An anomaly in pretty much any music scene, Menomena are a rare treat of wildly creative musicality combined with charismatic pop sensibilities. Their flipbook packaged CD I Am The Fun Blame Monster, recently re-released by local label Film Guerrero, has garnered praise from critics the world over, plus earned the band a job penning the theme song for local cable access diva Sista Social. Multitasking drummer Danny Seim was nice enough to take a break from hand-making their packaging to talk to us about the band's name, and their absolutely ridiculous webpage.

Menomena play Fri Jan 30 at Doug Fir

Can you explain how long it took to make the original flipbooks for I Am The Fun Blame Monster? Did you ever question if all the effort was worth it?

Each one of those damn things took 15 minutes to copy, cut, glue, bind, insert, and sticker. I did the math based on that rate, and calculated that it took the equivalent of 42 full days and nights of hot unadulterated manpower. Perhaps Jonathan Davis of Korn has hundreds of Polaroids of his hookup hoes from every American city, but Danny Seim of Menomena spent roughly 1,000 hours of his life behind a GBC VeloBind 270. Worth it? Ha! It was worth every second, even when the feeling in my forearms was "Falling Away from Me."

Will there be flipbooks for future releases?

It's always hard to speak for the future of this band, though I'm presently working on the assembly of our LP packaging. Brent (Knopf) designed the thing, and some folks say it's better than the flipbook. As for me, my Imminent Disease as a Result of a Menomena Project has switched from "Carpal Tunnel" (from massive flipbook production) to "Lung Cancer" (from massive chemical-based ink inhalation). I've always appreciated a little change of scenery.

How about something cooler, perhaps holograms?

Holograms are a great idea! We could play a CD release party at the Holocene! With Holy Sons! And give the proceeds to the survivors of the Holocaust!

What is the official pronunciation of Menomena? Everyone seems to pronounce it differently.

Just remember, "Men! AHH! Men! Ahhhhh!" or Man-Enema... That's always nice. We're not too picky on how the name is spoken. Just don't use it for any stupid puppet skits, or we'll sue for copyright infringement.

Is Sista Social still on? Is the theme you wrote for her going to be on any future recordings?

While Tony Danza gets his own network show, Sista Social seems destined to forever toil in obscurity. There truly is no justice in this world. We all agree that the whole Sista Social experience is the single thing we're most proud about in Menomena history. I doubt her theme song will ever be officially released, unless Portland Cable Access decides to put together a soundtrack compilation.

What is it like to have absolutely the world's worst webpage?

I have no idea what you're talking about.