I Still Love You (Only Slightly Less than I Used To)

The Dramatic Decline of Steven Patrick Morrissey


I'm sure Morrissey will put on a good show next week. Too bad he's [probably] a racist who openly courts & croons English right-wing nationalists.
He has berated people mid-concert before.
And, what the hell, the man ages just like everyone else.
Frankly, Ms. Caraeff, what difference does it make? This charming man is coming to make panic in the streets of Portland. You say he was good in his time, but these things take time, and heaven knows Moz's music is still ill. Perhaps you want the one you can't have, just ask Moz, that handsome devil, and accept yourself. And please, please, please, let Moz get what he wants, this time. We'll probably never see him again.

PS: That joke isn't funny anymore.
MISTER Caraeff,

Excellent article. Good thing you didn't mention that Morrissey snorts incense and is dressed by 12 year old boys every morning. Those are both vicious unsubstantiated rumors. Glad you took the high road,

Aim HIGH Portland: BYOMoz Haircut
Who the Hell is "Moz"?
As a Morrissey fan, I don't see 'sexes', I just see lonely, sad, blobs of matter.
Mr. Careff:

No one would defend Morrissey's music after oh, about 1992 when Your Arsenal came out. Your article does not address Moz's music but his person. Therefore I will meet you on that soccer field (and in the true spirit of any right-headed Morrissey fan) subject myself to getting my arse kicked. My points are thus:

Firstly, and JEEZUS! One does not throw roses at Morrissey. One throws gladiolus. They are his favorite flower.

Second: Decline? Of the Moz? I'm not gonna get all judgey on you, but it seems like in order to assess the decline of a phenomena or band or anything over time you need to take a few representative samplings and COMPARE THEM, i.e., report, based on facts, what Morrissey concerts were like "back in the day."

Here is one such fact: I saw him in 1991 in Seattle and way back then people were throwing shoes and he was growling at the crowd. HE LIKES NEGATIVE ATTENTION. It has made him a hell of a lot of money.

Third: You state that Morrissey has not acted "warmly" toward Portland, Oregon. I was at 1994-5ish show at La Luna and yes I agree, he was not warm. But you know what? That's because he's one of the GODFATHERS of Emo. GODFATHERS are not warm friendly folk. They are mobsters first, and warm and fuzzy fifteenth.

Fourth: I see you did not detect the humor in baby-holding Morrissey; see point 3.

Fifth: Morrissey expiring Oscar-Wilde like would be an accurate portrayal of the artist if you'd never heard a single note of his music. I can't post a link here in this comment box so I must improvise: He is poppy! And peppy! And it is TRADEMARK Morrissey to sing happily about death, getting one's arse kicked, finding jobs and hating them, in a SUGAR COATED fashion.

Sixth: Thanks so much for covering one of my favorite artists ever in such a lazy way. Next time you need someone to write about Steven Patrick Morrissey in a factual manner, please look me up at my blog: Portlandjetaime.wordpress.com, where everything I write is positive and upbeat, but in a sort of downer way, as I do enjoy employing facts, when I can find them.

Are you people for real? Is there anyone left in this world who likes to talk about anything else but gossip? Get an idea.