Abou Karim Restaurant-Jazz 'm

Alberta St. Pub-Monty Green's Bluegrass Invite, 9 pm, free

Alexander's Lounge-Ron Steen Jazz Jam, 8 pm, free

Beale Street NW-Kinzel & Hyde, 8 pm, free

Casa Colima-Cubaneo

Clyde's Prime Rib-Jim Mesi, Steve Bradley

Fez-Mama's Cookin', 9 pm, $5

Mock Crest-KC Murphy, 4 pm

Monty's Tavern-Kenny Lee & The Sundowners' Open Jam

Tillicum Club-Lloyd Jones, 8 pm

FRIDAY 11/25

Abou Karim Restaurant-Tom Grant


Alberta St. Pub-Beglan's Irish Jam

Alexander's Lounge-Ron Steen Jazz Jam, 8 pm, free

Andina Restaurant-Grupo Condor

Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall-Film Music w/Oregon Symphony

Ash St. Saloon-The Phorx vs Precursor, 9:30 pm, $6

BC's American Saloon-Moonshine Hangover & friends

Beale Street NW-Danny Hay Davis, noon; Jim Mesi Band, 9 pm

Biddy McGraw's-Billy Kennedy Happy Hour, 5:30; Red Rubber Band, Brian Flannery, 9:30

Bitter End-Nimbus, Weathermaker

Blue Monk-Randy Porter Trio

Boons Treasury-Sweetjuice, 9 pm, free

Bossanova-Alaskus, The Days, Thirty Two Ways, 9 pm, $5

Brasserie Montmartre-George Mitchell Trio

Buffalo Gap-Intervision 5, 9 pm

Clyde's Prime Rib-Danny Hay Davis Band

Corner Saloon-Network

Crystal Ballroom-Morris Day & The Time, Angela Winbush, 9 pm, $40; '80s Video Dance Attack w/VJ Kittyrox, 10 pm, $3 (Lola's)

Dante's-Geoff Byrd & Band, The Superficials, Justin Hopkins, 9:30 pm, $10-12

Doug Fir-The Lovemakers, She Wants Revenge, Rock Kills Kid, $8 adv; Rotate w/King Fader, midnight-3 am, free

Driftwood Tavern-Open Mic w/Doc Michaels

Duff's Garage-Drunken Prayer

Edgefield -Mary Flower, 5 pm, free

Empire Room-The Daniel Noland Trio, 8 pm

Food Hole-Mae-Shi, The Pope

Gemini -Soul Vaccination

Grand Lodge-Jon Koonce, 7 pm, free

Green Room-Will West, 6 pm; Lefthand Monkeywrench, 9:30 pm

Grolla-Jim Soloway

Hawthorne Theatre-Caves, Sexy Pants, Careen, The Draft, 9 pm, $8

Hotel Oregon-Lynn Conover, 7 pm, free

Imbibe -Happy Hour w/Little Sue, 6 pm; John Bunzow Band, 9:30 pm, $5

Jolly Roger-The Reggae All Stars, 10 pm, free

Kells-Peter Yeates, 9:30 pm

Laurelthirst-Reggie's Box of Chocolates, 6 pm; Freak Mountain Ramblers, $6

Liberty Hall-El-Fest: Micah Perry, DJ Buy My Cabbage, 7 pm, free

Loveland-Yellowcard, Acceptance, Reeve Oliver, 7 pm, $20

LV's Uptown-Rob Scheps, Dave Frishberg

Mississippi Pizza-Blue Lightning, 6 pm; The Through Line, 9 pm

Mock Crest-Lowell J. Mitchell, 9 pm

Montego Bay-Kat & The Roots Revolution, 10 pm, free

Music Millennium NW-Nick Baker, 3 pm

Pshaw!-Happy Hour w/Eric Allen

Queen of Hearts Tavern-Brian DeMarco, 9 pm, free

River Roadhouse-Life on Mars

Rock Creek Tavern-Richard Day Reynolds, 9 pm, free

Rock N Roll Pizza-Selah PR, Dark Cloud 9, Downside, Our Own Blood, In Public View, Severed Silence, 7 pm, $6

Roseland -Avenged Sevenfold, Saosin, Death by Stereo, Bullets & Octane, 8 pm, $15

Sabala's Mt. Tabor-3 Inches of Blood, A Javelin Reign, Zeke, 9 pm

Sweet Oregon Grill-Conroy-DeBrie, 7 pm

The Old Church-Karen Marie Garrett, 7:30 pm, $12-15

Tillicum Club-Norman Sylvester, 8 pm

Tonic-3 Bad Jacks, The Bedlam Boys, The Skirtchasers, The Sawyer Family, $6

Towne Lounge-Rick Bain, The Clean Prophets, $5

Wallbangers-Dueling Pianos

White Eagle-Reverb Brothers, 5:30 pm, free; Little Joe, Nann Alleman Trio, 9:30 pm, $6

Wong's-DK Stewart & The DK4

Yola's Foster Road-Open Mic


9337 SW 171st Ave-Gerry O'Beirne, 8 pm, $12

Abou Karim Restaurant-Belinda Underwood & friends

Acme-Mise En Abyme, Tim Harte, Grand Junction / Grand Therapy, ...worms, 9 pm

Alexander's Lounge-Ron Steen Jazz Jam, 8 pm, free

Andina Restaurant-Toshi Onizuka Trio

Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall-Film Music w/Oregon Symphony

Attractive and Popular
At Towne Lounge

Lafayette, Louisiana's Attractive and Popular are mostly neither—at least not conventionally. But that, for better or worse, is pretty much where their unconventionality ends: A&P rock the familiarly jokey "post-punk" conventions of the early oughts—the stuff that folks in the Bay Area jammed so hard on before they all went "freak" and/or "folk" a few years ago. Which isn't to say that A&P aren't totally fun—they're just a little overly familiar.
w/Glassine, the Prids

Artichoke-Song Circle, 2 pm

Ash St. Saloon-Railer, The Gentry, Sad Panda, Umber Sleeping, 9:30 pm, $5

BC's American Saloon-Chris Guenther, $5

Beale Street NW-Walter Guy Band

Biddy McGraw's-Cul An Ti

Billy Reed's-Magic Matrix w/Kurt Green

Bitter End-Jaroh, Tony Smiley

Blue Monk-Original Cats w/Shirley Nanette

Boons Treasury-The Licksteins, 9 pm, free

Bossanova-Arroyo, Camorra, Basta, 9 pm, $5

Brasserie Montmartre-George Mitchell Trio

Buffalo Gap-Darren Johnson Effort, 9 pm

C-Bar-DJ Shirley, 7 pm; Collin Warren, 10 pm

Clyde's Prime Rib-Margo Tufo

Corner Saloon-Network

Crystal Ballroom-The Strangers, Bart Ferguson Band, Colorfield, Heavenly Creatures, 7:30 pm, $10-12

Dante's-Velabonz, Western Aerial, Emberghost, Consulate, 9:30 pm, $6

Doug Fir-The Clumsy Lovers, Stephen Ashbrook, 9 pm, $12-14; Knotty Disco w/DJs Mr MuMu, Barrett Paul, midnight-3 am, $5-8

Duff's Garage-Jim Bott

Dunes-The Exhale, Adam Gnade, Shapes & Sizes

Edgefield -Jo Haemer, 7 pm, free

Gemini -Soul Vaccination

Goodfoot-Dr. Theopolis, Ezra Holbrook, $6

Grand Lodge-Mark Alan, 7 pm, free

Green Room-Adam Smouse, Hallie Loren, 9:30 pm

Hawthorne Theatre-Anselm, Sweety, Jon Hall, Russell Stafford, 9 pm, $8

Hotel Oregon-David Langenes, 7 pm, free

Hutch-Carlee Smith, 8 pm

Jolly Roger-The Reggae All Stars, 10 pm, free

Kells-Peter Yeates, 9:30 pm

Laurelthirst-James Low, 6 pm; Billy Kennedy Band, $5

Loveland-Amber Pacific, 7 pm, $8; Loud Life, midnight, $2

LV's Uptown-Rob Scheps Trio

Mac's Place-Troublemakers

Mississippi Pizza-Lorna Miller's Little Kids' Jamboree, 4 pm, $5/family; High Livin', 6 pm; Cicada Omega, Bark, Hide & Horn, Chairman 9 pm, $4

Mississippi Studios-Benefit: Scott Poole, Miraflores, Amelia, Ed Haynes, Jim Brunberg, Raina Rose, 7 pm, $40

Mock Crest-Blueprints, 9 pm

Montego Bay-Kat & The Roots Revolution, 10 pm, free

Music Millennium NW-Ozomatli, 3 pm

Paris Theatre-Rock Haven, Sophistry, $8

Red & Black Cafe-Brian Cutean, 8 pm

River Roadhouse-Life on Mars

Rock Creek Tavern-Chuck & Dave Show, 9 pm, free

Rock N Roll Pizza-Food Drive: Kapuda, Livid Minds, Opticollide, Fall of Enosis, From Within, Jahai, 6 pm, 4 cans

Roots Brewing-Vivid Curve, 7:30 pm

Roseland -Ozomatli, State Radio, 8 pm

Sabala's Mt. Tabor-The Language of Detruktion Festival: The Red King and Guests

Tiger Bar-Hungry Mob, Siren's Echo, Venom 33 1/3, free

Tillicum Club-Norman Sylvester, 8 pm

Jane Siberry
At Aladdin Theater

Always the bridesmaid, never the popstar, Canadian chanteuse Siberry has worked tirelessly for nearly a quarter century to expand her ever-evolving avant-toeing palette. Now an elder stateswoman, Siberry swings through on her current "Shake Your Tootie" tour.

Tonic-Matt James, David Ward, 7 pm; Trading Tyler, Salix, Stark, Cityvein, 9 pm, $5

Valentine's-Ms. Su'ad, Adrian Adel, Catterboxx, DJ Joy, 9 pm, $3

Wallbangers-Dueling Pianos

White Eagle-Scotland Barr & The Slow Drags, 9:30 pm, $6

Wonder Ballroom-Super Furry Animals, Caribou, 8 pm, $13

Wong's-DK Stewart & The DK4

SUNDAY 11/27

Abou Karim Restaurant-John S. Towell, Mia Nicholson

Aladdin-Captain Bogg & Salty's Pirate Christmas, 1 pm, $5-8

Andina Restaurant-Greg Wolfe

Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall-Film Music w/Oregon Symphony

Ash St. Saloon-Tallboy Shotgun, 2 Min Hate, Atypical Theme, A Bombin' Nation, 9:30 pm, $4

Augustana Lutheran Church-Augustana Jazz Quartet, 6 pm, free

Beale Street NW-Gospel Lunch, 1 pm; Robb & Kahl Jam, 7 pm

Biddy McGraw's-Irish Music Open Jam

Billy Reed's-Cool Breeze, 8:30 pm, $5

Brasserie Montmartre-Creighton McGrath

Clyde's Prime Rib-Ron Steen Jazz Jam, 8 pm, free

Dante's-Crazy Train, 9 pm; Sinferno Cabaret, 9 pm, $6

Doug Fir-The Joggers, Go Go Go Airheart, Mu Meson, 9 pm, $8

Dunes-Green Milk from the Planet Orange, Better to See You With, 9 pm, $8

Edgefield -Lea Krueger, 5 pm, free

Hawthorne Theatre-Mooseknuckle, The Smokes, Quaker Gun, The Senators, 9 pm, $6

Imbibe -The Right Reverend's Gospel Revue, 6 pm

It's A Beautiful Pizza-The Urban Shaman Experience, 8 pm

Kells-Pat Buckley, 9 pm

Laurelthirst-Freak Mountain Ramblers, 6 pm; Neil Gilpin's Belmont St. Octet, $3

Liberty Hall-Electric Church Open Mic w/Roxx Religion, 1 pm, donation, All Ages

Memorial Coliseum-Jo Dee Messina, 7 pm, $32.50

Mississippi Pizza-WIC Benefit Concert: Paul DeLay, Marilyn Keller, Point Juncture, WA, 7 pm

Mock Crest-Kate Mann, 8 pm

Moon & Sixpence-Foghorn String Band, free

Pshaw!-Chata Addy's Percussion Jam, 7 pm

Richland-Japanther, Show Me the Pink, 8 pm

River Roadhouse-Sinner's Club Open Jam, 8 pm

Rock Creek Tavern-Billy Kennedy, Jon Sokol, 4 pm, free

Rock N Roll Pizza-In Memory, Hate is a Virtue, Bully, Mugwamp, 7 pm, $6

Sabala's Mt. Tabor-Street Brats, Soda Pop Kids

The Old Church-Randy Porter, 2 pm, $15-20; David Sprouse, 6:30 pm, $3

Tonic-Rags to Rejects, 14 Ninjas, $4

Towne Lounge-Portland Vampires, Moodring, $3

Waverly Heights Congregational Church-Community Singing w/The Portland Sacred Harp, 2 pm, free

Wonder Ballroom-Jes Grew w/MC Tres Shannon, 5 pm, $5

MONDAY 11/28

Andina Restaurant-Sambafeat

Ash St. Saloon-We're from Japan, Tera Melos, Ferocious Eagle, 9 pm, $4

Bar Pastiche-El Cuardro Solo Flamenco, Mark Ferguson, 7:30 pm, $12

Beale Street NW-Nick Moss, 8 pm

Biddy McGraw's-Lowell J. Mitchell Trio, 6 pm

Brasserie Montmartre-Lee Reinoehl

Candlelight-D.K. Stewart & The DK4, 9 pm, free

Colosso-Alan Hunter, A.G. Donnalioa, 10 pm

Dante's-Ground Zero Lounge w/Clyde Lewis, 7:30 pm, free; Karaoke From Hell, 10 pm, $2

Edgefield -Eric Tweed, 7 pm, free

Goodfoot-Sonic Forum Open Mic

Green Room-Open Mic w/Aaron Jorgensen, 9 pm

It's A Beautiful Pizza-Five Euro Tip, 8 pm

Kells-Pat Buckley, 9 pm

Laurelthirst-Kung Pao Chickens, 7 pm, free

Mississippi Pizza-The Beckoning, Lullaby League, Tom Paterson, Gregory Isakov, 7:30 pm

Moon & Sixpence-Johnny B. Connolly, free

Produce Row -Ron Steen's Jazz Jam, 9 pm, $3

Tonic-300 Watt Lust, The Long & Short of It, Accidental Gun Death, $5

Towne Lounge-Andy Combs, Time Farmer, Risa Beaumet, $3

Twilight Cafe-Open Mic w/Eric Allen


Andina Restaurant-Toshi Onizuka

Ash St. Saloon-Qwong, The Cameras, Solace, 9:15 pm, free

Bar of the Gods-Acoustic Night, 10 pm, free

Berbati's Pan-Si*Sé, DJ Othertempo, DJ Bonehead, 9:30 pm, $8

Biddy McGraw's-Dylan Thomas Vance, Griff Bear

Bitter End-Jeff & Tyson, Shayla Carpenter, Kate Mann

Blue Monk-Ramsey's Groove Trio, free

Brasserie Montmartre-Glenn Holstrom Duo

C-Bar-Pagan Jug Band

Clyde's Prime Rib-Johnny Martin

Duff's Garage-Bryn Loosley, 9 pm

Edgefield -Caleb Klauder, Sammy Lind, 7 pm, free

Green Room-NW-Radio Songwriter Showcase, 9 pm

H2O Martini Bar-The Session: Open Mic, Live Improv Jazz, Urban Spoken Word, DJ OG 1, 8 pm, $5

Haven Coffee-Open Mic, 7 pm, free

Imbibe -Paul Brainard, Billy Kennedy, 9:30 pm

It's A Beautiful Pizza-Balkan Music & Dance, 9 pm

Kells-Pat Buckley, 9 pm

Laurelthirst-Jackstraw, 6 pm

Mississippi Pizza-Mississippi Jazz Jam, 7:30 pm, free

Mississippi Studios-Jorane, 8 pm

Mock Crest-KC Murphy Trio, 8 pm

Moon & Sixpence-Kung Pao Chickens, free

Nocturnal-Blues Practica, 7 pm, $5

Old Town Pizza-Acoustic Songwriter Spotlight

Android Lust
At Sabala's Mt. Tabor

The brainchild of Bangladesh-born starlet Shikhee, Android Lust is gothic industrial at its most dancefloor accessible. Think NIN before Trent Reznor became so self-consciously icky, add a palatable female vocalist, and you're not too far off.
w/Zonewire, Sonic Alchemy

Pshaw!-Steve Smith's Jazz Jam, 7 pm

Tillicum Club-Norman Sylvester, 8 pm

Tonic-The Funeral Band, free

Towne Lounge-The Lowlights, Of Spiral Arms, $5

Tugboat-Klezmocracy Electric Band, 8:30 pm

Wallbangers-Dueling Pianos

White Eagle-Joe McMurrian's Acoustic Review, 8:30 pm, free

Wilf's Piano Bar-Susannah Mars, 7:30 pm, $15

WOW Hall (Eugene)-The New Mastersounds, Disco Organica, 8:30 pm, $7

Zach's Shack-Open Mic w/Grasshoppah, 10 pm, free


45th Street Pub-Open Mic

Acme-The Lingua Franca Project: Red Light Legacy, 9 pm, free

Alberta St. Pub-Zydeco Dance Party, 7 pm

Alexander's Lounge-Ron Steen Jazz Jam, 8 pm, free

Andina Restaurant-Neftali Rivera

Ash St. Saloon-Lazy Nation, Zek, 14 Ninjas, 9:30 pm, $4

Aura-The Kalani Jazz Projekt, 8 pm, free

Baraka-Trio Subtonic

Barracuda-KNRK New Rock Rumble

Beale Street NW-New Iberians, 8 pm

Berbati's Pan-King's X, Mardo, 9:30 pm, $16.50

Biddy McGraw's-Bob Soper, Elizabeth Nicholson

Bitter End-Skoolyard, Redi Jedi

Blue Monk-Pendar i Paya, $5

Boons Treasury-Ron Hughes, 8 pm, free

Brasserie Montmartre-Charles Crosman Duo

Buffalo Gap-Bryan Flannery, 9 pm

C-Bar-Hank Hirsh Quintet

Crystal Ballroom-Rick Wilhite, Theo Parrish, 3 Chairs, Sound Signature, Soul Edge, Detroit, 9 pm, $10 (Lola's)

Dante's-Storm & The Balls, DJ Mestizo69, 10 pm, $5

Doug Fir-The Mezz, Mission 5, Visible Men, 9 pm, free

Driftwood Tavern-Open Mic w/Doc Michaels

Duff's Garage-Blues Jam w/Suburban Slim

Edgefield -Skip Van Kuske Diva Series w/Susie Blue, 7 pm, free

Goodfoot-The New Mastersounds

Green Room-Stephen Ashbrook, 9 pm

Imbibe -Tarka, 9 pm

It's A Beautiful Pizza-Arabian Music & Dance, 8:30 pm

Kells-Pat Buckley, 9 pm

Laurelthirst-David Reisch Band, 6 pm; Celilo, 9 pm, free

Mississippi Pizza-Ali Ippolito, Jeremy Serwer, Online Romance, Run-on Sentence, Shoeshine Blue, Andy Combs, Joe Baker, 7 pm

Mock Crest-Alfonso Pe Benito, 5 pm

Moon & Sixpence-Trashcan Joe, 8:30 pm, free

Night Light Lounge-Atomic Jazz Ensemble, 9 pm, free

Paola's-Ezra Meredith, 9 pm

Poor Richards-Open Mic w/Jon Self

Pshaw!-Reggie's Box of Chocolates

Rose Garden-Trans-Siberian Orchestra, 8 pm, $35-44

Roseland-Trey Anastasio, Hackensaw Boys, 8 pm

The Old Church-PSU Pianists, noon, free; Effesenden Music, 7:30 pm, $10

Tiger Bar-Down Band w/Keith Shreinder, Derek Sims, DJ ISM, Venom

Tillicum Club-Jim Mesi, 8 pm

Twilight Cafe-Acoustic Minds w/Stevie "B"

White Eagle-Cotton Jenny, 8:30 pm, $4

Wired Coffee-Open Mic, 7 pm

WOW Hall (Eugene)-Garage Mahal, Eleven Eyes, 8:30 pm, $12-15



Bar of the Gods-Atom 13, Homonym, 10 pm

Basta's-DJs Derek Fisher, Theperfectcyn, 9 pm, free

Devils Point-DJ S. Disco, 9 pm, free

Greek Cusina-House Call w/ Joshua aka IZ, DJ Matt-e Starr, Mike Orbit, Tyson Koski, free (Minoan); L80s Dance Night w/DJ Brett, Mestizo69 (Taverna)

Kalga Cafe-DJ Maxamillion, 10 pm, free

Kelly's Olympian-DJ Colin Sic

Matador-DJ I Heart You, 10 pm, free

Noir-Ravi, Scottie Soul, Deron Delgado, 8 pm, free

Porky's Pub-Thanksgiving Booty: DJs Stormy, MoRocca, Sugar Bear, 9 pm, $3

Red Cap Garage-FSO DJ

Tube-DJ KG

XV-The Remedy

FRIDAY 11/25

Acme-DJ Sharon Needles, 9 pm, free

Berbati's Pan-DJs Dee, Joe Nasty, Maleficent, Owns, Black Lotus, Noah D vs. Ronin, Tony Gordon, Suppoc, Erik vs. Dimitri; DJ P. Disco, 9 pm, free (barside)

Billy Reed's-Grown Folk Music w/DJ Kez & DunDiggy, free

Boxxes-DJ Sam

Clinton Street Theater-Fogatron, 8 pm

Crush -Set It & Forget It

Delta Cafe-Live Forever w/Ricky Pang

Devils Point-DJ S. Disco, 9 pm, free

Dunes-Blackout, Maxamillion, Behalf

East Chinatown Lounge-DJ Izm, 10 pm

Fez-Shut Up & Dance w/DJ Gregarious, 10 pm, $5

Goodfoot-DJ Aquaman's Soul Stew

Greek Cusina-Body Call w/DJ Wicked, DJ Professor Stone, DJ Sneakers (Minoan); DJ Brett (Taverna)

Kelly's Olympian-Metal Night

Matador-DJ Trixie Doll, DJ Lucifina, 10 pm, free

Noir-Mena & Aizlynn, 10 pm, $5

Pala-PusPus, DJ Rain

Paris Theatre-Sidestep, Coecain, DJ Wheel

Red Cap Garage-Bump w/FSO DJ

Ringler's Pub-DJ B Dangerous, 10 pm, free

Ringlers Annex-DJ Ted Striker, 10 pm, free

Saucebox-All Things Considered w/Mr Mumu, 10 pm, free

The City-Flashback Fridays w/DJ G-Whiz, 9 pm

Tube-Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots w/DJ Nikki C

U&I Tavern-Small Axe Sounds

Voodoo Lounge-Flave w/DJ Evil One

XV-DJ Wicked, 9 pm, free


Aztec Willie's-Salsa Night w/DJ Jose, 9:30 pm, free

Berbati's Pan-Ambiance: DJ O.G. One, The Mighty Juggernaut, 9:30 pm, $10; King Fader, 9:30 pm, free (barside)

Bobby McGee's-Kevin Berry's Old School Jam w/DJ Michael Morris

Boxxes-DJ Dougalicious

Colosso-DJ Number Three, 10 pm

Crush -Stormy

East Chinatown Lounge-DJ Nik Fury, 10 pm

Fez-Andaz w/DJ Anjali, The Incredible Kid, 9 pm, $6

Greek Cusina-Hustle: DJ Professor Stone, Flipsta, Mestizo69 (Minoan); DJ Brett (Taverna)

Holocene-Double Down: Jimme Jamma, 4-Star, Saffronica, 8 pm, $5

Kelly's Olympian-Special Guests

Matador-DJ Jimpanzee, 10 pm, free

Momo's-DJ Wicked, 10 pm, free

Noir-Dementia: Carrion, Uberlush, Onitako, 9 pm, $3

Pala-Tony Gordan Show, DJ Chronus, $5

Red Cap Garage-DJ Blu

Ringler's Pub-DJ Miranda, 10 pm, free

Ringlers Annex-DJ Ted Striker, 10 pm, free

Rudy's Barbershop (Division)-Punk Cuts w/Riffless, 4-7 pm

Saucebox-Allumé w/Mr. Mumu, 10 pm, free

Tube-Gimme Danger w/DJ Maxamillion

U&I Tavern-DJ Mattbastard


Zeitgeist-Vinyl Killers III, 7 pm

SUNDAY 11/27

Acme-El Hefe Bastardo, 9 pm, free

Berbati's Pan-Fetish Night

Crystal Ballroom-Hive: DJ Blackout, Owen, 9 pm, $3 (Lola's)

Devils Point-Stripparaoke w/KJ Pinky, 9 pm, free

Goodfoot-Trinity Sounds

Greek Cusina-Industry Night: Forrest Avery, King Fader

Kelly's Olympian-DJ One Pump

Matador-DJ Donny Don't, 10 pm, free

Night Light Lounge-S.I.N. Night w/DJ Roommate, 10 pm, free

Noir-Unwind w/Mr. Romo, Semblence, 31 Avas, Doink, 8 pm, free

Red Sea-"Nice" Hip Hop & Rock Industry Night w/DJ Hightower, DJ ATM, L'Train, 10 pm, free

Tube-I Got 5 On It w/DJ $ew What, 10:30 pm, free

Twilight Cafe-Ladies Night, All Women DJs

MONDAY 11/28

Acme-Happiest Hour w/ DJ Yeah No, 6:30 pm

Beulahland-Monday Megamix Massive, 10 pm

Bossanova-Argentine Tango, 7 pm, $8; DJ Modified, 9 pm, free

Chances Sports Bar-Synthpop/Discohouse Dance Party w/Neighborhood DJ, free

Devils Point-DJ Addiction

East Chinatown Lounge-Double Barreled Soul

Greek Cusina-Monday Night Raw w/DJs Hightower, My Friend Andy, ATM, Davis Cleveland, free, 10 pm

Imbibe -Happy Hour w/Solovox, 6 pm, free

Kelly's Olympian-DJ Sars

Matador-DJ Mr. E, 10 pm, free

Momo's-Mello Mondays w/DJ Mello Cee

Porky's Pub-Porky Sausage w/DJs Entropy, Nancy Bear

Tiger Bar-Mattress Mondays: DJ Makeout

Tube-DJ Pedro

XV-Deanne Rhymes


Billy Reed's-DJ Rising Sun, $2

Bossanova-Love It To Death w/DJ Modified, Ramblin' John, 9 pm, free; DJ Koto, DJ Soto, 10 pm, free

Boxxes-Flirt w/Cory

Devils Point-DJ S. Disco

Egyptian Club-DJ Atomiton, 10 pm

Goodfoot-Eclectic Selectors Perspective w/Seoul Brother #1, Atom13, Homonym, 10 pm, free

Holocene-Throwback Tuesdays: Evil One, Sneakers, 9 pm, free

Kelly's Olympian-DJ Makeout

Matador-DJ Pakastani Tranni, 10 pm, free

Mudai-DJ Be-1

Night Light Lounge-Laptop Lounge Collective, 9 pm, free

Pala-Ignite, 8 pm

Twilight Cafe-Concrete Tuesdays w/Pedulum, DJ Elementary

Wonder Ballroom-Amber Martin, 8 pm, free (cafe)

XV-Don't Hate w/Paula B


BC's American Saloon-DJ Slim, DJ Buckshot, 9 pm, free

Bossanova-Strictly Salsa w/DJ Rumba, 9 pm, $5; Moonchild, 9 pm, free

Devils Point-DJ S. Disco

East Chinatown Lounge-A New Refutation w/St. John, 6 pm; DJs Atom 13, Soil, 10 pm

Fez-Devotion w/local DJs, 9 pm, free

Greek Cusina-Crush (D&B): Infilrata, Demo, Ronin (Taverna)

Kelly's Olympian-DJ Teenage

Level-Family Night, free

Matador-DJ Throb, 10 pm, free

McFadden's-Satin w/DJ Evil One, Reckless, $10


Nocturnal-Tango Dancing, 7:30 pm, $5

Noir-Dmoe, Bluechris, Mr. Romo, Suppoz

Pala-Mr. Strack, Gemo Wong

Produce Row -Happy Hour w/DJ Doje, Open Mic

Saucebox-Transistor Lounge w/DJ Santo, 10 pm, free

Tonic-Level the Vibes, 9:30 pm, $0-3

Viper Room-Wicked Wednesday w/DJ Wicked