OUT HUD Give 'em another chance!
Out Hud
Mon June 6
1001 SE Morrison

ALRIGHT, I TAKE IT BACK. In reviewing Out Hud's latest record for the Mercury I gave it a quick spin, then took to tearing it a new asshole. I decided--and decided fast--that it wasn't worth the hype, that Out Hud was no better than its lukewarm sister band !!!, and that it didn't live up to its predecessor, the great S.T.R.E.E.T D.A.D LP. So I called it "Honda commercial techno/house" and talked smack on its "textbook PC-made boombaps." After stooping so low as to use the album's title, Let Us Never Speak of It Again, as a snotty closer, I washed my hands of it.

Or not. After reviewing it for a couple more freelance outlets, I was forced into giving the record another chance. Then, halfway through taking the thing apart for Hit It Or Quit It, my mind opened and Let Us Never sucked in, like a Kleenex into a Hoover vacuum. Suddenly track two, "It's For You," with its deadpan talk-sing vocals was the catchiest shit ever. I began to hear intricacies I'd missed. Micro-condensed blurbles of new-age hippy psych. Tiny, pocketsize funk breakdowns. The immaculate tightness when Molly and Phyllis sing "I was sleeping when the phone just rang," and one of them picks up said phone and says, "Hello?" though kinda bored, kinda too hip for their own good, but timed great and right on beat.

Given time to simmer, Let Us Never began to rule me. Its sense of era is outstanding--not retro in any way, not faux futuristic, just dead-on modern. And the buoyancy of the beats! Unlike !!!, Out Hud makes intensely human music; it just doesn't telegraph. So, give them a chance. The rewards justify the search--I promise.