2013: The Best Moments in Music, Part One

The Shows, Songs, and Stories That Made 2013 Great


Fave of the year (I didn't get out much) was Neko Case's stage banter at MFNW- "wipe that AARP look off your face" is my new inner monologue at work. (Also, her voice ringing off of the buildings downtown was pretty magical) oh and Kurt Vile at Pickathon was hot!
Macklemore's pure delight, humility, and showmanship at Sasquatch really took me in. The Postal Service was another highlight at Sasquatch. Now Now rocked at Mississippi Studios.

Fiona Apple's show at the Newmark was really amazing in a good way right up until it got amazing in a bad way.

And CHVRCHES is probably my favorite new band of this year. I wish I could've caught their free KEXP show at the Doug Fir but I was working at 10:30am.
Thanks for sharing this! I love going to concerts! I love to discover new bands that open up for my favorite bands too!

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