Know any itsy-bitsy people who play guitar? If so, do I have a great gift suggestion for you: Beginning Sunday, April 22, a handful of small-scale guitars, each hand-painted by a distinguished member of Portland's music glitterati, will go up for auction on eBay. Appropriately, the proceeds from the sale of the 23-inch novelty instruments will be used to benefit tiny people—specifically, to help re-establish recently cut performing arts programs for the students at SE Portland's Buckman Arts Magnet Elementary School. That's right, even Buckman Arts Magnet can't afford a full array of arts programs. At least you can't say that tightfisted Oregon voters don't have a sense of humor. So do your part to ensure the survival of your species, music-lovers of Portland, and put in a bid on one of these guitaritos endearingly decorated and signed by the likes of the Decemberists, Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse, Sam Coomes of Quasi, and Janet Weiss of, well, just about every awesome band in Portland. Have a gander at the instruments at The online auction closes Sunday, April 29.

The children of Portland have further reason to rejoice this month, as downtown music venue Berbati's Pan will now be hosting all-ages shows four to five times a month. The first such youth friendly night will be Saturday, April 28 and feature local hiphop outfit Sandpeople. Don't worry, drunkies, the bar will still be open for these events.

Meanwhile, those who have enjoyed the all-ages exclusivity of Eastside venue The Wonder Ballroom, but have lamented its sonic situation, will be pleased to know that the venue has acquired a new and improved sound system.

As for local shows this week, come celebrate with our town's finest Celto-indie-folk chamber ensemble, Loch Lomond, at the Doug Fir on Saturday, April 21 as they release their EP Lament for Children on HUSH Records. Diehard Loch Lomondians who have been enjoying this recording as a self-release since late last year will be heartened to know that HUSH will be putting out a brand-new full-length by the band this fall, entitled Paper the Walls.

Lastly, I am pleased to report that local acoustic punk trio the Revisions have signed to Portland's best-loved punk label, Dirtnap Records. The partnership is a historic one, as the band's excellent self-titled album, due in the fall, will be Dirtnap's first release by a local band since moving its operations to Portland in 2005.