Overkiller Queen

How an Inexhaustible Wannabe Became the World's Biggest Pop Star


Everyone's a critic. However, a colorful vocabulary and a long life of pseudo-respectable observation haven't masked the fact that you're really just a pompous prick. Anyway, hats off to Gaga for not giving a f**k what you think.

And for the record, you should be lucky that people's "oversaturated minds" don't notice that your career is based on the barely passable lie that your opinion is somehow more meaningful than everyone else's. Cheers.
I'm going to have to go with itmark23, an easy facile analysis that doesn't really tell me anything new about the woman or her music. "I went to a show and read Rolling Stone." The Madonna comparison is particularly annoying, Madonna is context not comparison. Taylor Swift and Katy Perry come to mind as relevant contemporary female artists, it would depend on what you were trying to write about. But then you would have to decide what Swift and Perry meant, what they were about, and unlike Madonna that isn't conventional wisdom.

I like pretension! We have to believe we're important. But as this article shows, self-centered pretension is ultimately empty. You believe these words are important, I don't, the end. What is there to disagree with in this column? As well disagree with the Willamette River. It too was in Portland Thursday night and means many different things to many different people.
I was also at the Last Supper Club that night.. it was a mindblowingly bad show, i still loved the music but was greatly disappointed in the stage show. I gave her a second chance after seeing her massively improve through performances on ellen and various other tv shows. I saw her show when she came to portland for the fame ball tour in march of 09. she worked it out. I am beyond excited to see her tonight at the rose garden. we are watching the making of my generation's madonna. It takes nothing away from madonna and the trailblazer that she is, nor does it diminish her pop cultural iconic status to say we finally have a pop-diva star to truely rival her artistic ability. Britney and Christina are great, but will always be princesses. Madonna is the old mum and gaga is the newly crowned queen of pop.
I was REALLY hoping this was an article against Lady Gaga. I am very disappointed. It seems even The Mercury has been blinded into believing this talentless attention whore is actually worthwhile. What is this world coming to?
Alright, who let the pitchfork review golem write an article?
Listen I read this article and took NO Offense to your opinion of Gaga, I feel like it is the most concise response of her I've ever read. It was nothing but complimentary. And if what someone said is true and you do write for pitchfork. I was thinking to myself after reading the last word. That this is the best critique of her since the Fame Monster review on PF. After she basically forced you through her talent to talk about and review her!!!!!
Having had more than one boss take credit for work that I did, I am not impressed with "co-wrote". There's so many cooks in the broth of a "label" record, all of them trying to claim credit, deserved or not, that it's hard to say who did what to who.

Let's see if she can turn into a producer when her 15 min are up - then we'll know about that "co-wrote".
Kinda seemed to me like it was both for AND against Stephanie. She truly IS a train wreck, and you can't help but watch. If I had felt of a mind to, I'd have fought my way through the sluttily-dressed 13-year olds and the balding 40-somethings at her show just to see the sheer Roman "God help our Society" spectacle of it all. But however you feel about her, that opening paragraph is one of the finest 4 or 5 sentences I've ever read.

Ligthen up, Portland. I've only lived here for 4 years, but I know enough about music to know that most of you subscribe to the "I've Heard It on the Radio So I Can't Admit to my Friends That I Like It" school. But I'm pretty much betting that if her song comes on in the car, when you're alone, you ain't changin' the channel. Betcha.
Gag on Gaga!!!!!Fuck Kiss too!!!!!!!!Fucking clown music.