* Aladdin-Magnetic Fields, $20- $22, All Ages

Alberta St Pub-Bluegrass Invite, 9 pm

Arnada-Speaker Rhodes, Friends

Ash St. -Bluebottle Kiss, Rick Bain, Loch Lamond, Carolines

Berbati's Pan-Rebirth Brass Band, Tea Leaf Green, $13-$15

Biddy McGraw's-Josh Allen

Bitter End-Luminous Fog

Blue Monk-Triclops Organ Trio

Boons Treasury-Mark Alan

Bossanova-Shinedown, Silvertide, Future Leaders Of the World, $12, All Ages

Buffalo Gap-Craig Carothers, $7


Contemporary Crafts Gallery-Sound/Craft series w/Linda Austin, Paige McKinney, Anne Furfey, Rebecca Harrison, 8 pm, $5

* Crystal-The Donnas, Von Bondies, 8 pm, $13-$15, All Ages

* Dante's-Low Dough; Walking Concert, Recall-Seven, Ocena, Western Aerial, 9 pm, $5

Davey Jones' Locker-Amber Pacific, 6:30 pm, $5, All Ages

* Doug Fir-3 Leg Torso CD Release, 9 pm,$8- $10

Duff's Garage-Jessica Stiles Project

Edgefield Winery-Caleb Coffey

Goodfoot-Snake Oil Medicine Show, Crosseyed Rosie

Green Room-Justin Hopkins, Wil Dailey, 9 pm, $5

* Holocene-Secret Puppets, Space Hawk, Daphna Kohn, Yuma Nora, 9 pm, $5

Hoppers-Yanks, 9pm

Imbibe-David Andrews, 9:30 pm

Kennedy School-Johnny B. Connolly Irish Band

Laurelthirst-Lewi Longmire, 6-8 pm, 9 pm

Longhorn-Sumo, 8:30 pm

Mississippi Pizza-Watoto wa Dunia Benefit w/West African drumming, Kick the Squirrel

Mississippi Studios-Matt the Electrician, Casey Holford, South Paw, $7

Mock Crest-Donna Jose Open mic & Jammin

Montego Bay-Irie Thursdays w/DJ Uni-T, 6 pm; Andy Stokes

Monty's-Open jam

Music Millennium-Rachael Sage, 5 pm, free, All Ages

Owen's-Open Mic

NOIR-Cancer Fags, The Wanteds, $2

Roc's Bar & Grill-Acoustic guitar night w/Doggett Productions

Rock Creek Tavern-John Bunzow

Rock-a-billy's-Mojo Posse

Rogue-Rogue Bluegrass Jam

* Roseland-Wilco, Carla Bozulich, 7pm, $26

Sabala's Mt Tabor-River City Rebels

Solid State-Where Eagles Dare, This is Hell, 6:30 pm, $6

Tillicum-Alan Hagar, 8 pm

* Tonic-All acoustic set 6-8pm; Language of KONSPIRACY, 9 pm, $5-$15

Twilight Cafe-Bolt Upright

Wallbangers-Dueling Pianos, 8 pm

White Eagle-PDX Rock Collective, $4

FRIDAY 11/12

Aladdin-Portland Dance Project; Funksion III, 7 pm, $20- $22, All Ages

Arnada-Evil Egg, Excessive Moderation, Deadletter

Ash St. -Power of Country, Clampitt Gaddis and Dagger, Michael Achery

Berbati's Pan-Damien Jurado, Richard Buckner, The Western States, $8-$10

Biddy McGraw's-Billy Kennedy 5:30 pm, Close New Iberia 9:30 pm

Bitter End-Folkrum & Highground

Blue Monk-Darrel Grand, The Youngbloods

Boons Treasury-Greg Clarke Trio

Bossanova-Damageplan, The Haunted, Inflikt, 8 pm, $16, All Ages

Buffalo Gap-Neil Young's Birthday w/ Sketchy Ted, 9 pm, free

Candlelight-Cool Breeze

Community Music Center- John Gorka, Susan Werner, 8 pm, $18-$20, All Ages

Conan's-Moot Davis, Pete Anderson, 9 pm

Corner Saloon-Panama

* Dante's-Vice Records Tour; Panthers, Vietnam, Death From Above 1979, $8

* Davey Jones' Locker-Science of Yabra, Yellow Press, 6:30 pm, $6

* Doug Fir-Rogue Wave, Deathray Davies, The Vells, 9pm, $8; Rotate, 12 am, free (lounge), 9 pm, $5

Edgefield Winery-Danny O'Hannlon

Gemini-Soul Vaccination

Gotham-Hush Night, 7 pm, $3

Grand Lodge-Lea Krueger, The Freak Mountain Ramblers (Compass Room)

Grolla-Jim Soloway

Hoppers-Kid Lopez Band, 9pm

Hotel Oregon-Jon Koonce

Imbibe-Suckapunch, 9:30 pm

Laurelthirst-Rainrats 6 pm, Laurel Lee and the Escapees

Lincoln Hall, PSU-Leonid Smetannikov, Nov. 12th-14th, $6-$10

Meow Meow-Minmae, The Close, Horses, All Ages

Mississippi Studios-Amy Ferris, $10

Mock Crest-Root Cellar w/Lowell, John Mitchell, 9 pm

* Music Millennium-Panthers, 6 pm, free, All Ages

* Nocturnal-House of Cunt; Kaetlin Kennedy, Amber Martin, 8pm, $10-$18, All Ages

Owen's-Heavy Hands, 9 pm

* Porky's-Lopez, Fiery Cubist, Juquzzi Brothers, 9:30 pm

NOIR-Shortway Rock, Toast, $2

Rock Creek Tavern-The Chuck & Dave Show

Rose Garden-Toby Keith, 7 pm, $39-$59

* Roseland-De La Soul, Butta Versus, Lightheaded, DJ Kez, 8pm, $20, All Ages

* Sabala's Mt Tabor-Drunk Whores, YOB, SubArachnoid Space, Ludicra

Club Satyricon-Of One Blood, Guests

Savannah-Steel drums w/Randal Larson, 7 pm; DJ Geo, 9:30 pm

Tillicum-Chubby Johnson, 8 pm

Tonic-Keegan Smith 6 pm; Figurehead, Midnite to Twelve, Amara, Bella, $5

Touchstone-Rachael Sage, 7 pm, free

Tribe Theatre and Art Gallery-Palabra A Tu Madre!, 10:30 pm, $6

Twilight Cafe-So Fine, $6

Wallbangers-Dueling Pianos, 8 pm

West Hills Covenant Church-Jenny Bird & Adrienne Braswell, 7:30 pm

White Eagle-Jon Dee Graham

Wilf's Piano Bar-Barbra Lusch Trio

Wine Down-Dale Morris

Yola's Foster Road-Open Mic, 7 pm


Aladdin-The Waifs w/ Erin McKeown, $14- $17

Alberta St Pub-Russell Street Regulars

Amnesia Brewing Co. -Seven Year Tango, Pieces, Bryan Appel, Digabone, Cocks in The Henhouse, 12 pm, Free

Arnada-Erotic Politicians, Motherchump, Floorboards

* Ash St. -Charm Particles, High Violets, Black Night Crash, $5

* Berbati's Pan-The Epoxies, Hell on Heels, Starantula, Sado-Nation, Gas Huffer, 8-Foot Tender, The Nightmares, The Del Toros, Canned Hamm, 5:30 pm, $10

Biddy McGraw's-Craig Marquardo Jazz Trio

Bitter End-Jon Wilson, Steavie Marie & Jackson, Gladhouse, Kieskagato, Le Mau Le Purr

Blue Monk-Klezmocracy

Boons Treasury-Nanosaurus

* Bossanova-Terra Prima: Language of Alchemy w/Kaosmosis, That 1 Guy, One People Voice, Dahoo Chorus, Roswell Sisters, Oxygen Heads, 8 pm, $10-$20

Buffalo Gap-Jack McMahon Band

Candlelight-Cool Breeze

Charlie White-Dan Crothers, 6 pm

Conan's-Kapuda CD Release, 9 pm, $7

Corner Saloon-Panama

Crystal-Social Distortion, Tiger Army, The Explosion, $25, All ages

* Dante's-The Makers CD Release, Goodtime Gil & The Champagne Cowboys, $6

Davey Jones' Locker-Brown Eyed Deception, Race the Sun, 7pm, $6

* Doug Fir-Kinski, Talkdemonic, Magic Bullet/ Grassy Knoll, 9pm, $11; Knotty Disco w/DJs Mr. Mumu, Berrett, Paul, 12 am, $3

Edgefield Winery-Laureen Sheehan

Gemini-Soul Vaccination

Good Times-UNTYD, Shifft, 9 pm

Grand Lodge-Stephen Ashbrook

* Holocene-Crackhaus, Deadbeat, Bus, D. Meteo, 8 pm, $8

Hoppers-Ward Stroud, 9pm

Hotel Oregon-Paul Summers, Freak Mountain Ramblers (Mattie's Room)

Imbibe-Nicole Campbell, 9:30 pm, $5

Kelly's Olympian-Stuart Valentine, Puma Frenzy

Liberty Hall-Submission Hold, Drunken Boat, Dark Skies, 7 pm, $5, All Ages

Mac's Place-Rose City Kings, $5

Mississippi Studios-Laura Kemp CD Release, Caleb Klauder, 8 pm, $10

Mock Crest-Gothic Outhouse w/ Heidi Hellbender, 9 pm

New Old Lompoc-Off-Key Bluegrass Jam (open acoustic), 1 pm

* Nocturnal-House of Cunt; Kaetlin Kennedy, Amber Martin, 8pm, $10-$18, All Ages

Owen's-Teen Java Jam, 8 pm

Paris-The Warshers

Porky's-Backseat Teachers, We're From Japan!, Trauma Le Tron

Produce Row-Jessie Rae

NOIR-Dimentia, DJs Carrion, Uberlush, Razorslave, $3

Rock Creek Tavern-X Angels

Club Satyricon-Under the Gun, Sweetie, Konnichi

Solid State-Stick to Your Guns, Falling Closer, Orizon, The Hordel, 6:30 pm, $6, All Ages

The A & L Sports Pub-Benefit; Mojitos, Quasi Mojo, 7:30 pm, $5

Tillicum-Chubby Johnson, 8 pm

Tonic-Joshua James, James Sasser, 6-8 pm; Bella Fayes, Blue Collar Scouts, Cult of Suburbia

Twilight Cafe-Mission 5

Wallbangers-Dueling Pianos, 8 pm

White Eagle-Sidestar

Wilf's Piano Bar-Richard Arnold, The Groove Swingers

Wine Down-Dale Morris, 8 pm, free

SUNDAY 11/14

* Berbati's Pan-Truman's Water, Moris Tepper, Juanita Pepper, $7

Bitter End-Open Mic w/Josh Malm

Blue Monk-Frank Tribble, 10 am

Buffalo Gap-Los Cowtones, 6 pm

Candlelight-Andy Stokes

Conan's-Karney, Roots and Culture Party, Stand Out Selector, Bamboo Station, Djs Cansaman, YT Dream, Steve Treez

* Dante's-The Circus Contraption, 9pm, $6; Sinferno Cabaret, 11pm, $6

Davey Jones' Locker-Pants Machine, 6 pm, $5

Edgefield Winery-Joe McMurrian

* Holocene-Tart; DJs K-Tell and Harmony, $7

Imbibe-The Right Reverend's Gospel Revue

Kennedy School-Craig Carothers Songwriters in the Round, $10

* Meow Meow-Wolf Eyes, Comets on Fire, Smegma, Rubber O Cement, 8 pm, All Ages

Mock Crest-Fred Anderson, 8 pm

Moon & Sixpence-Foghorn, 7 pm, free

Music Millennium-Kasey Anderson, 5 pm, free

O'Conners-The Tone Sharks, 5 pm, $3

Ohm-Devoted, 9 pm

Old Church-Leonid Smetannikov, 6:30 pm

NOIR-Open Mic Poetry, DJ Mr. Romo, Michael York Orchestra, free

River Roadhouse-Sinners Club; open jam

Sabala's Mt Tabor-45 Grave

Solid State-100 Demons, Cast Aside, Donny Brook, Six Bullets, 7 pm, $8, All Ages

Tillicum-Fairly Honest Jon and The Truth, 6 pm

Tonic-Open Mic, free

* Waverly Heights Congregational Church-Community Singing From The Sacred Harp, 2pm, Free, 2 pm, free

White Eagle-Open Mic Showcase

MONDAY 11/15

Aladdin-The Dresden Dolls, The Ditty Bops, $10-$12, All Ages

Ash St. -Open Mic

* Berbati's Pan-Guided By Voices, The Joggers, 10 pm, $16

Bitter End-Songwriter Showcase

Candelight-DK 4

Candlelight-DK Stewart

Conan's-The Reverb Brothers, 6 pm; Felony Flats Finest, 9 pm, $5

Dante's-Storytellers, 6 pm; Karaoke From Hell, 10 pm, $2

Edgefield Winery-Lea Krueger

It's a Beautiful Pizza-Five Euro Tip

Kennedy School-Freak Mountain Ramblers

Longhorn-Morrisson Bridge Music Jam

Mock Crest-Aric Riley w/ Katey Angel, 8 pm

* Moon & Sixpence-Johnny Connolly

* Ozone 03-Dennis Driscoll, 6 pm

Sapphire-Local Musician & Songwriter Showcase

* Solid State-Mondo Bizarro Open Mic, All Ages

Tonic-Kasey Anderson, Mike D., Last of the Juanitas

Twilight Cafe-Open Mic w/Eric Allen

White Eagle-Little Sue & Lynn Conover


Arnada-Open Mic w/Marc

Ash St. -Thorn City Improv w/DJ Kez, The Chosen, 9 pm, $5

Babalu-Blues/Funk Open Mic, 9 pm; House Of Refuge Band

* Berbati's Pan-Guided By Voices, The Thermals, 10 pm, $16

Biddy McGraw's-Dylan Vance & Griff Bear

Bitter End-Triceros Organic Beats

Blue Monk-Ramsey's Groove Trio, free

C-Bar-Open Mic, 7:30 pm sign up

Candlelight-Reggie Houston

Dante's-Ground Zero Lounge

Duff's Garage-The Push Rods

Edgefield Winery-Caleb Klauder, Sammy Lind

Fifteen (XV)-Backstreet Noise, $3

Imbibe-Songwriters Showcase w/ Lance Inglet, Carolyn Cruso, 9:30pm, $5

It's a Beautiful Pizza-Kafana Club, 9 pm

Laurelthirst-Yascha Noonberg Band

* Meow Meow-Isis, These Arms Are Snakes, $10; Dead Poetic, Acceptance, Anna Divine, Amber Pacific, $10 (Loveland), All Ages

Mississippi Pizza-Klezmocracy, All Ages

Mock Crest-Johnnie Ward, Eagle Ridin, 8 pm

Paolas-Unplugged Rock, 9 pm

Porky's-Mike's Metal Mayhem

Tillicum-Norman Sylvester, 8 pm

Wallbangers-Dueling Pianos, 8 pm

White Eagle-Mark Alan

Wilf's Piano Bar-Susanah Mars, Diane Circle, Carol Lucas


45th Street Pub-Open Mic w/Wabba Dave & the Splifftones

Aladdin-David Wilcox, All Ages

Amnesia Brewing Co. -Diggabone

Arnada-Songwriters Night w/Spaghetti Head

Back To Back-Kwazar, 8 pm, free, All Ages

* Backspace-Microphone Fiendz; MC Cipher, free, All Ages

* Berbati's Pan-Devendra Banhart, Scout Niblett, $10-$12

Bernie's-Little Joe, 8:30 pm

Biddy McGraw's-Elizabob

Bitter End-The Meanwhile Vision

Blue Monk-Carlos Washington

Boons Treasury-Dylan Thomas Vance

Buffalo Gap-Intervision 5

Candlelight-Ocean 503

Conan's-The Draft, Evren, 9 pm, $5

Dante's-Mike D's Unhappy Hour, 6 pm; Storm and the Balls, 10 pm, $5, 10 pm, $5

* Doug Fir-Futureheads, The High Speed Scene, 9 pm, $7

Duff's Garage-Earl Brothers, Clampitt, Gladdis & Buck

Edgefield Winery-Paul Summers

* Holocene-Rock n' Roll Camp for Girls Benefit w/Reclinerland, the Upsidedown, the Divided, Riddenpaa, T-Rexxxa, 6 pm, $10

Hoppers-Norman Sylvester Band, 9pm

Imbibe-Teisha Helgerson, Randy Porter

It's a Beautiful Pizza-Arabesque

Laurelthirst-Little Sue 6pm, free

Mississippi Studios-Spencer Bohren, 8 pm, $10

Rock Creek Tavern-Mark Alan

Sabala's Mt Tabor-Open Mic

Tillicum-Tongue & Groove, 8 pm

Tonic-Morgan Grace 6-8pm; Pretty Monster, Guyve, $4

Wallbangers-Dueling Pianos, 8 pm

Wine Down-Dale Morris, 8 pm, free