Has the complete lack of awesome summer concerts been bringing you down? If so, that is terribly unfortunate, since between Sasquatch and PDX Pop Now, there have been plenty of opportunities to meet your all-day concert needs. Next in line is the second annual Awesomefest (Saturday, August 27), brought to you by local promoters www.kingbanana.net, which crams 28 bands into the Loveland for 12 hours of live music. Promoter Jeff Urquhart discusses the festival, it's most emo band name, and uses the word "awesome" too many times to count.

Can you give the history of Awesomefest?

Last year Dan from the now-defunct website www.NWequation.com and Ray from Rose City Syndicate contacted me about being involved in a festival. We had all been doing shows here in Portland for a while and wanted to team up and make something awesome.

How difficult is it to get 28 bands to perform at one venue all in the same day?

We have 28 bands playing? In one day? Oh, shit! No, we've got a pretty solid schedule set up so things should go smoothly. Bennett Yankey (Loveland's sound dude) is a hard ass when it comes to keeping bands on their toes, and he's been authorized by the Awesomefest Board of Directors to be a total jerk if bands get outta line. Last year we had no idea what we were doing, and somehow the schedule worked out—but there were overlaps. No overlapping sets this year.

Since the majority of the bands performing this year are local, how does Awesome Fest differentiate from PDX Pop Now?

I guess we're a bit different—a little bit more on the heavy side.

Of all the bands playing this year, who has the more ridiculously emo band name: A Fragile Shade or Romance Forgery?

A Fragile Shade? Romance Forgery? Come on man, I'd go with Hell Promise all the way, hands down! By the way, this is NOT an emofest. We've got all sorts of bands playing. We wanted it to be diverse, and we feel we've accomplished that.

If I attend the fest and find it not to be "Awesome," do I get my money back?

Well, that's a tough one. "Awesomeness" is all in the eye of the beholder. We've been putting this lineup through some rigorous testing the last few weeks, and all the results are off the Awesomeness Charts.