Is there a better sign of true unbridled love than standing outside your loved one's house in the middle of the night? Or what about the passion it takes to sift through their garbage, looking for clues that will help you capture their tender heart? Aw, stalking, is there a truer form of love? Nope—at least not in song, since singing about stalking is as old as pop music itself. Below are the crème de la stalking crème, the songs that you will put on a mix tape and give to your love... via a brick through their window.

"Never Had No One Ever" by the Smiths

While the Smiths have more than their share of songs that deal with longing for someone to the point of creeping even the listener out, the best trick the band ever played was making you think that their songs were nothing more than sad tales of woe from the unloved pompadour-sporting lad on your front lawn. It's all lies, of course, since given the chance, vegan or not, Morrissey would tear you to shreds. "Now I'm outside your house/I'm alone/and I'm outside your house/I hate to intrude." Then again, he is The Moz, so you better damn well open your door. If there was ever a time when stalking was perfectly fine and acceptable, this is it. Let Morrissey in!

"Prince Charming" by Brother Ali

Like pretty much any Lifetime movie on the topic, Brother Ali's hiphop tale of stalking follows a strict template. Boy meets girl, boy falls for girl, boy goes batshitcrazy with jealously and ruins it for everyone. "I know you're home 'cause your curtains have opened/quit playin' these child-ass games, girl/I mean I got a tattoo with your name, girl."

"More Than I Can Do" by Steve Earle

How can you really know love if you haven't failed at it once or twice? Or maybe six times? Earle, who has been married a whopping seven times, knows a little about love, or maybe he just knows how to write a damn creepy song about the topic. With lyrics like "Just because you won't unlock your door/that don't mean you don't love me anymore," you can see why over a half-dozen women are lining up at the altar to be with him. Come on, it's Steve Earle, he's just a big teddy bear, right?

"Obsession" by Siouxsie and the Banshees

The stalker bar was raised to new heights with "Obsession," a song with a steady backdrop of heavy breathing and chilling lyrics, such as, "I broke into your room/I broke down in my room/touched your belongings there/and left a lock of my hair." Totally eerie, but then again, if Siouxsie Sioux wants to break into my room, stroke my PlayStation 2, and leave a clump of hair behind, I guess I really wouldn't complain.

Honorable Mentions:

The Police "Every Breath You Take," Oran Juice Jones "The Rain," The Beatles "Run for Your Life," The Bangles "Following," Morrissey "The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get," The Jimi Hendrix Experience "Hey Joe," Smog "You Moved In," Smoking Popes "Need You Around," Fleetwood Mac "I Got it in for You," Blondie "One Way or Another," LL Cool J "I've Changed," Jonathan Richman "You're the One for Me," and many more!