Mic

Tabor Acoustic Room-Pete Monopoly

Tillicum Pub-Jim Mesi Band

White Eagle-Spigot, Demi-Dryer