The right-hand-man to local concert promoter Mike Thrasher, Trevor Soloman is a longtime fixture in Portland's local music scene, working as a promoter, artist, manager and the frontman of Monkey Trick, the world's best (and only) Jesus Lizard cover band. Say hello to him at just about any decent local show; he's the guy at the door that can't find your name on the guest list.

Can you describe your job for Thrasher Presents?

My job with Thrasher is a talent buyer. I talk to agents and local bands and buy shows for the company, as well as help Mike with administrative duties in the office such as ticketing, label contacts, etc.

As far as live music goes, how does Portland rank with other national markets?

Well, Portland is not a huge market, but I feel we rank probably in the top 15 in cities for music. We are a strong community in getting out and going to see shows, but sometimes it's difficult because we only have so many people to go see shows. If there are more than two big shows in one night one will usually suffer.

Are there bands you won't promote? Would you do a Skrewdriver show?

We won't promote bands that have racist or other agendas that we morally or ethically don't believe in. Plus, seeing that I am a Jew, I would not promote Skrewdriver.

Have you every threatened a band with the line "You'll never play Portland again!"? If not, I think you should start to.

I have never threatened a band. I don't think it's necessary. If they are screwing up then they will learn soon enough when I don't do the show again, but threatening gets you nowhere.

If Jesus Lizard decided to get back together Judas Priest-style, with a tribute band singer in place of frontman David Yow, would you take the job?

I would take the job in heartbeat. Of course my body would take a beating, but yes, I would take it.

Did you ever consider singing in a cover band that is less demanding? Or does the fact that you must get completely drunk and naked help sweeten the deal?

Monkey Trick is the only cover band I would sing in, and yes, I like the fact that I get to get drunk and naked. People appreciate that as they have come to expect it from us.

If Monkey Trick is the only Jesus Lizard cover band, then what is Rye Coalition?

In my opinion Rye was a Jesus Lizard cover band at one point but since have turned into a Led Zeppelin cover band.

Monkey Trick perform Saturday at Dante's, 1 SW 3rd.