In it's two-years of existence, Nocturnal has provided a very unique venue/bar/artspace, one that will be dearly missed as they undergo a change in format over the coming months. In addition to being one of the nicest, and cleanest, all-age venues in the country, the club hosted any number of events--from yoga, swing dancing, and art openings. Its downstairs bar was a cheap-alcohol haven with everything from scenesters to arts and crafts. Owner Bethany Pratt talks about the end of Nocturnal's days as a music venue, bar, and tater-tot haven.

Can you explain what is happening at Nocturnal? Are you closing?

We are closing our bar. We are not closing the all-ages area, but we are changing our programming. We will not be having rock shows anymore; maybe an occasional one but it will no longer be our focus. We will keep our dance nights, rent out for private events, and parties. We are also planning on continuing some of our art events like the craft bazaars we currently hold.

Are the shows booked into April still going to happen?

Yes the rock shows booked in April are still going to happen. The last one will be The Good Life on April 21st.

Portland seems to have almost too many entertainment options at any given time; did you find it hard to operate a venue like Nocturnal?

I think any club is hard to run, but I didn't necessarily find that to be because of too many venues. I always felt like the more the merrier. We, the venues, all get along with each other and help each other out. I think in a sense we sort compliment each other.

If Nocturnal stays open in a different format, will there still be tater-tots?

In closing the bar we will no longer have food, so no more tots.

If you were opening the club today, would you do anything different?

Ironically, if I were opening a club today I don't think I would change anything I did. Running a club is a really expensive business. I don't think anything else I could have done would have made that much of a difference. There are a lot of additional costs to having a club that you wouldn't realize. We couldn't have fit the capacity of people into Nocturnal we would have needed to keep it running as it is.

When I opened Nocturnal I never had this idea that I was going to have a rock club, I just wanted to have a space that I could do things in. I had gone to art school and swing danced a bunch, but I also went to a lot of rock shows. I refer to it as club, but I see it as much more.