Acme-Blei, The Mellowouts, Krav Maga, 9 pm

Alberta St Pub-Monty Green's Bluegrass Invite, 9 pm, free

Ash St. Saloon-Levon Levan, Stunt Doubler, Owl, Business Suit Guy, Juhu Beach, $5

Beale Street NW-Dean Meuller, Rich DelGrosso, Paul DeLay, 8 pm

Berbati's Pan-Von Iva, Izabelle, Death by Dolls

Biddy McGraw's-Noah Peterson Quartet

Bitter End-Weather Maker

Blue Monk-Triclops Organ Trio, 9:30 pm

Boons Treasury-Richard Day Reynolds & Friends, 8 pm, free

Brasserie Montmartre-Rick McNutt Duo

Bridgeport Village-Michael Allen Harrison & Friends, 6 pm, free

Buffalo Gap-Adam, Chris & Friends

C-Bar-Straight to Kong

Clyde's Prime Rib-Jim Mesi, Steve Bradley

Concordia Coffee House-Chris Gabriel, 6:30 pm, free

Dante's-Hana's Hiphop Happy Hour, 4 pm, free; Low Dough: Eddie Spaghetti, The Blue Dot, Michael Dean Damron, 9:30 pm, $5

Doug Fir-Pernice Brothers, Royal Gun, 9 pm, $10

Duff's Garage-Sweating Honey

Dunes-Kickers, Electric Circus w/Goblin City DJs, 9 pm, $2

Edgefield-Dijquest w/Vivid Curve, 6 pm, free

Fez-Noir City, 9 pm, $6

Food Hole-Metalux, Carlos Giffoni, Mika Miko, Hyacinth

Gemini-Karaoke From Hell

goodfoot-Everyday Prophets, Uprite Dub Orchestra, DJ Small Axe

Grand Lodge-Jack McMahon Band, 6 pm, free

Green Room-Jaycob Van Auken, 6 pm; Earl & The Reggae All Stars, 9 pm

Holocene-Get Him Eat Him, Sexton Blake, Please Step Out of The Vehicle, 9 pm, $5

Imbibe-Gypsy Caravan, 9 pm

It's A Beautiful Pizza-Grant Richards & Friends, 7 pm

Jackpot Records-Downtown-Get Him Eat Him, 6 pm, free

Laurelthirst-Lewi Longmire, 6 pm; Gwion Storytelling, 9:30 pm, $6

Loveland-Life at These Speeds, Sinaloa, Ampere, 9 pm, $5

Mississippi Pizza-Joe McMurrian, 6 pm; Brent Swanson, 9 pm, free

Mississippi Studios-The Austin Lounge Lizards, 7 pm & 9 pm, $20

Oregon Garden-Pepe & The Bottle Blondes, Norton Buffalo & The Knockouts

Oregon Zoo-Bruce Hornsby, $19

Parallel 45 Wine Bar-Kirk Duncan, 7 pm

Paris Theater-Amithy, Inverse

Red & Black Cafe-John Savage, Tim DuRoche, Doug Theriault, 8 pm

Red Room-Pat McDonald, 9:30 pm, free

Rock Bottom Brewery-Intervision 5

Rock Creek Tavern-Jeff Haigerty, 8 pm, free

Rock N Roll Pizza-Bec Hollcraft, 8 pm, $8, All Ages

Rock-N-Roll Camp For Girls-Mother May I, T-Rexa, Cherchez La Femme, 6 pm, All Ages

Roseland-GameRiot w/Battle of the Bands, DJs, 8 pm, $30-40

Sabala's Mt Tabor-Slim Cessna Auto Club, Younger Brothers, The Gallows, Old Growth

Scary Monster Music-Trexxa, DJ Jimmy James, 7 pm, free, All Ages

Sea-Live Hiphop

Slabtown-The Teeth, DJ No Fader, Nick Jaina

Solid State-Sinking Ships, Step On It!, Thirty3, Life & Limb, 7 pm, $8, All Ages

Sweet Oregon Grill-Jon Koonce, 6 pm

Tonic-Quality Name Brand, Oh Travioso, Angels Drake, Dylan Brewer, 9:30 pm, $4

Towne Lounge-Space Lord, Deep Sea Invasion, Dead Word, Bon Reve

Vue-Courage of Eastern Sunz, Adam O Suna, Colleague

Tom McCall Waterfront Park-Oregon Brewers Fest: Billy Kennedy Duo, Freak Mountain Ramblers, The Jesters

White Eagle-Muriel & The Band, 8:30 pm, $4

Wilf's Piano Bar-John Gilmore

Acme-Modernstate, Think Airbag, 9 pm

Aladdin-Arrows for Eros, Oliver, Nickel Arcade, Missing Jimmy, Last Stand, 7 pm, $10-12

Alexander's Lounge-Ron Steen Jazz Jam w/Armonica, Tony Pacini, Ed Bennett, Dick Berk, 8 pm, free

Ash St. Saloon-Everyday Victory, The Drive, The Jasmine Ash Band, UHF, $5

Beale Street NW-Danny Hay Davis, noon; Kinzel & Hyde, 9 pm

Berbati's Pan-Jackie-O Motherfucker, Grails, The Starvations, 9:30 pm, $6; Portland Challenge Public Auction: Marshall "Hawk" Hawkins, Bob Boss, 7 pm; The Miss U's, 9 pm, free, (barside)

Biddy McGraw's-Billy Kennedy Happy Hour, 5:30 pm; Funk Shui, 9:30 pm

Billy Reed's-Jelly Roll, 7:30 pm

Bitter End-The Glorious Bride, Caves

Blue Monk-New West Guitar Quartet

Boons Treasury-Rank Strangers, 9 pm, free

Bossanova-Wanda Jackson & The Marshall Warner Band, The Skirt Chasers, Meghan & Catherine, 9 pm, $10

Brasserie Montmartre-Don Alberts Trio

Broderick Gallery-Hamilton Cheifetz, Bryan Johanson, 8 pm, $8

Carpe Vinum-Carlos Severe Marcelin

Coffee Dugout-Josh Gerders, 8 pm, free

Corner Saloon-Emerald X

Dante's-The Accused, Municipal Waste, Annihilation Time, Amongst Us, 9:30 pm, $10

Devils Point-Eric McFadden Trio, Mike Damron, Pat McDonald, 10 pm, $5

Doug Fir-Mary Timony, Viva Voce, LKN, 9 pm, $8-10; Chop Shop w/DJ Izm, DJ Evil One, midnight-3 am, $5

Duff's Garage-Moot Davis & Pete Anderson, Lisa & Her Kin

Dunes-Mystery Girls, 9 pm, $2

Edgefield-Mary Flower, 7 pm, free


At Food Hole
Bay Area queercore duo Butch Vs. Femme play surprisingly compelling keyboard/drums pop--sounding at times as if they're splitting the chasmic difference between Sleater-Kinney and Quasi.
w/Cemetery Love Club

Gemini-Norman Sylvester

Grand Lodge-Dijquest w/Vivid Curve, 6 pm, free

Green Room-Mo Phillips, Andrew Field, Lincoln Crockett, 9:30 pm, $5

Grolla-Jim Soloway

Holocene-Climber, The Listening, Mercir, 9 pm, $5

Hoppers-Ward Stroud

Hotel Oregon-Jack McMahon, 7 pm, free

Imbibe-Happy Hour w/Little Sue, 6 pm; Shoeshine Blue, Leigh Marble, 9:30 pm, $5

Jasmine Tree-Tic Code, Graxxus, Priest of Robots, $3

Jimmy Mak's-Ron Steen Jazz Jam, Dan Faehnle Trio, 8:30 pm, $10

Laurelthirst-Reggies Box of Chocolates, 6 pm; Freak Mountain Ramblers, $6

Level-Iz & Diz, TBC, Kirin, Brain Back

Loveland-George & Caplan, The Snuggle Ups, Portland General Electro, 8 pm, $8

LV's Uptown-Darrell Grant, Dmitri Matheny Duo, All Ages

Mississippi Pizza-Dylan Thomas Vance, 6 pm; Matt Sheehy & John Weinland

Mississippi Studios-Nickel Creek

Mock Crest-Rollie Tussing III, 9 pm

Music Millennium NW-Bruce Hornsby autograph signing, 3 pm; Crüe Karaoke, 7 pm

Paris Theater-Gruk, Lopez, Pornstore Janitor, Anxieties, The Alterboys, 7 pm

Poor Richards-Rick Welter Band

Produce Row-The Peasants

Raccoon Lodge-Sea & Sky, 9 pm, free

Red & Black Cafe-Timothy Hull, 8 pm

Rock Creek Tavern-Jon Koonce & The Vermadons, 9 pm, free

Rock N Roll Pizza-Inflikt, Paleface, Northwest Royale, Atom Sane, Deflower, Kapuda, 7 pm, $8, All Ages

Roseland-Local Rock Showcase: West of Nowhere, The Bastard Saints, Strenuus, Even in Paradise, Farewell

Sabala's Mt Tabor-Big Island Shindig, The Scott Law Band, 9 pm, $8

Sea-I Grade Records Reggae Showcase: Abja, Ancient King, Army, Niyorah, The Blackfoot Band, DJ Selector, Aba Shaka, 9 pm, $14-17

Slabtown-The Neatles, Sonic Love Affair, Nagg, DJ NoFader, 10 pm

The Know-Trauma Le Tron

Tom McCall Waterfront Park-Oregon Brewers Fest: The Volcanoes, The Strange Tones, The Jesters

Tonic-Arroyo, Killaways, Pillow Fight, Dead Mans Hand, 9:30 pm, $5

Towne Lounge-Giant Baby

White Eagle-Johnnie Ward & The Eagle Ridin' Papas, 5:30 pm, free; The Bad Dates, 9:30 pm, $6

Wilf's Piano Bar-Tom Grant, Valerie Day

Wonder Ballroom-Femi Kuti, Daara J, 9 pm, $20

WOW Hall (Eugene)-Garaj Mahal, Reeble Jar, 9:30 pm, $12-15


Acme-Yeltsin, Tom Heinl (Captain & Neal), Mikah Sykes, 9 pm

Aladdin-Jason Moore Band

Alexander's Lounge-Ron Steen Jazz Jam w/Armonica, Tony Pacini, Dennis Caiazza, Dick Berk, 8 pm, free

Amnesia Brewing Co.-Saturnalia Trio, 8 pm, free

Arnada-Godless & Friends

Artichoke-Song Circle, 2 pm

Ash St. Saloon-Wormwood, Ditchliquor, Alderbaran, Damnweevil, $5

Beale Street NW-Rick Welter, 9 pm

Berbati's Pan-The Cyns, FrankFurter & The Hot Dogs, Re-Up, DJ Retrograde, DJ Retrovirus, 9 pm, $6

Billy Reed's-Chata Addy, Shidah, 7:30 pm

Blue Monk-Joel Futterman, Alvin Fielder, Ike Levin Trio

Boons Treasury-Fairly Honest Jon & The Truth, 9 pm, free

Bossanova-The Hell Yeahs, The Gropers, Dirty Harriet, 9 pm, $5

Casa Colima-Cubaneo, 7 pm

Clyde's Prime Rib-Marty Henninger

Corner Saloon-Emerald X

County Cork-Brindle, Sleeeping Nations, 8 pm, $5

Crystal Ballroom-Amelia, Mike Coykendall, 9 pm, $8-10 (Lola's)

Devils Point-Mission 5, The Conductor, The Driven High, DJ Kenoy, 10 pm, $5

Doug Fir-Turin Brakes, West Indian Girl, 9 pm, $10-12; Knotty Disco w/DJs Mr MuMu, Barrett Paul, midnight-3 am, $5

Duff's Garage-The Buckles, $5

Edgefield-Terra, 7 pm, free

Gemini-Rubber Neck

goodfoot-Jujuba w/Nojeem Lasisi

Grand Lodge-Dylan Thomas Vance, Power House, 6 pm, free

Green Room-Oxcart, 9:30 pm

Hannah Bea's Poundcake & More-Marshall "Hawk" Hawkins, Bob Boss, 10 am, free

Holocene-Johnny "The Big Cheese" Mozzarella, Miss Indigo Blue, Reggie Foxx, Sunny D. Lite, Romanian Drag King, Coach Romo, DJ Yeah Yeah, DJ Scotty D, 9 pm

Imbibe-Dee Settlemier, Loch Lomond, 9:30 pm, $5

Jimmy Mak's-Ron Steen Jazz Jam, Dan Faehnle Trio, 8:30 pm, $10

Kelly's Olympian-The Cooks, Cock Wrench, Chuck Wood

Laurelthirst-James Low & The Medicine Show, 6 pm; Celilo, $4

Level-Total Science

Liberty Hall-The Sunward Spike, Ghost to Falco, The Color Bars, 8 pm, $5, All Ages

LV's Uptown-Portland Jazz Singers Concert Series: Rev It Up, 7 pm, free, All Ages

Maryhill Winery-Bob Dylan, 8 pm, $49.50-59.50

Mississippi Pizza-Circle Dance, 6 pm, $5; John Vecchiarelli, Laua Gibson, Brenda Weiler, 9:30 pm, $7

Mississippi Studios-Fiamma Fumana, 8 pm, $15

Mock Crest-FunkBuddy, 9 pm

Music Millennium NW-Turin Brakes, West Indian Girl, 2:30 pm; Ruby Red, 5 pm

Paris Theater-Impossible People, Wagz & Heist, Jimmy Krick, Shroom, 7 pm

Poor Richards-Kenny Lavitz

Porky's Pub-theXplodingboys, The Cancer Fags, Ruby Starfruit, Disco Model, $5

At Sabala's Mt Tabor
In spite of all the no doubt harrowing shit the Societas Insomnia have planned for their "living nightmare"--a list that includes such deeply Burning Man fare as Butoh, fetish acts, fire dancing, and terrifying, intentional spelling errors like "cirkus arts"--there's one thing they rep that curdles my blood like nothing else: wicked neck beard.
w/Roadkill Puppet Theater

Red & Black Cafe-John Savage, 8 pm

Red Room-Smoochknob, 9:30 pm, free

Rock Creek Tavern-X Angels, 9 pm, free

Rock N Roll Pizza-Jellyneck, 300 Watt Lust, 2 Minute Hate, Blacklist 40, 7 pm, $8, All Ages

Solid State-Say Anything, Circa Survive, Emanuel, Ever We Fall, The Belmonte Academy, 6:30 pm, $8

The Funky Church-Shabava, 8 pm, $10, All Ages

Tom McCall Waterfront Park-Oregon Brewers Fest: Higher Ground, Buds of May

Tonic-The Retrofits, The Dimes, Justin Carroll, 9:30 pm, $5

Towne Lounge-Mystery Girls, Swimmers


White Eagle-The Bingo Band w/Lewi Longmire, Michael Hurley, 9 pm, $6

Wilf's Piano Bar-Tom Grant, Valerie Day

Wonder Ballroom-Rock 'N' Roll Camp for Girls Showcase

WOW Hall (Eugene)-Brandi Carlile, 8:30 pm, $8

Ash St. Saloon-Leaving The Scene, Amity, Case Study, $4

Barracuda-Vince Neil, Tri-Polar, Velabonz

Berbati's Pan-Brothers of the Baladi, Aziza, 7 pm, $10

Cannons Rib Express-The Blacknotes, 5 pm

Clark County Amphitheater-Mötley Crüe, Sum 41, 6 pm, All Ages

Clyde's Prime Rib-Ron Steen Jazz Jam w/Peter Boe, Dave Captein, 8 pm, free

Dante's-Sinferno Cabaret, 11 pm, $6

Doug Fir-The Teeth, Sounds Like Fun, The Maybe Happening, 9 pm, free

Edgefield-Freak Mountain Ramblers, 1 pm, free; David Friesen, John Gross, 5 pm, free

Holocene-Nice Nice, Annexia, Erdon, Foscil, DJ Brian Foote, 9 pm, $5

Imbibe-The Right Reverend's Gospel Revue, 8 pm

IWW Hall-Butch vs. Femme, Diaturbation, Dennis Naslund, 7 pm, $4

Laurelthirst-Neil Gilpin's Belmont St. Octet, $3

Les Schwab Amphitheater-Bob Dylan & Band, 7 pm, $35-59.50

Mississippi Pizza-Cuba Ache

Mississippi Studios-The Weepies: Deb Talan & Steve Tannen, 8 pm, $15

Mock Crest-Mondo Deluxe, 9 pm

Moon & Sixpence-Foghorn String Band, free

Music Millennium NW-The Teeth, 5 pm

River Roadhouse-Sinners Club Open Jam

Roseland Grill-Eric Sardinas, Ward Stroud Band, 7 pm

Sabala's Mt Tabor-2 Live Crew

Saturday Market-Julia Korena, 11:30 pm

The Stein Haus-Kinzel & Hyde, 8:30 pm, free

Tom McCall Waterfront Park-Oregon Brewers Fest: Big Island Shindig

Towne Lounge-Slack Variables

Wonder Ballroom-Portland Polka Party's 20th Anniversary: Brave Combo, 7 pm

Beale Street NW-Richard Day-Reynolds

Berbati's Pan-Fabulous Spires That in The Sunset Rise, Furaxa, Worls, Plants, Portland Vampires, $6

Biddy McGraw's-Lowell & Mitchel Trio, 5:30 pm

Bossanova-Argentine Tango, 7 pm, $8

Brasserie Montmartre-Lee Reinoehl

Candlelight-D.K. Stewart & The DK4, 9 pm, free

Dante's-Storytellers w/Dave Queen, 6 pm, free; Karaoke From Hell, 10 pm, $2

Edgefield-Justin Hopkins, 7 pm, free

Food Hole-Post Office Gals, XKWABBYXPABDYX, Wolfgang Williams & The Punk Rock Fags, 8 pm

It's A Beautiful Pizza-City of Gypsies, 8 pm

Laurelthirst-Kung Pao Chickens, 7 pm, free

Loveland-Minus Story

Mississippi Pizza-Kyle Archer, Tracy Klas, 6 pm, $3; DJs Pixelelixer, Dr. Weirdstrange, 9:30 pm

Moon & Sixpence-Johnny B. Connolly, free

Produce Row-Ron Steen Jazz Jam w/Phil Goldberg, Dave Captein, 9 pm, $3

Red & Black Cafe-Irradiated Poets, 8 pm

Sabala's Mt Tabor-Music Industry Night: The Nice Boys, The Neatles, DJ Gregarious, 8 pm

Tiger Bar-Mattress Mondays w/The Out Crowd, DJ Makeout, Stuart Valentine

Tonic-We Quit, The Empty, At Dusk, 9:30 pm

White Eagle-Little Sue, Lynn Conover, 8:30 pm, free

WOW Hall (Eugene)-Tony Rebel, Queen Ifrica, Bunny Jackson, Kwmewanafrika, The Rebel Rootz Band, 10 pm, $15

Arnada-Jordon Feathers & Acoustic Knights

Ash St. Saloon-The Mixed Social w/Nick Utah, Chris Hawley, Caleb Coffey, Will Bradley, free

Beale Street NW-Bolt Upright, 7 pm

Berbati's Pan-William Topley, 9 pm, $15

Biddy McGraw's-Dylan Thomas Vance, Griff Bear

Bitter End-Skoolyard, The Collective

Blue Monk-Ramsey's Groove Trio, free

Brasserie Montmartre-Jean Ronne Duo

Clyde's Prime Rib-Johnny Martin

Crystal Ballroom-Tony Rebel & Queen Ifrica, Bunny Jackson, Kwamewanafrika, Trinity Soundz w/Selecta Cansaman, 9 pm, $18-20 (Lola's)

Dante's-Ground Zero Lounge w/Clyde Lewis, 6 pm, free; Iron City Rock: Richmond Fontaine, Grand Champeen, Two Cow Garage, 9:30 pm, $8

Devils Point-Go Like Hell, DJ Kenoy, $5

Duff's Garage-The Push Rods


At Holocene
Like moths to the flame of all things categorically tripped out, the loveable scamps of World (White Rainbow's Adam Forkner and Nudge's Honey Owens) are a hot property these days--playing virtually every bill in this city that's even remotely "out." Here, my friends, is another.
w/Daniel Menche, Jean-Paul Jenkins, Reno, GOD, GEESE

Edgefield-Irish Tuesdays w/Johnny B. Connolly, Caleb Klauder, Sammy Lind, 6 pm, free

Green Room-NW-Radio Songwriter Showcase, 9 pm

H2O Martini Bar-The Session: Open Mic, Live Improv Jazz, Urban Spoken Word, DJ OG 1, 8 pm, $5

It's A Beautiful Pizza-Balkan Music & Dance, 9 pm

Laurelthirst-Jackstraw, 6 pm; Bingo Band, 9 pm, $3

Mississippi Pizza-Shicky Gnarowitz, 6 pm; Kate Mann, 9 pm

Mock Crest-Johnnie Ward & Eagle Ridin Papas, 8 pm

Music Millennium NW-Zero To Sixty Never, 6 pm

Nocturnal-Blues Practica, 7 pm, $5

Old Town Pizza-Acoustic Songwriter Spotlight

Paris Theater-Farewell to Arms, 7 pm

Produce Row-Bluegrass Jam

Sabala's Mt Tabor-Honky-Tonk Tuesday: Thrift Store Cowboys, Cuspidor

Tillicum Club-Norman Sylvester, 8 pm

Tonic-Atomic Tuesdays w/MonkeyTek, 9:30 pm

White Eagle-Joe McMurrian's Acoustic Review, 8:30 pm, free

Aladdin-Blue Merle, Kyle Riabko, Mat Kearney, 8 pm

Alberta St Pub-Zydeco Dance Party

Arnada-Songwriter's Round w/Shina

Ash St. Saloon-KonchiWa, Another Plane Down, $5

Barracuda-KNRK New Rock Rumble

Beale Street NW-Fabulous Bad Cats, 7 pm

Berbati's Pan-Housewarming: Pseudosix, Modernstate, Cajun Gems, Rare Targets, 9:30 pm, free

Biddy McGraw's-Elizabeth Nicholson

Blue Monk-Pendar i Paya

Boons Treasury-Mark Alan, 8 pm, free

Brasserie Montmartre-Cheryl Alex Duo

Buffalo Gap-Rhetoric Tuesday

C-Bar-DJ Shirley

Dante's-Famous Mysterious Actor Show, 7 pm, free; Helen Stellar, Distortions

Devils Point-DJ Kenoy

Doug Fir-Graham Parker, Chris Tsefalas, 9 pm, $15-17

Duff's Garage-Blues Jam w/Suburban Slim

Dunes-Travellers & Locals w/Sisprum, Vish, Inca Ore, 9 pm, free

Edgefield-Skip Van Kuske Diva Series w/Lea Krueger, 7 pm, free

Fez-Minmae, Devotion, DJ Colin Sic, DJ Gregarious, 9 pm

Gemini-Morrison Bridge Blues Jam, 8:30 pm, free

goodfoot-Sierra Club & Bluegrass

Green Room-Stephen Ashbrook, 9 pm

Holocene-Nocturne Symphonique: Mark Darnell Marquez & The Marie Celeste, Skip vonKuske, Adam Hurst Ensemble, 8:30 pm, $5

It's A Beautiful Pizza-Arabian Music & Dance, 8:30 pm

Laurelthirst-Little Sue, 6 pm; Pete Krebs and The Gossamer Wings, $3

Loveland-Allister, Plain White T's, Vendetta Red, Bayside, Schoolyard Heroes, 6 pm, $10

Mock Crest-Hotel Underground, 8 pm

Moon & Sixpence-Trashcan Joe, 8:30 pm, free

Music Millennium NW-Chris DeMay, 6 pm

Night Light Lounge-Atomic Jazz Ensemble, 9pm, free

Noir-Dylan Brewer, Kelli Hanson, Zero to Sixty Never, 9 pm, $4

Paris Theater-In Reverant Fear, Falling Closer, Quandry, 7 pm, $10

Rock N Roll Pizza-Light This City, Conducting From The Grave, Countdown to Life, Athena in Hades, 7 pm, $8, All Ages

Roseland-White, Howe, Squire, 8 pm

Sabala's Mt Tabor-Deadbolt, Altarboys, Skirtchasers, Texecutioners, $10

Solid State-Soilent Green, A Perfect Murder, Into The Moat, Watch Them Die, 7:30 pm, $10, All Ages

Sweet Oregon Grill-Rogue Bluegrass Band, 6 pm, free

Tillicum Club-Tongue & Groove, 8 pm

Tonic-Flying Fortress, Mendozza, The Kibosh, 9:30 pm, $4

Towne Lounge-Meredith

Twilight Cafe-Acoustic Minds w/Stevie "B"

White Eagle-Cocks in The Hen House, 8:30 pm, free

Wilf's Piano Bar-Patrick Lamb Band

WOW Hall (Eugene)-The Itals, 9 pm, $13-15