Alicia J. Rose

It's the most exciting place to be for a band, I imagine: sitting on freshly recorded songs, with new material recently composed and not worn raw from touring and over-performing. But before they can present this unsullied batch of tracks to friends, family, and fans, they have to wait. This is where the local chamber pop enthusiasts of Loch Lomond currently stand—they've just (as of last week) stopped rolling tape on their follow-up to 2007's magnificent Paper the Walls, and are preparing for their new album to see the light of day sometime next year. In the meantime, frontman Ritchie Young discusses the new recording, its lack of a title, and their upcoming tour supporting the Decemberists.

MERCURY: What can you tell me about the new album?

RITCHIE YOUNG: Dave Depper produced it and we recorded it at Type Foundry with Adam Selzer. When we did Paper the Walls it took us about six or seven months, and this one took about a month and a half. Things went swimmingly. We had prewritten half of the songs and then we wrote the other half in the studio. I was shocked the other day when we finished the final mix. For some reason I imagined we'd still be doing it for seven more months. It's done.

So, what is the album titled?

It doesn't have a name. I think it will have a name in the next couple months. We were drinking the other night and we swore that we would name the record Severe Money, but then we woke up. It's an awful name.

Now that it's finished, is it difficult to be in that middle ground between recording and sharing the songs?

We're really anxious to play it for everyone. Dave's going on tour with Jolie Holland and Scott [Magee]'s out on tour with Nick Jaina before we're doing the East Coast, and a little West Coast tour with the Decemberists. Dave's not going to be able to practice with us until two days before the New York show, so we don't really have time to play all the new songs—but no one knows who we are anyway. Old songs or new songs, it doesn't matter.

Loch Lomond will perform acoustic on Saturday, October 11, at the Press Club.