Ash Street-The Dave Brockie Experience, Lazy American Workers, Anger Management, $7

Berbati's Pan-Durango Park, Birdy Num Num, The Strand, $5

Biddy McGraw's-Noah Patterson Quartet

Bitter End-Pale Green Pants; 9 pm; Maggie's Choice, 6 pm, free

Blackbird-Pinehurst Kids, Skiptrace, Super Magnificent Action Trio, $6

Buffalo Gap-Kenny Lavitz, 8 pm

Candlelight Cafe-Norman Sylvester

Club DV8-Karaoke from Hell, 10 pm, $2

Conan's Pub-St James Gate

Crystal Ballroom-Michael Franti, Spearhead, $15

Duff's Garage-Kung Pao Chickens

Fez-Neurotica, Windowpane, $12


Happy Valley Park-Ivy League Dropouts, 6 pm, free (Clackamas)

Hoppers-Margo Tufo, 9 pm

Jazz De Opus-Bryant Allard Quintet

Jimmy Mak's-Mel Brown Quintet, $6

Laurelthirst-Heather Christie Band; Velvida Underground, 6 pm

Medicine Hat-Rob Scheps et Salon Des Refuses, 6 pm; The Instigators, $3

Mississippi-Acoustic Project, 6 pm

Mock Crest-Donna Jose Open Mick Jam, 8:30 pm

Mt Tabor-Strange Life, Wapeka

Music Millennium NW-Sonic fucking Youth, 4 pm, free, All Ages

Ohm-Luv Jonz w/Reparations, $10

Pacific Switchboard-Larry Yes, Ralf Youtz, Carl vs. Carl, 8 pm, $4, All Ages

Paris Theatre-Inflikt, All Ages

Produce Row Cafe-L'Via's Soul Reunion

Rabbit Hole-Open Mic w/Bobby Soxx; Little Sue, 6 pm

Satyricon-Nebula, Natas, Witch Mountain, Ociffer

Scary Monster Music-Chumptones

Tonic Lounge-Rock n Roll Overdose w/DJ Matt Bastard, Lopez, the STraightjackets, Go Go Dancers

Twilight Cafe-Hillstomp

White Eagle-The Chris Mayther Band, $3


Aladdin Theater-Jonatha Brooke, $22-25

Arnada Cafe-Kite, A Lesser God

B Complex-LKJ (Linton Kwesi Johnson), 8 pm, $20-25, All Ages

Berbati's Pan-Hot Snakes, Beehive & the Barricudas, Last of the Juanitas, $10

Biddy McGraw's-Higher Ground

Bitter End-The Freak Mountain Ramblers, 9:30 pm, $5; From the Icy Coast, 6 pm, free

Blackbird-No. 2 CD release, The Minders, Shadow Morton, $6

Buffalo Gap-Jack McMahon Band, 9 pm

Candlelight Cafe-JR Simms & Aaron Black

Conan's Pub-The Blueprints CD Release

Corner Saloon-Liquid Blues

Crystal Ballroom-Sonic Youth, Quix*o*tic; Disc Jockey Gregarious (Lola's)

Dante's-Concrete Blonde, Rick Bain, Shake City, $20

Duff's Garage-Heavy Petting Zoo

Fez-Alter Echo, guests, 8 pm

Gemini Bar-Norman Sylvester

Hoppers-Terry Robb Band

Jazz De Opus-Dan Gildea Quartet

Jimmy Mak's-Dan Balmer Trio, $5

Laurelthirst-Caleb Kaluder Band; Prairie Dogs, 6 pm

Medicine Hat-Single Malt Band, 8 pm

Mississippi-All Girl Summer Fun Band, Mr. Browns Suit, 8 pm

Mock Crest-Lee Blake, 9 pm

Mt Tabor-Reggae Angels, Tribe from the Oasis, 8 pm

Music Millennium NW-Kelly Willis, 6 pm, free, All Ages

Ohm-Nine Volt Mile, Cowtrippers; DJ Dayhota, $8

Paris Theatre-Imperative Reaction, Omnibox, 8 pm, $8-10, All Ages

Porky's Pub-Joshua James and the Runaway Trains

Produce Row Cafe-Tecumseh Valley

Rabbit Hole-James Low; Quincy, 6 pm

Red and Black Cafe-A John Henry Memorial, Jack, Moonpony, Minmae, Celesteville, The Mouse that Roared, $3, 8 pm, All Ages

Ringler's Pub-Fridays at Four w/Billy Kennedy & Friends, 4 pm-7 pm, free

River Roadhouse-Life on Mars

Roseland-Juvenile & BG, CJ Mac, 8 pm

Satyricon-The Cherry Valence, C Average, Ociffer, The Sex Machines

Scoreboard-Ramblin Rose

Shot in the Dark Coffee-Dave Brothers

Stephano's-DJ Sugar w/ guest DJs

Mt Tabor Acoustic-Myshkins, Ruby Warblers, Madgesdiq

Tennessee Red's-Verve Night starring many singer songwriters

Tonic Lounge-cozy, Dr. Theopolis, Ryze-Fall

Twilight Cafe-Lucky vs. The Bomb


Aladdin Theater-Kelly Willis, Buddy & Julie Miller, 8 pm, $20

Alberta Street Public House-Foghorn Leghorn, Flat Mtn Girls, Govt Issue Orchestra, 8:30 pm, $6

Arnada Cafe-Recreation, guests

Ash Street-Diesto, the Ruby Doe, the Forth, $5

Beulahland-GDC Benefit

Biddy McGraw's-Rev. Evan Hadley

Bitter End-Purusa, Peepshow, 9:30, $5

Blackbird-Jackie O Motherfucker, Adam Forkner, The Davis Redford Triad, $6

Buffalo Gap-Brian Berg & the Eight Tracks, 9 pm

Candlelight Cafe-JR Simms & Aaron Black

Columbia Meadows-Drowning Pool, Down, Adema, Ill Nino, Switched, more

Conan's Pub-Festival de Piratas III starring Captain Bogg & Salty, more, 8 pm, $10

Corner Saloon-Liquid Blues

Crystal Ballroom-The Shins, Helio Sequence, All Girl Summer Fun Band, $12; New Band Night (Lola's), 8:30 pm, $2

Dante's-Tommy Chong & Shelby, 7 pm, $20; Fireballs of Freedom, Lost Sounds, The Hunches, 10-4 Backdoor

Duff's Garage-Johnny Mercury & Hot Rockets

Eagles Lodge-Solid Gold Dance PArty starrind DJ Stormy, $2-5

Gemini Bar-Paul Delay

Goodfoot-Louden Mellow Project

Hoppers-Jake Blair Band

Jazz De Opus-Flatland

Laurelhurst Park-Benefit for Cascadia Forest Alliance Resistdance starring Casey Neill, Danny Dolinger, Diggabone, Jim Page, Djin's Teeth, noon-8, free, All Ages

Laurelthirst-Jim Boyer; James Low, 6 pm

Medicine Hat-Big Island Shindig, Steven James Wright and friends, 8 pm, $6

Meow Meow-PDEX, guest, All Ages

Mississippi-Harris Blackwell, 7 pm; Circadian Rhythm, 9 pm

Mock Crest-Blueprints, 9 pm

Mt Tabor-Low Down

Music Millennium NW-Kevn Kinney, 3 pm; The Before Picture, 5 pm, free, All Ages

Paris Theatre-Voodoo Machine, Not Long AFter, Hotbox, 13 Days, All Ages

Porky's Pub-Bettie Mayhem & the Disasters

Produce Row Cafe-June Bunton

Rabbit Hole-John Nery; Mike Daner Solo Accordian, 6 pm

Red and Black Cafe-Luke Janela, guests, All Ages

Ringler's Pub-Buds of May, 3-6 pm, free

River Roadhouse-Life on Mars

Roseland-Rose City Badass Kicking and Grudge Match boxing, 8 pm, All Ages

Schnitzer Hall-Jewel, Stuart Mathis, 8 pm, $40

Scoreboard-Ramblin Rose

St. Johns Pub-Kevin Kinney, 8:45 pm, $10

Mt Tabor Acoustic-Brent Rogers

Tonic Lounge-Trick Sensei, Garmonbozia, The Empty Set

Twilight Cafe-Bullfrog

Waterfront Park-The Bite

White Eagle-Jackstraw, $6


Aladdin Theater-Richard Thompson, Dayna Kurtz, $27-29

Ash Street-Stach & the Rapes, The FuSE!, The Nines, $4

Biddy McGraw's-Irish Jam

Billy Ray's-War Stars, Unstable, 7 pm, free

Bitter End-LiverFest w/Smoochknob, 8 pm

Blackbird-The Cherry Valence, Party Time, Electric Eye, free

Brasserie Montmartre-Lee Reinoehl

Buffalo Gap-Retta & the Smart Fellas

Candlelight Cafe-Andy Stokes

Conan's Pub-Singer Songwriter Night starring Mike D, Zach & Carl, Rob Walsh, Ali Ippolito, Amoree Lovell

Dante's-Sinferno Cabaret

Double Tree Inn-Jantzen Beach-La Femme Magnifique International Female Impersonator Pageant, $25

Gorge-Melissa Etheridge, Meredith Brooks, Rosey, 7 pm, $56-77

Hutch-Terry Robb

Laurelthirst-Neil Gilpin's Belmont St Octet; Freak Mountain Ramblers, 6 pm

Maverick-Acoustic Open Mic w/Folk City, 7 pm

Meow Meow-Home Growns, Riddlin Kids, Spare LEad, Varsity Finishline, $8, All Ages

Mock Crest-KC's Acoustic Blues Jam, 7:30 pm

Moon & Sixpence-Foghorn Leghorn, 8 pm

PGE Park-The Big Stink starring Cypress Hill, Cake, Saliva, Earshot, Unwritten Law, Good Charlotte, MXPX, Fenix TX, Trik Turner, Custom, ARt Alexakis, $7

Red and Black Cafe-Michael Walker, S. Brooks, 8 pm, $3, All Ages

Twilight Cafe-Inquisition Ensemble

White Eagle-Capt. Rock, $3


Arnada Cafe-Open Mic w/April

Ash Street-Open Mic/New Band Night, free

Biddy McGraw's-Alexander Green

Bitter End-Monday Night Dress Rehearsal w/ Nicole Campbell Band, 9 pm, free

Blackbird-Omco showcase, free

Candlelight Cafe-Margo Tufo

Crystal-Blackalicious, Onry Ozzborn, DJ Zeph, 9 pm, $14-16

Dante's-Karaoke from Hell, 10 pm, $1; Dave Killer Queen, Tony Green, 6 pm,

Gemini Bar-Morrison Bridge Music Jam

Green Room-Open Mic with Mississippi Mud

Heathman Hotel-David Haney Trio, 7 pm

Laurelthirst-Kung Pao Chickens, 7 pm, free

Mississippi-Powell Roberts Project, 8 pm

Mt Tabor-I Say Reggae

Porky's Pub-Open Mic, 10 pm

Produce Row Cafe-Ron Steen Jazz Jam, $2

Twilight Cafe-Fairly Honest Jon

White Eagle-Jimmy Boyer & Friends


Arnada Cafe-Open Mic w/Lee Pelly

Ash Street-Kaddisfly, Syx, Sate, $4

Berbati's Pan-Mekons 25th Anniversary tour, Special guest, $12

Bitter End-Jeff Rosenberg's Songwriter's Showcase

Blackbird-Beachwood Sparks, Jenny Toomey, Quix*o*tic

Brasserie Montmartre-Eddie Wied Duo

Buffalo Gap-Blindlight, 8 pm

Candlelight Cafe-Linda Hornbuckle

Crystal-Antibalas, The Incredible Kid, 8 pm, $12-14

Dante's-Bump-n-Grind burlesque auditions; Vaudeville

Goodfoot-Eclectic Electro starring Surrounded by Ninjas

Green Room-Stephen Ashbrook w/ Jeff Anthony

Jimmy Mak's-Mel Brown Septet, $6

Laurelthirst-Sean Nowland's Open Mic; Jackstraw, 6 pm

Medicine Hat-Rob Scheps et Salon des Refuses, $5

Mississippi-Toby Young, 8 pm; Adam Selzer, 6 pm

Mississippi-Powell Roberts Project

Mock Crest-Johnnie Ward, 7 pm

Mt Tabor-Money & Lovin, Uprite Dub Arkestra

Produce Row Cafe-Bluegrass Jam, free

Rabbit Hole-Karaoke Underground

Red and Black Cafe-Old Time Music Jam, 8 pm

Roseland-Wilco, The Boas, 8 pm, $23, All Ages

Tennessee Red's-ICanLickanySOB's Open Mic

Tillicum Pub-Norman Sylvester

Tonic Lounge-Jackass Willy & Brian Kenney Fresno, free

White Eagle-Steve James Wright


Arnada Cafe-Open Mic Songwriter's Circus w/steve

Ash Street-Raddix Show, Brian Kinney Fresno, Canoofle, $4

Berbati's Pan-The Samples, Tom Askin, $12-14

Bitter End-Redwood Highway, 6 pm; Life After Liftoff, 9 pm, free

Blackbird-The Forth, Glance Failed, Epsilons

Brasserie Montmartre-David Friesen Duo

Buffalo Gap-Toca, 8:30 pm

Candlelight Cafe-Terry Robb

Coffee Time-Savium Open Circle, 8 pm, free

Conan's Pub-PDEX, Blindlight, Fat Man Packing

Dante's-Hellfire Antisocial Club w/Storm & the Balls, 10 pm

Goodfoot-Louden-Mellow Jazz Quartet, free

Green Room-Casey Neill & Fiddle Chick Marilee Horde

Gresham Inn-Jam Session, 8 pm

Jimmy Mak's-Joey DeFrancesco, 7 pm, $15

Laurelthirst-Big Island Shindig; Fernando, 6 pm

Mississippi-Harris Blackjwood, 6 pm; Opaque Ruminations

Mock Crest-Donna Jose's Open Mic Jam, 9 pm

Mojo's Coffee Den-Wide Open Mic w/Patrick Finley

Music Millennium NW-Brian Kenney Fresno, 5 pm, free

Produce Row Cafe-June Bunton's Open Mic, free

Rabbit Hole-Bunny

Reed College-Twelfth Night, Sat-Mon 3 pm, free

Satyricon-Faster Pussycat, Pretty Boy Floyd, Popewyrm, $15

Stephano's-DJ George the Mixologist

Mt Tabor Acoustic-Christopher Hawley

Tennessee Red's-Crazy Mic & Billy Rudolph

Tillicum Pub-Jim Mesi

Twilight Cafe-open mic

White Eagle-Tecumseh Valley