ELECTRIC EYE Who they are, and who they ain’t.
Electric Eye

Sat Sept 13

Modern Zoo

As the vocalist growl-wails and the guitars, bass, and drums go all chunka-chunka, you're like, "Oh, this is punk, only really AC/DCish." But then there's a breakdown and it's all "Hoooooowooooowuhoooh" with the feedback and someone's vocally droning and you're all, "Weird. This soundsÉ well... psychedelic." When the next song starts, and they're riffing like some Southern-fried Molly Hatchet motherfuckers, you finally ask, exasperated, "Who the fuck is this?"

It's The Electric Eye, and their new album, Electric Wisdom (Dirtnap/Jonny Cat) is just the cattle prod the dying days of summer need to get in gear. August Alston uses multiple voices, making it seem like vocal chores are shared; however, beyond back-ups, they're not. As the caterwauls commence, the band erects a sonic pulpit from which he testifies. Herein lies the magic. The subject matter and styling of each song is varied, avoiding the punk pitfall of trading "a sound" for songwriting finesse. This is not to say they sound like a bunch of different bands-- everything on the record is unmistakably Electric Eye, and it's pure indulgence. "Electric Wisdom is all about fun," explains bassist Ben Beeghley, of the Smegma Studios recording.

Live, The Electric Eye have a well-earned reputation for being tighter than a dirty colloquialism for being tight. From live set to recording, little is lost in the translation. (The album is co-released by Dirtnap and Jonny Cat, the label run by Jonny from The Triggers.) "We really want people to get into this record," guitarist Lucas Jones explains. "It's Jonny's first full-length 12", and we'd like to see him move at least the first five hundred. (Insert band snickering here.) It's a limited edition cast on "minty-swirled" vinyl." Now when was the last time you could resist minty-swirled anything?