Alone in a Crowd

In Defense of Muse


their lyrics are NOT indistinct and directionless. FUCK YOU!
Oops. Sounds like someone's life is so bland and worthless that they have to take offense at a critical review of a band they like. Here's a hint: Muse doesn't even know that you exist, nor would they care if they did, so defending them in the comments section of a third-rate alternative weekly paper's online edition is probably a waste of your time.
I fucking love Muse, and am beyond excited to be going to the show on Saturday, but I'll readily admit that Matthew's lyrics are sub-par at best. But that said, what Muse lacks in lyrical content it more than makes up for in musicality and pure, over-the-top live spectacle.
Muse is great, but no one fuckin' rocks like Owl City, except maybe for Death Cab for Sleater-Kinney, motherfuckers!