Shayla Hason

When not leading the league in arrests, The Trailblazers are the loveable basketball thugs that call Portland home. When not spinning under the moniker DJ Safi or playing in Riddenpaa, Shayla Hason works at the Joint, the post-production house responsible for the new Trailblazers "Block Party" commercials. The ads feature the loose-knit Blazers hamming it up with the PDX locals in various activities, from playing Xbox to Jenga. What makes these ads so different from the usual lowest common denominator sports advertisements is their stark nature and laidback quality--as well as boldly featuring an eclectic selection of local music, such as YACHT, The Planet The, Nomadic Noize, Andrew Kaffer, and Nice Nice.

Who is responsible for the ads?

It was 72andsunny (Glenn Cole & John Boiler) [who] made the spots, and Joint edited them.

Were you directly responsible for the local music in spots? Can you describe your role in the process?

Yes. Patti Stein was the producer and she asked me to help. I collected a ton of rad local music... then the editors (Peter Wiedensmith, Corky Devault, Matthew Hilber) used the songs that fit each spot the best. There were many great songs and musicians whose tracks didn't get used. It's all about what works and furthers the spot.

Were there any artists you wanted to use whose music didn't fit, or was rejected?

No bands were rejected but there were many I wish had worked, including Strategy, The Blow, Casiocity, VVRSSNN, Gasp, Nudge, Thanksgiving.... there are so many.

What made you decide to use bands like YACHT, Nice Nice, etc?

Portland has a killer music scene. People will be writing books about it 10 years into the future, but we are lucky enough to get to enjoy it now while it's happening.

Was the Blazers management cool with supporting local acts through their ads instead of the usual "Who Let The Dogs Out?" songs?

Yes, they realized it was so much better to use a bunch of good local songs instead of spending the whole music budget on one crappy popular song.

Are any of the Blazers fans of the music used in the commercial?

I have no idea.

Do you think backup Center and token white-guy Joel Przybilla ever puts on a little The Planet The to get psyched for sitting on the bench the entire game?

If not, he should.

Who was more stoned in their commercial together, Damon Stoudamire or Art Alexakis?

No comment.

Is Darius Miles a better actor than basketball player? It's ok if you say actor, really it is.

I don't really know much about basketball. I just hope he meets me for Community Library at Dunes sometime.