NIGHT OWLS Getting their vinyl fix.
by Chazz Madrigal

Night Owl Record Swap

Fri May 14

Fez, 316 SE 11th (7-10 pm)

& Hawthorne Eagles Lodge

4904 SE Hawthorne

The Night Owls are a group of four "record junkies" who wanted to fill a void in Portland's record-collector scene. How'd they manage to do it? Their Night Owl Record Show (NORS), which takes place at the Hawthorne Eagles Lodge two times a year. "I just wanted there to be more community in Portland in regards to collectors," explains Dan Berkman, Night Owl and owner of North Portland institution Jump Jump Music ( ). His partners in development--Aspirin, Two-Ply, and Delmont Fairchild--agree. "Community is what this is all about," he says.

That may seem cliche to some, but NORS walks the walk. Admission to their expos is only a dollar, and the table prices for potential salespeople are so cheap that just about anyone with a crate of records could be a dealer for a day.

What really sets NORS apart from other record shows in the Portland area (besides the fact that you can drink!), is their inclusion of local DJs, across genres. It creates an atmosphere that won't bore your non-record-buying mate to tears. Saturday's show will feature the electro-boogie stylings of DJ Weegee, for those who prefer to chill in the bar.

If the bar itself is your main attraction, then the show's kickoff party on Friday might interest you. Aspirin and Two-Ply will put down soul and funk cuts to whet the pre-show appetites of Portland diggers on the third floor of the Fez Ballroom, from 7-10 pm, for free. After that, the party continues at Goodfoot's Soul Stew.

The concept of having a pre-party to kick off a record show isn't exactly traditional.

Two-Ply explains, "It's just an extension of what we're about... having fun and listening to good music. Those are our priorities."