Massive Damage 2002
Fri August 9
Meow Meow

One great thing about hiphop shows, is that every good MC and DJ know each other, and they all play together, so the bill often features about 100 of your favorite artists playing at the same time. Some people also believe this is a bad thing, due to the 15 million hours one has to stay in a club in order to see all the music. This argument has merit as well. But regardless, the Massive Damage 2002 show is one of THOSE kinds of shows; if it seems like every DJ on the West coast is on the bill, that's because they are. However, there are a few acts more highly anticipated than the others, and the following is a round-up of a few key players.

First of all, L'Roneous is highly, highly, HIGHLY recommended. He's affiliated with the Living Legends crew, which means that he is part of some of the most innovative, cutting-edge hiphop being produced in the world. L'Roneous' style is unique because of his incredible amount of smoothness--his music lacks breaks and complicated bass lines, and instead features an elegant style of musical poetry. It's really no surprise that he's so lyrical, considering he's been writing since he was three and has already published a book.

Hittaz On Da Payroll, an Oakland-produced group, are relatively low profile at this point, but they've been hooked up with artists like Askari X, Dead Prez, Souls of Mischief, and Luniz. If they're good enough for those dudes, they're good enough for me.

This is not to say that all the other artists on the bill--which include local favorites DJ Scene of Boom Bap Project, Livio of the local Proz and Conz, the classy Blak Scienz Tribe, Unique, and DJ Og One, the most talkative and prolific DJ around--aren't notable. And since Meow Meow doesn't serve booze, I highly recommend venturing down to My Father's Place in between acts. Their whiskey sours are killer.