Aladdin Theater-Marianne Faithfull, $24-26

Alberta Street Public House-Wendy Romel, 5 pm; Monty Green's Bluegrass Invite, 9 pm

Ash Street-Jesus Presley "Wreck the Halls" Holiday Show, $6

Berbati's Pan-The Coup, Hungry Mob, $12

Bitter End-Eric McFadden, 9 pm, free

Blackbird-Panther, Beau von Hinklywinkle, Mome Raths, Def Jam Yellow Swans, raffle as benefit for Charm Bracelet's YOU!, 10 pm

Buffalo Gap-Jane Wright, 8pm

Burlingame Pizza-Cross-Eyed Rosie, free

Candlelight Cafe-Jay Bird Koder

Club DV8 -Karaoke from Hell, 10 pm, $2

Coffee People-Kellee Lynn & The Rain, 7 pm, 3500 SE Hawthorne

Disjecta-Holiday Hotdog Rodeo: Amy Annelle, Joe Haege, Brandon Barnhill, Colin Meloy, Morgan Grace, Amoree Lovell, Shelly Short, Sean Flora, Jeff London, Reclinerland, Sean Croghan, 9 pm, $5, $4 wearing a rodeo suit, All Ages

Fez-Motet, Living Daylights, Will Bernard, 8 pm, $12-14

Fresh Pot on Mississippi-Refraction: Strategy, Glomm, KVG, 9 pm, free, All Ages

Hoppers-Round Robin w/Dave Kahl & Robbie Laws

Jimmy Mak's-Mel Brown Quintet, 9 pm, $7

Laurelthirst-Cornbred, 6 pm; Brenda Weiler, Dan Jones, Billy No. 9, $3

Mississippi-Consolidated, 9:30 pm

Mock Crest-Donna Jose Open Mic Jam, 8:30 pm

Mt Tabor-McCloskey Brothers Band, Christine Young Band

New Hope Community Church-John Tesh, Nicole C. Mullen, 7 pm

Porky's Pub-New Band Night

PPAA-IPRC Squaredance: Foghorn Stringband, 7:30 pm

PSU, Lincoln Hall-PSU Chamber Wind Ensemble, 7:30 pm, $4-8

Rabbit Hole-Catfish, 6 pm; Open Mic, 9 pm

Riverplace Hotel-Mary Kadderly, 8 pm

The Steinhaus-Kinzel & Hyde

Tillicum Pub-Lloyd Jones

Tonic Lounge-Atom Sane, the Before Picture, Redd Dirt, Make Believe

White Eagle-Kate's Playmates w/Ezra Holbrook, Jeremy Wilson, Steve Lockwood, Steve Wilkinson, $3


Aladdin Theater-Bebo Norman, $16

Alberta Street Public House-Elizabob, 7 pm; Mikey Beglan, 9 pm, free

Arnada Cafe-Trip, Garrison, Waylaid

Ash Street-The Stuck Ups, Junior's Gang, The Units, $5

Berbati's Pan-Dahlia, $5

Bitter End-Buds of May, 9 pm, $5; Freewillinsoul, 6 pm, free

Blackbird-90 Day Men, Glass Candy, Grand Buffet, 8:30 pm, $8

Borders-Beaverton-Darby O'Gill, 7 pm, free

Buffalo Gap-X Angels, 9 pm

Burlingame Pizza-Solo Dos En Tijuana, Daren.1

Candlelight Cafe-Jesus Presley

Cañita-Guateque Cubano , 10:30 pm, free

Club DV8 -Control Over Space, The Hunches, Monkey Fur

Conan's Pub-Green Party Benefit Show: Amy Maja Band, Crystin Byrd, Vacancy, The Silent Majority, Nathan Stewart, Smiling at Henry

Corner Saloon-Johnny Ripoff Band

Crystal Ballroom-New Found Glory, Trust Company, Boxcar Racer, The Used, 7 pm, $20;

Dante's-Smoochknob, Alien Crime Syndicate, Throttlebody, 9 pm, $10

Delta Cafe-Guitarface

Duff's Garage-Jackstraw

Green Room-Little Sue, 9:30 pm, $5

Hoppers-Robbie Laws Band

Laurelthirst-Prairie Dogs, 6 pm; Baby Gramps

Lewis & Clark College-The Lovemakers, Plan B (Rusty Nail), 8 pm, $15

Liberty Hall-Irish Ceili Dance w/ Jon Kiparsky & friends, 7:30 pm, $8, All Ages

Meow Meow-Ember Swift, Myshkin, 9 pm, $7, All Ages

Mississippi-Doris Dodge, 8 pm

Mock Crest-Rich Man's Burden, 9 pm

Mt Tabor-Slow Rollers, Color Phobos, Hill Stomp

Porky's Pub-Loadlevelers, Jackass Willie, Ding Danged

Rabbit Hole-Heavy Petting Zoo, 9:30 pm; Charlie Nanos, 6 pm

Reed College-The Hospitals, The Booths (ping pong room)

River Roadhouse-Aaron Black Band

Rogue Pub-Catherine Welson, 9 pm

Satyricon-Without Self, My Goldfish Ned

Shot in the Dark Coffee-Steven Pile & Billy No. 9, 9 pm

St. Johns Pub-Lucy Kaplansky, Bob Hillman, 8 pm

Tillicum Pub-Gary Small Band, 9:30 pm

Tonic Lounge-Stars Of Track and Field, Honey Tongue, Jonah, Skylab, Watsonville Patio

Twilight Cafe-Ramblin' Rose

White Eagle-Caleb Klauder Band, Old Joe Clarks, $6


Aladdin Theater-Bebo Norman, $16

Alberta Street Public House-Spigot Acoustic Duo, 9 pm, $3-5

Arnada Cafe-Goat Head, Logos Eye

Ash Street-Head Of Lies, Mel, Assisted Living, Skylab, $6

Berbati's Pan-Planet X, 8:30, $15

Bitter End-John Bunzow Band, 9 pm, $5

Borders-Gresham-Wimsy Stephens, 7 pm, free

Buffalo Gap-X Angels, 9 pm

Candlelight Cafe-Jesus Presley

Cañita-Guateque Cubano , 10:30 pm, free

Club DV8 -The Romaines, Blondage

Corner Saloon-Johnny Ripoff Band

Dante's-Hem, The Bella Fayes, Matt Keating, 9 pm, $7

Day Music Auditorium-David Salminen, 8 pm, All Ages

Delta Cafe-Power of Country

Doc's Bar & Grill-Dr. Theopolis, Quivah

Duff's Garage-Fez Fatale, 9 pm; Kode Bluuz, 10:30

Goodfoot-Dexter Grove

Green Room-Freak Mountain Ramblers, 9:30 pm, $5

Hoppers-Linda Hornbuckle Band

Jasmine Tree-Seth Nehil, Submarine Fleet, The Taylor Theriault Sielaff Trio, Apartment, the Kittens of Mass Destruction, 9 pm, $3

Jimmy Mak's-Thara Memory's Super Band, $7

Kennedy School-The Disciples In Song, 7 pm, $10 donation

Laurelthirst-James Low, 6 pm; Jen Bernard, Lara Michell McKinley

Meow Meow-Jon Auer, Serenes, guests, All Ages

Mississippi-Flying Bokarah Orchestra

Mock Crest-Eagle Ridin' Papas, 9 pm

Mt Tabor-Global Funk Council

Porky's Pub-Mars Needs Women

Portland Art Museum-Lucy Kaplansky, Bob Hillman, 8 pm, $18-20

Rabbit Hole-Big Orange Splot, 9:30 pm; Dustin Kunkel, 6 pm

River Roadhouse-Aaron Black Band

Rogue Pub-Darby O'Gill, 8 pm

Sapphire Hotel-Echo Jazz Collective, 8 pm

Satyricon-Fernando, Richmond Fontaine, Tracker

Schnitzer Hall-Carlos Kalmar leads Oregon Symphony, 7:30 pm, $16-72

Mt Tabor Acoustic-Alexa Wiley Trio, Alan Canning, Rhythm Givers

Tillicum Pub-Gary Small Band, 9:30 pm

Tonic Lounge-Rm 101, The Film, Queen Bee Jackson

Twilight Cafe-Hell Pets, Ross Beach, Shed, Inc.

White Eagle-Stephanie Schneiderman, Lea Krueger, $6


Alberta Arts Pavilion-Rick Mc Nutt Quartet, 2 pm, $8

Ash Street-Future Cowboy, Mezmerelda, Jasmine Ash, $5

Billy Ray's-Anna & Crash, free

Blackbird-The Stan McMahon Band, The Fascination, Goatsuckers, 10 pm, $5

Buffalo Gap-Eric Allen, 9 pm

Candlelight Cafe-Andy Stokes

Dante's-Sinferno Cabaret w/Lucy Fur, 11 pm, $6

Hoppers-Aaron Black Jam, 9 pm

The Hutch-Terry Robb

Kennedy School-The Disciples In Song, 7 pm, $2-5

Laurelthirst-Freak Mtn Ramblers, 6 pm; Neil Gilpin's Belmont Street Octet

Lewis & Clark College-Lewis & Clark College Chamber Orchestra, 7:30 pm, All Ages

Maverick-Acoustic Open Mic w/Folk City, 7 pm

Meow Meow-One Man Army, The Explosion, Madcap, No Thanks To You, $9, All Ages

Mississippi-Vivian's Keeper, 7 pm

Mock Crest-KC's Acoustic Blues Jam, 7:30 pm

Portland Art Museum-Ian Tyson

PSU, Lincoln Hall-Yefim Bronfman, 4 pm, $12.50-25

Rabbit Hole-Reverend Eddy, 9 pm

Reed College-Reed Chorus and Chamber Orchestra, 8 pm

Rose Garden-Trans-Siberian Orchestra, 7:30 pm, $29.50-39.50

Sapphire Hotel-guest singer/songwriter

Schnitzer Hall-Carlos Kalmar leads Oregon Symphony, 7:30 pm, $16-72

Tillicum Pub-Johnny Martin, 6 pm

Twilight Cafe-Open Mic


Aladdin Theater-Makaha Sons, $20-22

Bitter End-Nicole Campbell, 9 pm, free

Blackbird-Mia Doi Todd, $7

Candlelight Cafe-Jesus Presley

Dante's-Karaoke from Hell, 10 pm, $1,

Green Room-Open Mic with Mississippi Mud

Jimmy Mak's-Silky, 8 pm, $3

Laurelthirst-Kung Pao Chickens, 7 pm, free

Mississippi-Powell Roberts Project, 7 pm

Mt Tabor-Reggae Review Showcase: I-Say Band, The Instigators

Porky's Pub-Open Mic, 10 pm

Rogue Pub-Rogue Bluegrass Band, 7 pm

Satyricon-Cobra Denim, The Manholes

Schnitzer Hall-Carlos Kalmar leads Oregon Symphony, 8 pm, $16-72

Twilight Cafe-Fairly Honest Jon

White Eagle-Little Sue & Lynn Conover


Aladdin Theater-Rhett Miller, Earlimart, $12

Alberta Street Public House-Irish Dance Lesson, 7:30 pm; Irish Jam, 9 pm, free

anna bannana's-Tree Age, guests, 8 pm

Ash Street-The Hitch, $5

Bitter End-John Bunzow, 8 pm , free

Boxxes-Mlsha's Make-A-Date, $2-7

Buffalo Gap-Strongbox, 8 pm

Candlelight Cafe-Linda Hornbuckle

Dante's-Comedy & Cabaret

Disjecta-Rob Scheps' Salon des Refuses, free

Green Room-Palantine Hill

Jimmy Mak's-Mel Brown Septet, 7:30 pm, $6

Laurelthirst-Jackstraw, 6 pm; Sean Nowland's Open Mic, free

Mock Crest-Johnnie Ward, 7 pm

Mt Tabor-Money & Lovin, Upright Dub Orchestra

Rogue Pub-Harrison, 7 pm

Satyricon-Lustre, The Del Toros, Cootie Platoon

Blue Monk-Ramsey Embick Trio

Tillicum Pub-Norman Sylvester, 9:30 pm

Tonic Lounge-Maynard, Manta


Aladdin Theater-The Blasters, $20-22

Alberta Street Public House-Zydeco Dance, 7:15, free

Berbati's Pan-The Joggers, The Psychological Thrillers, Bronwyn

Billy Ray's-Juana Camilleii, Bob Shoemaker, free

Bitter End-SILKY featuring Olivia Warfield, 6 pm, 9 pm, free

Buffalo Gap-Toca, 8:30 pm

Candlelight Cafe-Ocean 503

Conan's Pub-Kaitlin ni Donovan, 6:30 pm; Wyatt Herb, Brandi S., Tamaras, Rob Walsh

Crystal Ballroom-Jurassic 5, Sum 41, Flashlight Brown, Smoochknob, 7 pm, $20

Dante's-Storm & The Balls

Green Room-Dearest Crown

Gresham Inn-Jam Session, 8 pm

Hoppers-Bill Rhoads Band

Jimmy Mak's-Mel Brown Quartet, 7:30 pm, $5

Mississippi-Rachael Taylor Brown, 6 pm

Mock Crest-Billy Kennedy, 7 pm

Mojo's Coffee Den-Wide Open Mic w/Patrick Finley

Mt Tabor-Temple of Sound

Reed College-Atreyu, Avenged Sevenfold, Hopesfall, LUM, West Of Zero (ping pong room), 7 pm, $8

Roseland-3 Doors Down, Theory Of A Deadman, 8 pm, $25, All Ages

Sapphire Hotel-Echo Jazz Collective, 8 pm

Satyricon-Fly 2 Void, The Girls, The Killaways

Mt Tabor Acoustic-Abstract Visionz

Blue Monk-Ralph Pritikin

Tillicum Pub-Jim Mesi, 9:30 pm

Twilight Cafe-Eric Allen

White Eagle-Spigot, guests, $3