In a handful of years working at Sub Pop, and fine-art poster printers Patent Pending, Jesse LeDoux is at the forefront of a new movement of artists whose work has thrived in today's design-friendly indierock scene. Relying on more than just fonts and photos, LeDoux's work (for bands like Pedro the Lion, Minmae, and tons more) utilizes intricate die-cuts and wildly creative custom illustrations. His work for The Shins Chutes Too Narrow was even nominated for a Grammy, only to be beat out by that boring looking egg cover on the latest Wilco album. LeDoux took the time to discuss design in indie music and fonts shaped like logs.

Are you still working at Sub Pop?

No. I quit Sub Pop and moved to Providence, RI at the end of November, where I have started my own illustration and design firm, LeDouxville (

How was the experience of being nominated for a Grammy? Did you go to the award ceremony and hang with Usher?

I got beat by an egg. I was bummed for a bit, until I saw that some other folks lost in categories that I was SURE they'd win (most notably Modest Mouse and David Sedaris). The loser's circle turned out to be a pretty decent place to be. The awards ceremony was a fun novelty. Did you know the Slipknot guys even wear their masks when they go out for a night on the town?

Do you feel that the current healthy state of independent music has allowed for visual/graphic artists to take more liberties and be more creative in regard to music packaging?

For the most part, independent record labels allow the bands to decide what their record cover looks like. With major labels, the record cover is not seen as a visual extension of the band, but rather a marketing tool. Visual/graphic artists are able to get away with a lot more with an independent label, because they really only need to sell the band on their idea, not an entire marketing department. In addition, the prosperity of independent music has given the independent record labels the ability to afford more elaborate packaging than they otherwise would, giving the visual/graphic artist more freedom to fulfill their vision.

Time for the Font Lightning Round. Logger or Igloo?

Definitely Logger, and I think anyone who has grown up in the Northwest will agree with me.