While some might be content with a life of soy proteins and dietary supplements at home, Jason Bayless happily travels this country on a continuous loop in order to preach the gospel of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). Jason accompanies punk bands in their travels and does his best to convert the meat-eating masses to tofu-snacking punks. Plus, despite my best efforts, he has nothing negative to say about ska band Goldfinger.

As the "Youth Outreach Specialist" for PETA, what tours have you been on?

I have been on tour with all types of bands, such as Good Charlotte, The Used, Anti-Flag, and even pro-skater Ed Templeton on the Toy Machine tour, just to name a few. I also set up sponsorships for band tours like the PETA2.com Presents Compassion Over Fashion Tour.

Has there ever been any hostility at concerts from those who don't agree with you/PETA?

There is very little hostility towards PETA2, every once in a while you have some guy come up to the table and say something stupid like, "I love eating meat." However, they run off right after they say it.

If given the chance while out touring, would you run the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile off the road?

HELL YEAH! He would be off the road and covered in MEAT IS MURDER stickers--and I don't think he would be singing that stupid song!

I read that John Feldmann from that band Gold-finger rescued lobsters from boiling water, and released them back into the ocean? I'm sorry, but there is NO WAY this actually happened.

John Feldmann is an amazing activist. He has done so much to help get the word out about what people can do to help animals. The stories are true about John rescuing the lobsters and returning them to their ocean homes. The fact that John took it upon himself to rescue the lobsters from a slow and very painful death is amazing.

If given the opportunity, would you work the PETA booth on a Ted Nugent tour?

I would jump at the opportunity to have a PETA booth at a Ted Nugent tour. Most people don't know that PETA and Ted Nugent share the same views when it comes to factory farms. Ted Nugent has said many times publicly that he will not eat any meat that comes from a factory farm because of the horrible conditions and the massive amounts of chemicals they pump into the animals. Ted has said that is no way for any animal to live.

Do you think PETA could find a way to incorporate Nugent's "Wang Dang Sweet Poon-Tang" slogan into an anti-meat message? If so, what do you suggest?