A Field Guide to Sasquatch!

A Loyal and Honorable Scout's Guide to the Annual Sasquatch! Music Festival


Smuggle in booze. I suggest wrapping your flask inside your hoodie. Then remove the hoodie from your satchel to show security the inside of your satchel. Drink your own booze inside the venue to avoid paying the $12.00 for beer.

If you paid that much money for these headliners you're also a nimrod. This would have been a cool festival if it was Lollapalooza 1992.
The witty reference to date rape and roofies is fucking sweet! I totally know what you mean - my bros and I date rape chicks all the time, then we get together to drink beers and high five each other later. Once I was raping this girl and she FARTED. Hahahahaha!1!! Dude, I told that shit to my bro Andy and he blew beer out his nose.

Date rape is totally the funniest shit EVER.
It is date rape, so it isn't that bad. Adjectives help soften the impact.
Great event this year. I took my own roofies... best time ever

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