by Chazz Madrigal


Sat Feb 7

Tiger Bar

Jammotron has been racking up a lot of ink lately and if you haven't been fortunate enough to see him, let me help you to understand why. Versatility of style as well as deep knowledge across the board and a humble head is gonna keep this 20-year table vet/world-renowned techno producer bumping your kids' heads 20 years from now.

Is your crew, Clan of the Cave Mack, still going strong?

Yeah, Clan of the Cave Mack crew is going pretty strong. We're getting ready for the Pure Tone Audiotonomy CD release party coming up February 21, be on the look out for that. We're gonna have Brokaw, DJ Copy, UTS, and myself. It's gonna be a very good experience for everyone to check out. I hope everybody got the CD; if you don't, go get one, get ready before the show comes through because it's gonna be off the hook, that's a guarantee.

I noticed on the website you're doing something with Ground Kontrol?

We do something every Thursday called THUMP and we get different DJs to come and play there. It's going a little slow right now, but I think things will pick up when it gets hotter. We're just hoping to get people to come out and check out the scene. We're showcasing local DJs and trying to bring them up, but most of all just have people have a good time. Play some of the games down there! We got a lot of classics and even more on the way.

New Year, New Plans?

Coming soon is like, wow... I got so much stuff I have to do. I'm playing like three nights a week on the regular. I like to switch up my weekends so right now I do first Saturday at Tiger Bar with Venom 33.3, Second Saturday at XV, and last Saturday at Madame Butterfly. I'm also working trying to get my own radio show going on over at KBOO; that's gonna take me awhile to get going though. Basically I just want to do whatever I can to get things going especially with my promotion and everything. I also have so many tracks done and ready to go so watch for that definitely.