Girl Talk Is Not a DJ

No, Really. It Says So on His T-Shirt


Really? You think djs stick to a 'deceptively simple formula'? ... I'm sorry, but your description of a dj is the description of a dj at a mainstream commercial bar or club. An *actual* dj has one.. maybe 2 genres of music that they love and know incredibly well and largely consists of tracks that people (at the bars where the djs you are actually referring to) will never have had of.

A real dj sees their role of understanding a lot about a relatively narrow genre of music such to be able to take people on a journey/experience through this music. The way & order of the tracks being played is as important as the tracks themselves and there is a certain sensibility required to balance the desire to have people listen and appreciate new music as to not lose them to the process.

A really good dj... can do this in a meaningful way across a handful of genres and put the whole thing together with just a higher level of quality that for the better part is only going to be noticed by people who really know that particular genre.

I think Girl Talk is really saying that he is not the dj I've just described above. He has an artform a process that he is correct in asserting, is not djing.

What is ironic is that the vast majority of real djs (as Ive described) will struggle to listen to his artform where as the simple inclusion of popular music will make it accessible to a wider and more mainstream audience. It's some how both mainstream and avante garde at the same time.