Ash Street-Spin Drift, Hotrod Sinners, Hardship, $4

Berbati's Pan-Bingo, The Dan Murray Band, $5

Billy Ray's-The Toolbox w/ King Louie One Man Band

Billy Reed's-Ron Steen's Jazzberry Jam

* Blackbird-The Decemberists, Elyse Weinberg, The Places, 3728 NE Sandy, 9 pm, $6

Blue Note-Donny Osborne Trio w/Victoria Corrigan

Brasilia -Tobag

Brasserie Montmartre-Derek Sims Duo

Buffalo Gap-Los Lost w/Bradley & Koonce, 8 pm

Candlelight Cafe-Norman Sylvester

Cascade Bar-Obo Addy, I & I Reggae Band, Boom Crickets

Crystal Ballroom-Karl Denson's Tiny Universe, $20

Dante's-Soul Kitchen starring Black Angel, 9 pm, $5

* Ethos, Inc-Freestyle Forum, 7 pm, $5, All Ages

Gemini Bar -Lil Lynn & the Smokin Souls

Goodfoot-Triclops Organ Trio, $3

Green Room-Lea Krueger Band

Hoppers-the Stingers, 9 pm

It's a Beautiful Pizza-Rob & Friends Open Mic, 9 pm

Java Vivace-Adam Jones' Trio

Jazz De Opus-Cathy Walkup Quartet

Jimmy Mak's-Mel Brown Quintet, $6

Medicine Hat-King of Spain

Mock Crest-Donna Jose, Open Mic, 8 pm

Mt Tabor-10-ton Chicken, Higher Ground

Paris-One Last Thing, Breaking Pangea, Thirty3, Creston

Rabbit Hole-Open Mic w/Bobby Soxx; Catfish, 6 pm

Red and Black Cafe-Community Art Share, 8 pm, All Ages

Rock Creek Tavern-Catherine Welson, Bob Love, free

Rogue Pub-Alfred Easter and Friends, 7 pm

* Roseland-Latyrx, Five Fingers of Funk, Cool Nutz, Lifesavas, Boom Bap Project, Proz and Conz, Starchile, Mr. D.O.G., Morse Code, DJ Wicked, 8 pm, $10

Satyricon-The Toilet Boys, The Weaklings, Diamond Tuck & the Man Parlour, The Girls

Snake & Weasel-Bob Shoemaker, Dylan Vance

Tabor Acoustic-Ben Birdie

Tillicum Pub-Lloyd Jones

Twilight Cafe-Grant Gascon


Arnada Cafe-Hogfuel, Damaged Goods, Accidentals, friends

Ash Street-Dizzy Elmer, James Low, Evangeline, Pacific wonderland, Susannah Weaver, Jack McMahon, 8 pm

Berbati's Pan-Sunset Valley, Helio Sequence, Audio Learning Center, Surface Creeper, Starantula, Birdy Num Num

* Billy Ray's-The Fringe, The Fascination, 10 pm, free

Billy Reed's-Chata Addy & Susama (6:30 pm); N'Touch

Bitter End-Jerry Joseph, 9 pm

* Blackbird-Rollerball, OVO, Mome Raths, $5

Blue Note-Spot 79, Jimmy Bennington Trio, Patrick Lamb, Victoria Corrigan & the Donny Osborne Trio, Mr. Rosewater

Brasilia -Palante

Brasserie Montmartre-Eddie Wied Trio

Broadway Saloon-Michael Hart, 9 pm

Buffalo Gap-Jack McMahon Band, 9 pm

Candlelight Cafe-Marquee

Cascade Bar -Jim Mesi

Cobalt Lounge-The Natrons, Pinehurst Kids, Man of the Year, Made for TV Movie, National Anthem, Welsh Rabbit

Conan's Pub-Hunter

Corner Saloon-Sinner's Club

Crystal Ballroom-Richmond Fontaine, Baseboard Heaters, Country politans, Nicole Campbell Band, Bunco Kelly

Dante's-Karaoke from Hell, 5-8 pm; Black Angel, Rumpshaker, Action Detectives, Suite 304, Ennis in Theory

Dublin Pub-Boys Next Door, 24 Bitches

Fado-4th Plaine Jaiant, 9 pm, free

Gemini Bar -X-Angels w/Duffy Bishop

Green Room-Higher Ground

Hoppers-Aaron Black Band, 9:30 pm

Hotel Oregon-Richard Day Reynolds Band, 7 pm, free

Java Vivace-Richard Griffith & George Robinson Duo

Jazz De Opus-Hot Town Jubilee Sextet

Jimmy Mak's-Smokin' Gun, Lloyd Jones, Monti Amundson, Jon Koonce, Kathy Walker Band

Lewis & Clark College-Drop the Debt concert, Agnes Flanagan Chapel, 7:30 & 10 pm, $8-10

Medicine Hat-Asylum Street Spankers

* Meow Meow-Captain Vs. Crew, The Standard, The Dutch Flat, Sarah Dougher, Sauvie Island Moon Rocket Factory, Relent for No One, All Ages

Mt Tabor-Carmina Pirahna, Dan Murray Band

Music Millennium NW-Bella Fayes, 6 pm, free, All Ages

O'Connor's-Noumena, Backseat Willie, Band X, The Slattum Project

Produce Row-Monkey to the Monster, Rika Shinohara, $3

* Rabbit Hole-So Sadly Fucked, guests; Niki Duncan, 6pm

* Red and Black Cafe-The Haggard, Lavender Menace, Polka-Dot Choke-a-Lot, 8:30 pm, All Ages

River Roadhouse-Funtastix

Rock Creek Tavern-Diana & the Songdogs, free

Rogue Pub-Bob Shoemaker Trio, 9 pm

Roseland-Jim Beam Winner, Smooch Knob, KUFO Winner, Underride, D Five 9; Bobby Torres, Hijos Del Sol, 3 Leg Torso, Chata Addy, Boka Mirimba (Grill)

* Satyricon-Bell Rays, The Goddamn Gentlemen, Real Pills, King Louie, Get Down Syndrome

Schnitzer Hall-Peter, Paul & Mary, 8 pm, $26.50-36.50

Snake & Weasel-Jackass Willie; Jeff Heikes, 6 pm

Tabor Acoustic-J-Raker

Tillicum Pub-Ellen Whyte and Reflex Blue

Twilight Cafe-Notelius

Viscount Ballroom-The Woolies, 7:30, $10


Arnada Cafe-Jonah, Big Time Pop, Lea Krueger & the Sugar Highs

Artichoke Music-Kate Power & Steve Einhorn, 7 pm, $15

Ash Street-Mad Hattie, Caleb Klauder Band, Darling Clementines, Junco Parker, Wife Stealin' Bastards

B Complex-Cheb i Sabbah, Karsh Kale, 320 SE 2nd

Berbati's Pan-Rick Bain & the Genius Position, The Sensualists, Papillon, Alien Crime Syndicate, Sean Croghan

* Beulahland-Eubanks Jenkins Trio, Immigrant Kane, Bathtub Full of Sharks, Control Worship, free

Billy Ray's-Big Orange Splot, Fun with Matches, 10 pm

Billy Reed's-Sweet Baby James & the Original Cats

Bitter End-New Iberians, Speedway Playboys, $3

* Blackbird-Captain Vs. Crew, North Magnetic, Isabell, 3728 NE Sandy, 9 pm, $5

Blue Note-Mary Kadderly, Darrell Grant, N'Touch, Pete Krebs & the Kung Pao Chickens, Grooveyard

* Borders-Portland Opera Previews La Traviata, 2 pm

Brasilia -Alfredo Muro Latin Ensemble

Brasserie Montmartre-Eddie Wied Trio

Buffalo Gap-Kenny Lavitz/Scott White Trio, 9 pm

Candlelight Cafe-Marquee

Cascade Bar -Norman Sylvester

CobalT-4th Plane Jaiant, Blyss, Pasha, The Highsiders

Conan's Pub-Rock Residue

Corner Saloon-Sinner's Club

Crystal-UHF, Camaro Hair, Kleveland, Kaitlyn ni Donovan

Dublin Pub-Boys Next Door, Whateverly Brothers

Gemini Bar -Jerry Joseph & the JackMormons

Goodfoot-The Breakdown

Gorge-Matchbox Twenty, Train, $40.50

Green Room-Freak Mountain Ramblers

Hoppers-Easy Money & Chuck Adkins

Hotel Oregon-Sonny Hess & the Power Band, 7 pm, free

Jasmine Tree-Crack City Rockers, The Removes, The Gleaners, Green Circles, Blue Balls, 9 pm, $1

Java Vivace-Bill Coones & Richard Griffith Duo

Jazz De Opus-johnny Martin Swing Jazz

Jimmy Mak's-Terry Robb, Linda Hornbuckle, Duffy Bishop, Jim Mesi Band, Bill Rhodes & the Party Kings, Lynn Francis Anderson

Laurelthirst-Fernando; James Low, 6 pm

Medicine Hat-Dylan Thomas Vance

* Meow Meow-Bering Sea, Wow & Flutter, Garmonbozia, Stabbity Stabbity Stab Stab Stab, Z Drogi, All Ages

Mock Crest-Johnnie Ward, 9 pm

Mt Tabor-Alpha Ya Ya Diallo

* O'Connor's-Disco for Choice starring Disc Jockey Gregarious, 8 pm, $10-12, All Ages

Ohm-Dahlia, Land of the Blind, CNSE, Luke Janela

Paris Theatre-Diablotones, All Ages

Produce Row Cafe-Devil's Cabaret

* PSU-Plea for Peace tour starring Hot Water Music, Matt Skida, Thrice, Mike Park, Longshot, $13, Shattuck Hall

Rabbit Hole-Plumb Bob; Big Whiskey, 6 pm

Red and Black Cafe-Chena Mesling Fury, 7:30 pm, All Ages

River Roadhouse-Funtastix

Robot Steakhouse-Vintage Clothing Sale, 4 pm

Rock Creek Tavern-Groove Merchants, free

Rogue Pub-Jon Koonce & his Honky Tonk Trio, 9 pm

Roseland-The Gourds, Nine Volt Mile, Radio Star, Stephanie Schneiderman; I Can Lick any Son of a Bitch in the House, Buds of May, Jackstraw, Pig Iron, Harebrained, Sam Hill (Grill)

Satyricon-Dim Fabian, The Epoxies, Rally Boy, The Torture Cookies, Pink Chihuahua

Snake & Weasel-Peter Wilde & Danny Shafe with Senayit?; The BlueJays, 6 pm

* Stumptown Coffee-The Intima, The Disappearer, Steve Kramp, 8 pm, All Ages

Tabor Acoustic-Tony Land

Tillicum Pub-Ellen Whyte & Reflex Blue

Twilight Cafe-High Life


Ash Street-My Goldfish Ned, The Demons, Freelance Terrorists, $5

Billy Reed's-Albina Jazz Ensemble, 1 pm; No Comprimise

Brasserie Montmartre-Carolyn Joyce Duo

Candlelight Cafe-Andy Stokes

Cobalt Lounge-Sunday School, $5

Dante's-Sinferno Cabaret, 9 pm, $6, free for service/sex industry wkrs

Goodfoot-Arturo Bandilini, free

Hoppers-Aaron Black Jam, 9 pm

Jazz De Opus-Dan Balmer Trio

Medicine Hat-Jazz w/ Jimmy Bennington

Mock Crest-LaRhonda & Mark Steele, 7 pm

Rock Creek Tavern-Melody Guy, free

Rose Garden-Alabama, 8 pm

Roseland-The Damned, Swingin Utters, Pleasure Forever

Snake & Weasel-The Wags, Jonas Tauber Duo, Matt Burlin

* Stumptown Coffee-Karl Blau, Little Wings, 8 pm

Tillicum Pub-Johnny Martin

Viscount-Bergie Crandall's Let's Dance Band, 5 pm, $10


Brasserie Montmartre-John Stowell Duo

Candlelight Cafe-Richard Day Reynolds

Dante's-Karaoke from Hell, 8:30 pm, $1

Dublin Pub-Open Mic & Band Auditions

Goodfoot-Big Island Shindig, metolius

Green Room-Open Mic w/ Mississippi Mud

Hoppers-Norman Moody Band w/Mel Solomon, 9 pm

Jazz De Opus-Cathy Walkup

Medicine Hat-Rob Scheps & Salon des Refuses

Mock Crest-Bill Sterling, 7 pm

Mt Tabor-Reggae Jam

* Produce Row Cafe-Ron Steen Jazz Jam, $2

Snake & Weasel-Jon Self Open Mic; Pig Iron, 6 pm

Tillicum Pub-Babloo

Twilight Cafe-Fairly Honest John and the Truth, 7:30


Arnada Cafe-Captain Easy Jazz Jam

Ash Street-Back Door, FireBug, The Kicks, $4

Billy Reed's-Wone Night Excursion

* Blackbird-Steve Wynn, Girls Say Yes, 9 pm, $5

Blue Note-Open Jazz Jam with Pacific Blue Jazz Quartet

Brasserie Montmartre-Creighton McGrath Duo

Buffalo Gap-Chris Mayther's Vocal Jam, 8 pm

Candlelight Cafe-Linda Hornbuckle

Cascade Bar -Norman Moody Jam

Cobalt Lounge-Tag Team Tuesdays

Dante's-Vaud-eville comedy, DJ Dairy, MC Andrew Harris

Dublin Pub-Ty Phillippay

Green Room-Grafton St.

Hoppers-Russ Finely Band, 9 pm

Jazz De Opus-Nancy King & Steve Christofferson, 8:30 pm

Jimmy Mak's-Mel Brown Septet, $6

Medicine Hat-Blues Day

Mock Crest-TJ and DJ Karaoke, 8 pm

Mt Tabor-Mr Sparkle, Silver Hawk

Music Millennium NW-Steve Wynn, 5 pm, free

* Ohm-Dahlia, The New Deal, Ravi, 9:30, $5

Produce Row Cafe-Bluegrass Jam, free

Rabbit Hole-Karaoke Underground

Rock Creek Tavern-Terry Robb & Albert Reda, free

Rogue Pub-Harrison, 2 pm

Rose Garden-Pledge of Allegience tour starring Slipknot, System of a Down, Rammstein, Mudvayne, $50-75

Satyricon-The Soledad Brothers, Fireballs of Freedom

Snake & Weasel-David Lipkind; Danny Dollinger, 6 pm

Tillicum Pub-Norman Sylvester

Twilight Cafe-Joe Baker & Sons



* Aladdin Theater-Money Mark, Lake Trout, $13.50

Arnada Cafe-Songwriter's Circus w/Albie, Robert Carsons

Ash Street-Biergut, Mynock, Ray's Vast Basement, $4

Berbati's-Ubiquitous, Clan of the Cave Mack, Opus X, Low Art, DJ Apostle, $5

Billy Reed's-Flatland

* Blackbird-Blindspot Trio, Joseph Bradshaw Trio (6 pm); Heart Beats Red, Minmae, Menomena

Blue Note-Triclops Organ Trio

Brasserie Montmartre-Tom Cheek Duo

Buffalo Gap-Toca Taste Test, 8:30 pm

Candlelight Cafe-Terry Robb

Cascade Bar -Finger Likken Good

Dante's-Actual Tigers, Miss B. Haven, 9 pm, $5

Fado-Lew Jones, 8 pm, free

Goodfoot-the Instigators

Green Room-Rhythm Culture; Steve Smith, 6-8

Hoppers-Robbie Laws Band, 9 pm

Hotel Oregon-Girls Night Day, 7 pm, free, All Ages

Java Vivace-Jesse Burkhardt & Steve Phelps Duo

Jazz De Opus-Stuart Wylen Trio

Jimmy Mak's-Mel Brown Quartet , $6

Medicine Hat-Mike Slogan, Shawn Lewis, Erik beyer

Mock Crest-Lorna Miller

Mt Tabor-Invisiblink, Ginger Snapt, Junkyard Hero

Ohm-Aqualounge w/Slacker, Justin Browning, $5

Paris Theatre-Boogie Nights, All Ages

Produce Row Cafe-June Bunton's Open Mic, free

Rabbit Hole-Pete Krebs & Kung Pao Chickens; Deb Talon

* Red and Black Cafe-Luke Janela, 8 pm

Rock Creek Tavern-Sig Paulsen & Julien Snow, free

Rogue Pub-Stu Salnave Blues Jam, 7 pm

Snake & Weasel-Grants Tooth; Bingo, 6 pm

Twilight Cafe-Ashbury Park