Scream Club

Thurs Feb 26

Grand Central Bowl

808 SE Morrison

Even in this era of corporate magazines devoted to DIY, the once-revered burg of Olympia, Wash. still gets a bad rap for worshipping at the shrine of lo-fi around these parts. One can't help but wonder if the haters are hating because it's still a town of transgressions: a place where effete boys with gentle voices are the norm, where hardcore dyke gangs get greasy and stage fake rumbles, where anyone can make a film/band/opera/etc. and, whether it turns out amazingly or not, it's enough that the idea existed and was acted upon in the first place. In the Scary New World Order that is 21st Century Neo-Conservatism, is all this role-mixing too left-field for people to hang with?

Neo-Con freakers, cover your eyes: Simply by being themselves, Scream Club do a bust-up number on every last pre-designated role. Cindy Wonderful and Sarah Adorable, make independent, queer, sexual, political, feminist, arty hiphop and electronica. AND they can flow. And they are, FYI, totally free of irony. B'DANG! Scream Club writes about: self-esteem, being lovers, how the government's fucked, mobilizing against said government, how "it's unnatural/ not to mention unsafe/ when girls at age eight/ start to menstruate," over skuzzy, boom-bap IDM--packing in the sci-fi, fun beats like El-P and Stetsasonic breaking it down over at Pee-Wee's Playhouse.

"We wanna have a good message," says Cindy Wonderful. "I feel like it's a point to keep all our music positive; maybe some of our songs are nasty, but I feel like we're always respectful and positive. We'd like to encourage as many people who are punk rock or different... I feel like we're an experiment in that you don't have to fit in, you can make it in this world. Do what you wanna do, have fun, believe in yourself and do whatever you want and positive things will happen to you."

All this, and they're dating, too. On the sleeper slow-jam hit of last year, "And You Belong," Wonderful rhymes that "Girl, you look delicious," like it was an outtake from LL Cool J in the heat of the summer. She also inserts the lyric, "Girl, we go together like unprotected sex and STDs," into a narrative about first love.

Wonderful, who also does her own cable-access TV show called Wonderground, says, "I think it's really cool that we're a couple; it's cool to be a couple that's like, healthy and does art together."

Scream Club's forthcoming album is called Don't Bite Your Sister, features guest stars as diverse as Tara Jane O'Neil, Beth Ditto (saucy lead singer of The Gossip) and Busdriver (saucy speed rapper of the L.A. hiphop underground).