Acme-The Eyelids, 7 pm, free; DJ Teenage, 10 pm

Alberta St. Pub-Monty Green's Bluegrass Invite, 9 pm, free

Ash St. Saloon-My Goldfish Ned, 800 Octane, Scratch, Accidental Gun Death, 10 pm, $5

Aura-Moving Stars, DJ Mark Weingarten, free

BC's American Saloon-Singer/Songwriter Contest, 9:30 pm

Berbati's Pan-Watusi Zombie, King Cobra, Black Elk, Casy & Brian; The Incredible Kid, DJ Anjali, 9 pm, free (barside)

Bitter End-My Favorite Everything, Mars Retrieval Unit, 9 pm

Bold-Sky Cafe and Studios-Adam Hurst, Paul Evans, Ji Tanzer, 8 pm

Boons Treasury-Paul Summers Jr., 8 pm, free

Bossanova-DJ Blackhawk, 10 pm, free; Miss Meghan, Northern Belle, 10 pm, free

Buffalo Gap-Tony Furtado, 9 pm

Clinton Street Theater-Owl Dudes, Wet Confetti, Yes Father, Panda & Angel, 8 pm, $3

Dante's-The High Violets, The Upsidedown, Quiet Countries, 9:30 pm, $5

Doug Fir-The Fleshtones, Dirt Clod Fight, The Quags, 9 pm

Duff's Garage-Jim Carr

East Chinatown Lounge-Auditory Sculpture, Storm Large, Mic Crenshaw, Ray Frazier, Derek Simms, DJ Izm, King Fader, 9 pm, free

Gemini-Karaoke From Hell

Goodfoot-Luminous Fog, Blue Turtle Seduction, $5

Green Room-So Called Blues Band

Hawthorne Theatre-Appetite for Deception, Black List 40,9 pm, $6

Heathman Hotel-Johnny Martin Trio, 7 pm

Imbibe-Suzy Blue, 9 pm

It's A Beautiful Pizza-Grant Richards & friends, 7 pm

Kells-Tom May

Plastiq Phantom
At Holocene
Seattle IDM-machine Plastiq Phantom makes mellow, hiphop-influenced, electro sex jams for sexy/nerdy androids and humans alike. Which one are you?
w/the Vells, Yeltsin

Laurelthirst-Lewi Longmire & friends, 6 pm; Little Sue, Lynn Conover, $3

Mississippi Pizza-Shicky Gnarowitz, 6 pm; Flat Mountain Girls, 9 pm

Mississippi Studios-Sneakin' Out, 7 pm, free

Music Millennium NW-Auditory Sculpture, 6 pm

Portsmouth Club-Dub Station w/Shaka Black, Tom O'Brien

Produce Row-Caleb Klauder, Sammy Lind, Johnny B Connolly, Dave Corey, $3

Red & Black Cafe-Lower Monumental, 8 pm

Rock N Roll Pizza-Dropout Theory, Filthy White Trash, Saleix, Selah, 6 pm, $7

Roots Brewing-Scott Gallegoes, Anne Galen, Jimmy Martin, Amy Blue, 7 pm

Rose Garden-Steven Curtis Chapman, MercyMe, 7 pm, $18-75

Roseland-The All-American Rejects, The Academy is..., Limbeck, 7 pm, $18

Sabala's Mt. Tabor-Paranaut, Slowhawk, Facepilot

Red Sea-Live Hiphop

The Grotto-Brothers of the Baladi, 6 pm

The Old Church-Laurie Gaither, Maria Riley, SaBella LaVallee, Tracy Ross, Michael McCabe, 7 pm, $5-10

The Stein Haus-Haus Cats

Tonic-Strenuus, No Ruin, Second After, In Memory, 9 pm, $5


Acme-Women's Crisis Line Benefit: Morgan Grace, Old Growth, Other Men My Age, The Decliners, 9 pm, $5

Aladdin-Trail Band

Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall-Oregon Symphony w/Micah Stampley

Ash St. Saloon-Phorx, Rocket One, Fogatron, Clockwerk, Static Ocean, 9:30 pm, $6

BC's American Saloon-Power of County

Beale Street NW-Danny Hay Davis, noon; JR Sims & Texas Special

Berbati's Pan-Blowfly, Starantula, Pleaseeasaur, DJ Blackmarks, 9:30 pm, $10-12; DJ P. Disco, 9 pm, free (barside)

Biddy McGraw's-Billy Kennedy Happy Hour, 5:30 pm; John Prine Night, 9:30 pm

Bitter End-Acoustic Randall, B. Greene Band, Garcia Birthday Band

Boons Treasury-Vivid Curve, 9 pm, free

Buffalo Gap-Sweetjuice, 9:30 pm

Dante's-Los Straitjackets Christmas Pageant, The Pontani Sisters, Lushy, 9:30 pm, $10-12

Devils Point-Eric McFadden Trio, Pat Macdonald, 9 pm, $6

Doug Fir-Bob Schneider, Suffrajett, 9 pm, $16-18; Rotate w/DJ Stay in School, midnight-3 am, free

Duff's Garage-The Strangetones

Finnigan's Mill-The Sinners Club, 9 pm

Gemini-Norman Sylvester

Grand Lodge-Richard Day Reynolds, 7 pm, free

Green Room-Jasmine Ash Band, Sestina, The Don

Grolla-Jim Soloway

Hawthorne Theatre-International Noise Conspiracy, These Arms are Snakes, Nightmare of You, 9 pm, $10-12

Hoppers-Hudson Rocket Band

Hotel Oregon-Mark Alan, 7 pm, free

Imbibe-Happy Hour w/Little Sue, 6 pm; Xevi Nova, 9:30 pm, $6

IWW Hall-Tekka Makki, Without Self, Toxic Waste

Jolly Roger-The Reggae All Stars, 10 pm, free

Kells-Grafton Street, 9:30 pm

Kelly's Olympian-The Brandon Daniel Band

Laurelthirst-Reggie's Box of Chocolates, 6 pm;Moon Mountain Ramblers, 9:30 pm, $5

Loveland-MILK, 6:30 pm, $7-10

Mama Mia Trattoria-Billy Casazza, Blue Submarine, Nomau UJ

Memorial Coliseum-Kanye West, Fantasia, 8 pm, $35-45

Mississippi Pizza-The Djangophiles, 6 pm; Taarka, 9 pm

Mississippi Studios-Acoustic Minds, Gregory Douglass, 8 pm, $7

Mock Crest-Lowell J. Mitchell, 9 pm

Montego Bay-Kat & The Roots Revolution, 10 pm, free

Music Millennium NW-Curt Kirkwood, 5 pm

Paris Theatre-My Former Self, Stole Your Woman, Boom Bust, $8

Portsmouth Club-Dannie Vickers Band

Produce Row-Muddy Bottom Boys, $3

Pshaw!-Happy Hour w/Eric Allen

Red & Black Cafe-Colores Del Alma, 8 pm

River Roadhouse-Billionaire Bachelors

Rock Creek Tavern-Feppo Brothers, 9 pm, free

Rock N Roll Pizza-Velabonz, Blue Turns White, The Movies, The Lovely, Mothers Angel, 7 pm, $8

Roots Brewing-Lindsey Blodgett, Dylan Martell, Adalord, 7pm

Roseland Grill-DFive9, Plain Jayne, Syx, Sweetie, 8 pm

Sabala's Mt. Tabor-Four Easy Pieces, Crunchie, The Nightmares

Slabtown-Woodknot, 9 pm

Tonic-Kate Mann, 6 pm; The Empty, To Live & Die in LA, Asphalt Thieves, Bryan Free, 9:30 pm, $6

Towne Lounge-Chromatics, Mixel Pixel, Single Frame, $6

White Eagle-Curt Kirkwood, Pete Krebs, 9 pm, $10

Wonder Ballroom-Point Juncture, WA, Kind of Like Spitting, Norfolk & Western, $6-7


Acme-The Odditors, Ross & The Hellpets, Curious Hands, 9 pm

Aladdin-Trail Band

Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall-Oregon Symphony w/Micah Stampley

Ash St. Saloon-Ditchliquor, Bloodhag, Flying Fortress, John Rambo, 9:30 pm, $6

Berbati's Pan-Crack Press Anniversary: Lackthereof, Rollerball, The Doors of Perception, 9 pm, $5; King Fader, 9:30 pm, free (barside)

Billy Reed's-Magic Matrix w/Kurt Green

Bitter End-Ether Glow, High Ceiling, Dig the Particulars

Blue Monk-Solid Christmas Show, Grrrl Ives, The Power Points, Roy Tinsel, 9:30 pm, $12

Buffalo Gap-Left Hand Smoke, 9:30 pm

Dante's-I Can Lick Any SOB in the House, Kleveland, The Punk Group, Morgan Grace, 9:30 pm, $7-8

Doug Fir-Fernando, The Village Green, Mike Coykendall Band, 9 pm, $8; Knotty Disco w/DJs Mr MuMu, Barrett Paul, midnight-3 am, $5

Duff's Garage-Hillstomp

Fez-Axe Dide, DJ Cachacinha, Go Gringo Go, 9 pm, $10

Goodfoot-Scott Law Band, $6

Hawthorne Theatre-Harmfamily, Miss Anne Thrope, Stabitha, Pain Theory, 9 pm, $8

Heathman Hotel-Carol Rossio

Imbibe-Kerosene Dream, 9:30 pm, $8

It's A Beautiful Pizza-Gadjo Djazz w/Andy Emert, 6:30 pm, free

Jolly Roger-The Reggae All Stars, 10 pm, free

Kells-Grafton Street, 9:30 pm

Riot Cop
At Laughing Horse Books
Riot Cop leads a night of mega entertainment featuring a radical puppet show, music, spoken word by Inga Muscio, and vegan treats.
w/Shicky Gnarowitz

Mississippi Pizza-Lorna Miller's Little Kids' Jamboree, 4 pm, $5/family; Rio Nights, 6 pm; New Mexican Revolution, The Sassparilla Jug Band, 9 pm

Mississippi Studios-New Iberians, 8 pm; Shiftless Rounders, 10 pm

Mock Crest-Southern Cross, 9 pm

Montego Bay-Kat & The Roots Revolution, 10 pm, free

Music Millennium NW-Bob Dietsche, 3 pm

Paris Theatre-Take Over, Almost is Nothing, Clay More, Hatchet Diary, Fall of Enosis, Life Limb, 7 pm, $8

Portland Classic Guitar Shop-Sweetestday, 7 pm, $10-15

Produce Row-Seppuku w/A Boy & His Dog, $3

River Roadhouse-Billionaire Bachelors

Rock Creek Tavern-The Elbows, 9 pm, free

Rock N Roll Pizza-Blue Ember, Inflikt, Syx, Falling Closer, Shifft, Serial Brothers, Subconscious, Aftermind, Hyperthermia, Across the Sun, noon, $15

Roots Brewing-Keegan Smith, 8 pm

Roseland-Oregon Food Bank Concert: Shawn Mullins, The Fray, Aqualung, Augustana, 6:30 pm

Sabala's Mt. Tabor-Jacuzzi Bros., Chow Nasty, Lozen

The Stein Haus-Bolt Upright

Tonic-Autopilot, 6 pm, free; Derby, Slender Means, Jaycob Van Auken, 9:30 pm, $6

Towne Lounge-Climber, Cerulean, Arkade, $5

Unity Church of Portland-Celtic Christmas: Wild Mountain Thyme, Elizabeth Nicholson, Don Davidson, 7 pm, $7

Valentine's-Corina Repp, Douglas Shepherd

White Eagle-Jon Koonce, 9:30 pm, $6

Wired Coffee-Jason Charles Franklin, 7 pm, free

Wonder Ballroom-Bad Santa w/DJ OG One, Voodoo Girls, 9:30 pm, $15

Wong's-DK Stewart & The DK4

WOW Hall (Eugene)-Adam & Kris, Brett Estep, Dharmika & Leslie, Scott Franzen, Jair, 7 pm, $10

SUNDAY 12/11

Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall-Oregon Symphony w/Micah Stampley

Ash St. Saloon-Bad Goat, American Roulette, Sickeversince, 9:30 pm, $4

Back To Back Cafe-Katherine Heilson

Berbati's Pan-Crystal Skulls, Richard Swift, 9:30 pm, $7-8

Buffalo Gap-Los Cowtones, 6 pm

Dante's-Sinferno Cabaret, 11 pm, $6

Edgefield-Mary Flower, 5 pm, free

Greek Cusina-Industry Night: Forrest Avery, King Fader

Hawthorne Theatre-From First to Last, Haste the Day, He is Legend, Dead Reckless, 8 pm, $11-13

Imbibe-The Right Reverend's Gospel Revue, 6 pm; Braddah Walter, 7 pm

It's A Beautiful Pizza-The Urban Shaman Experience, 8 pm

Kells-Cronin Teirney, 9 pm

Kennedy School-Tall Jazz Winter Concert w/Marilyn Keller, 3 pm, $12-15

Laurelthirst-Freak Mountain Ramblers, 6 pm; Neil Gilpin's Belmont St. Octet, $3

Liberty Hall-Electric Church Open Mic w/Roxx Religion, 1 pm, donation, All Ages

Mississippi Pizza-Njuzu Imbira, 4 pm; Amee Mccaa w/Erin Chambers, Josh Cole Band, 7 pm

Mississippi Studios-Charlotte Martin, Chris Pierce, Andrew Paul Woodsworth

Mock Crest-Elizabeth Willis, 8 pm

Pshaw!-Chata Addy's Percussion Jam, 7 pm

River Roadhouse-Sinner's Club Open Jam, 8 pm

Rock Creek Tavern-Billy Kennedy & Jon Sokol, 4 pm, free

Sabala's Mt. Tabor-Black Furies

Saturday Market-Mars Retrieval Unit, noon, free

The Old Church-Choral Arts Ensemble of Portland, 3 pm

Tonic-Diabolik Switches, Fraqtured Sound, Atrocity Exhibition, Alan Park, 8 pm, $4

Towne Lounge-The Vinos, The Maybe Happening, The Morals, Alan Singley, $5

Trinity Episcopal Cathedral-Trinity Consort Christmas, 7:30 pm, $15-45

Waverly Heights Congregational Church-Community Singing w/The Portland Sacred Harp, 2 pm, free

White Eagle-Open Mic w/John Vecchiarelli, Chad Bault, 8 pm, free

Wonder Ballroom-Handmade Bazaar w/Landside, Evolutionary Jass Band, DJ Azmotronik, noon, free

MONDAY 12/12

Andina Restaurant-Sambafeat

Candlelight-D.K. Stewart & The DK4, 9 pm, free

Colosso-Alan Hunter, A.G. Donnalioa, 10 pm

Dante's-Ground Zero Lounge w/Clyde Lewis, 7:30 pm, free; Karaoke From Hell, 10 pm, $2

Edgefield-Michael Meanwhile, 7 pm, free

Food Hole-Calvin Johnson, Tender Forever, 9 pm, $5

It's A Beautiful Pizza-Five Euro Tip, 8 pm

Kells-Cronin Teirney, 9 pm

Mississippi Pizza-Cherry Wolf, The Clampitt Family, Might Ghosts of Heaven, 7 pm

Moon & Sixpence-Johnny B. Connolly, free

Rose Garden-Andre Rieu & His Johann Strauss Orchestra, 8 pm, $45-55

Sabala's Mt. Tabor-Thor, The Punk Group

Tonic-Son of Rust, Destination Oblivion, $4

Towne Lounge-The Human Value, Dancecard, Jessica Something Jewish, $3


Aladdin-Shiny Toy Guns, The Punk Group, The Snuggle Ups

Alberta St. Pub-The Peasants, Tom Heinl, 9:30 pm, $3

Andina Restaurant-Toshi Onizuka

Ash St. Saloon-El Salvador, Breath for Penny, Sweet Deek, 9:15 pm, free

Bar of the Gods-Acoustic Night, 10 pm, free

Beale Street NW-Terry Evans

Berbati's Pan-Submarine Fleet, Railer, The Gentry, Sad Panda, 9:30 pm, $5

Brasserie Montmartre-Dan Balmer Duo

C-Bar-Pagan Jug Band

Clyde's Prime Rib-Johnny Martin

Crystal Ballroom-The Bravery, Morning Wood, 9 pm, $9.47

Doug Fir-Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings, The Soul Mechanic, 9 pm, $12-14

Duff's Garage-Keeter Stuart

Edgefield-Caleb Klauder, Sammy Lind, 7 pm, free

Haven Coffee-Open Mic, 7 pm, free

Imbibe-Paul Brainard, Billy Kennedy, 9:30 pm

It's A Beautiful Pizza-Balkan Music & Dance, 9 pm

Kells-Cronin Teirney, 9 pm

Laurelthirst-Jackstraw, 6 pm

Mississippi Studios-Nick Vallentine, 9:30 pm

Mock Crest-KC Murphy Trio, 8 pm

Nocturnal-Blues Practica, 7 pm, $5

Old Town Pizza-Acoustic Songwriter Spotlight

Produce Row-Bluegrass Jam

Pshaw!-Steve Smith's Jazz Jam, 7 pm

Roseland-Dokken, Dealer, One Moment, 8 pm, $19

Sabala's Mt. Tabor-System Syn, Ayria, Cervello Electronico

The Old Church-Charles Suniga, Jim Fischer, Amy Coffey, Lynn Davis, 7 pm, $20

Tillicum Club-Norman Sylvester, 8 pm

Tonic-Genius Ignoramus, free

Towne Lounge-Steven Kattenbraker, Norman, $3

Tugboat-Klezmocracy Electric Band, 8:30 pm

White Eagle-Joe McMurrian's Acoustic Review, 8:30 pm, free

Wilf's Piano Bar-The HollyTones, 7:30 pm, $15

Wonder Ballroom-The Dandy Warhols, The Out Crowd, Dantronix, 8 pm, $15-17

WOW Hall (Eugene)-David Krakauer's Klezmer Madness w/Socalled, 7 pm, $12-14

Zach's Shack-Open Mic w/Grasshoppah, 10 pm, free


Acme-The Lingua Franca Project, 9 pm, free

Aladdin-Live Wire! w/Janice Scroggins, Linda Hornbuckle, Pepe & The Bottle Blondes, 7 pm, $9-10

Alessandro's-Winter Therapy w/Jeremy Serwer, 8 pm, free

Pop Tomorrow!
At Ash Street Saloon

We all talk a lot about "keeping the scene alive" but how much action have we got in us? Wanna support the PDX scene, Action Jackson? Start here at the Pop Tomorrow! new band showcase.
w/April Fool, Everything's Fine, Miles Before, Pilgrims

Andina Restaurant-Neftali Rivera

Aura-Zuppa, 8 pm, free

Barracuda-KNRK New Rock Rumble

Berbati's Pan-Gosling, Your Enemy's Friends, 9 pm, $5

Bitter End-Skoolyard, Redi Jedi

Blue Monk-Pendar i Paya, $5

Boons Treasury-John Bunzow, 8 pm, free

Brasserie Montmartre-Eddie Parente Duo

Buffalo Gap-Michael Meanwhile..., 9 pm

C-Bar-Hank Hirsh Quintet

Crystal Ballroom-Dandy Warhols, Pentecost Hotel, Blitzen Trapper, 9 pm

Dante's-Storm & The Balls, 10 pm, $5

Doug Fir-Immortal Lee County Killers, Pretty Monster, Dark Skies, 9 pm, $8

Duff's Garage-Blues Jam w/Suburban Slim

Goodfoot-Global Funk, Mars Retrieval Unit, $5

Green Room-Stephen Ashbrook

Heathman Hotel-David Michael Lee, 7 pm

Holocene-Blue Cranes, Evolutionary Jass Band, Lower Monumental, 9 pm, $5

Imbibe-Tarka Trio, 9 pm

It's A Beautiful Pizza-Arabian Music & Dance, 8:30 pm

Kells-Cronin Teirney, 9 pm

Laurelthirst-Hillstomp, 6 pm; Darrylizers, 9 pm, free

Mississippi Pizza-Portland Songwriters Association, 7 pm

Mock Crest-Cotton Jenny, 5 pm

Moon & Sixpence-Trashcan Joe, 8:30 pm, free

Night Light Lounge-Atomic Jazz Ensemble, 9 pm, free

Paola's-Ezra Meredith, 9 pm

Produce Row-Open Mic

Pshaw!-Reggie's Box of Chocolates

Rock N Roll Pizza-Manntis, The Dead Unknown, Syx, Brutal Fight, Hatchet Diaries, 7 pm

Sabala's Mt. Tabor-Lifeline

The Old Church-Ed Eastman & The JoySingers, noon, free

Tillicum Club-Jim Mesi, 8 pm

Towne Lounge-Casy & Brian, Ikebana, Me Con, Yuma Nora, $4

Twilight Cafe-Acoustic Minds w/Stevie "B"

Wallbangers-Dueling Pianos

Wilf's Piano Bar-Richard Arnold & The Groove Swingers, 8 pm

WOW Hall (Eugene)-Tre Hardson w/Fuqawi, Alliance, 3 Blind Mics, Undermind, 8:30 pm, $8-10





Backspace-Metronome: Microelectronic Funk

Bar of the Gods-Atom 13, Homonym, 10 pm

Barracuda-DJ Mafia

Basta's-DJs Derek Fisher, Theperfectcyn, 9 pm, free

Boxxes-DJ Sam


Delta Cafe-DJ Honeybucket

Devils Point-DJ S. Disco, 9 pm, free

Fez-Invasion w/DJ Catalyst, 9 pm, free

Greek Cusina-House Call w/ Joey Youngman, DJ Professor Stone, DJ Matt-e Starr, $5-7 (Minoan); L80s Dance Night w/DJ Brett, Mestizo69 (Taverna)

Ground Kontrol-TRONix: DJs P-Windo, Brokendiskow, 9 pm

Kalga Cafe-DJ Maximillion, 10 pm, free

Kelly's Olympian-DJ Colin Sic

Local.35-DJ Barrett Ryker, 6 pm

Matador-DJ I Heart You, 10 pm, free

Noir-Elbow Room w/DJ Ravi, Scottie Soul, Ben, 9 pm, free

Pala-Kumari's Dance Party, 10 pm, free

Porky's Pub-Booty: DJs ChaotiQueer, Puppet, Stormy, MoRocca, 9 pm, $3

Red Cap Garage-FSO DJ

Rudy's Barbershop (Division)-Heavy Metal Thursdays w/Riffless, 5-8 pm

Saucebox-Techno Sol w/DJ Suppoz, Geoff White, 10 pm, free

Tiger Bar-DJ Keane, Teenage, Supa Star

Tube-DJ KG


Beulahland-DJ Drew Groove, free

Billy Reed's-Grown Folk Music w/DJ Kez & DunDiggy, free

Boxxes-DJ Sam

Crush-DJ Stay in School

Crystal Ballroom-'80s Video Dance Attack w/VJ Kittyrox, 10 pm, $3 (Lola's)

Delta Cafe-Live Forever w/Ricky Pang

East Chinatown Lounge-DJ Izm, 10 pm

Fez-Shut Up & Dance w/DJ Gregarious, 10 pm, $5

Goodfoot-DJ Aquaman's Soul Stew

Greek Cusina-Body Call w/DJ Wicked, DJ Professor Stone, DJ Sneakers (Minoan); DJ Brett (Taverna)

Matador-DJ Trixie Doll, DJ Lucifina, 10 pm, free

Night Light Lounge-DJ Red-I Jedi, 10 pm, free

Noir-Phonique, Lowfish, Solenoid, Cycl, theperfectcyn, Kill Jill, Derek Fisher, 9 pm, $5

Pala-Aaron Thomas, Josh Banks, 10 pm, $3

Red Cap Garage-Bump w/FSO DJ

Ringler's Pub-DJ B Dangerous, 10 pm, free

Ringlers Annex-DJ Ted Striker, 10 pm, free

Saucebox-All Things Considered w/Mr Mumu, 10 pm, free

Squeez-Erik Beats, 9 pm

The City-Flashback Fridays w/DJ G-Whiz, 9 pm

Tube-Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots w/DJ Nikki C

U&I Tavern-Small Axe Sounds

Voodoo Lounge-Flave w/DJ Evil One


Aztec Willie's-Salsa Night w/DJ Jose, 9:30 pm, free

Bobby McGee's-Kevin Berry's Old School Jam w/DJ Michael Morris

Boxxes-DJ Dougalicious

C-Bar-DJ Shirley, 7 pm

Colosso-Red Robot Walking, 10 pm


Devils Point-Invizible's Fashion Show w/DJ S. Disco, 9 pm, free

Dunes-Bounce Back w/DJ Ninjah, DJ $ew What, 9:30 pm

East Chinatown Lounge-DJ Nik Fury, 10 pm

Greek Cusina-Hustle: DJ Professor Stone, Flipsta, Mestizo69 (Minoan); DJ Brett (Taverna)

Ground Kontrol-Reagan-o-Mix: DJ Afrobot, 9:30 pm, free

Holocene-Atlas: Turbo Tabla, DJs Anjali, E3, The Incredible Kid, 9 pm, $5

Matador-DJ Jimpanzee, 10 pm, free

Momo's-DJ Wicked, 10 pm, free

Noir-Dementia w/DJ Carrion, Uberlush, Chris Randall, 9 pm, $3

Pala-D:Fuse, Nomer, Levente, 10 pm, $8

Portsmouth Club-Change

Red Cap Garage-DJ Blu

Ringler's Pub-DJ Miranda, 10 pm, free

Ringlers Annex-DJ Ted Striker, 10 pm, free

Rudy's Barbershop (Division)-Punk Cuts w/Riffless, 4-7 pm

At Holocene

DJ Harmony spins lounge and old school hiphop for Tart, a night billed as a "swank soiree where the queer girls play."
w/DJ Beyonda, Saffronica

Saucebox-Take You There w/DJ bluchris

Tiger Bar-DJ Venom 33.3rd, Seoul Bro #1, free

Tube-Gimme Danger w/DJ Maxamillion

U&I Tavern-DJ Mattbastard

SUNDAY 12/11

Acme-El Hefe Bastardo, Hydroxy Cuts, 9 pm, free

Crystal Ballroom-Hive: DJ Blackout, 9 pm, $3 (Lola's)

Devils Point-Stripparaoke w/KJ Pinky, 9 pm, free

Fez-Hive, 9 pm, $3

Goodfoot-Trinity Sounds

Kelly's Olympian-DJ Squirl Soup, DJ One Pump

Matador-DJ Donny Don't, 10 pm, free

Night Light Lounge-S.I.N. Night w/DJ Roommate, 10 pm, free

Noir-Unwind w/Mr. Romo, The Dark Lord, Chatterbox Jack Piper, Jade, 8 pm, free

Pala-Adam & Demetre

Red Sea-"Nice" Hip Hop & Rock Industry Night w/DJ Hightower, DJ ATM, L'Train, 10 pm, free

Tube-I Got 5 On It w/DJ $ew What, 10:30 pm, free

Twilight Cafe-Ladies Night, All Women DJs

MONDAY 12/12

Acme-Happy Hour w/Kieskagato, 6:30 pm, free; DJ Buzzkill, 9 pm, free

Beulahland-Monday Megamix Massive, 10 pm

Bossanova-Argentine Tango, 7 pm, $8; DJ Modified, 9 pm, free

Chances Sports Bar-Synthpop/Discohouse Dance Party w/Neighborhood DJ, free

Devils Point-DJ Addiction

East Chinatown Lounge-Double Barreled Soul

Greek Cusina-Monday Night Raw w/DJs Hightower, My Friend Andy, ATM, Davis Cleveland, free, 10 pm

Green Room-Open Mic w/ DJ Buzzkill

Imbibe-Happy Hour w/Solovox, 6 pm, free

Kelly's Olympian-DJ Sars

Matador-DJ Mr. E, 10 pm, free

Momo's-Mello Mondays w/DJ Mello Cee

Porky's Pub-Porky Sausage w/DJs Entropy, Nancy Bear

Tiger Bar-DJ Makeout

Tube-DJ Pedro


Aalto Lounge-DJ No. 3, 10 pm

Acme-DJ Yeah No, 9 pm

Billy Reed's-DJ Rising Sun, $2

Bossanova-Love It To Death w/DJ Modified, Ramblin' John, 9 pm, free; DJ Koto, DJ Soto, 10 pm, free

Boxxes-Flirt w/Cory

Devils Point-DJ S. Disco

Egyptian Club-DJ Atomiton, 10 pm

Fez-Angles w/o Edges: Adam O'Suna, DJ Colleague, 10 pm, free

Goodfoot-Eclectic Selectors Perspective w/Seoul Brother #1, Atom13, Homonym, 10 pm, free

Greek Cusina-Korekt: DJs James Steele & Antonio, free (Minoan)

Kelly's Olympian-HOG

Matador-DJ Pakastani Tranni, 10 pm, free

Mudai-DJ Be-1

Night Light Lounge-Laptop Lounge Collective, 9 pm, free

Noir-Adam & Demetre, 9 pm, free

Pala-Ignite, 8 pm

Portsmouth Club-DJ Juan Sombrero

Twilight Cafe-Concrete Tuesdays w/Pedulum, DJ Elementary

Wonder Ballroom-Amber Martin, 8 pm, free (cafe)


BC's American Saloon-DJ Slim, DJ Buckshot, 9 pm, free

Bossanova-Strictly Salsa w/DJ Rumba, 9 pm, $5; Moonchild, 9 pm, free

Devils Point-DJ S. Disco

East Chinatown Lounge-A New Refutation w/St. John, 6 pm; DJs Atom 13, Soil, 10 pm

Fez-Devotion w/local DJs, 9 pm, free

Greek Cusina-DJ Bailey, Chris Coda vs. The Mecca, Noah D.

Kelly's Olympian-DJ Teenage

Level-Family Night, free

Matador-DJ Throb, 10 pm, free


Nocturnal-Tango Dancing, 7:30 pm, $5

Noir-Mr. Romo, Big Jim Slade, Disco Model, Semblance, Simple Chaos, Josh Beastie, 8 pm, free

Pala-Adam O'Suna, K-OS, free

Roots Brewing-Dub Tones: DJ Devon, Gypsy

Saucebox-Transistor Lounge w/DJ Santo, 10 pm, free

Tiger Bar-King Fader, DJ Izm, 9 pm

Tonic-Level the Vibes, 9:30 pm, $0-3

Viper Room-Wicked Wednesday w/DJ Wicked