While Cary Clarke takes a much-deserved vacation traversing the globe, I'll be filling in for him here at the local music news desk.

—Ezra Ace Caraeff

Regarding the controversial issue of all-age minor postings in the state of Oregon, this Friday, April 18, is the day of reckoning. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) is holding their final meeting regarding the sexily titled OAR 845-006-0340 Minor Postings, which is the incredibly important ruling which would allow venues that choose to abide by specific restrictions and submit a proper control plan to admit those under 21 into certain performances.

To clear up the most common misconceptions about this issue, it needs to be said (again) that this ruling won't flood bars and shows with teenagers, lead to mass underage drinking, ruin music forever, etc. Instead, an amendment to the OLCC's outdated structure will provide venues that follow certain strict guidelines an opportunity to host mixed-age events where alcohol is present. As anyone who has made the rounds in Portland's music scene knows, all-age venues have an extremely difficult uphill battle keeping their doors open in this town, especially without the perk of bar sales. Our scene's past is littered with such deceased spaces, proof that amending this rule can provide hope for certain all-age spaces and 21-plus rooms that want to expand their range of potential showgoers. Meanwhile, it also supports the burgeoning contingent of underage patrons, who are out in the cold due to antiquated rules such as this. The vote is open to the public, and will be held at the OLCC's headquarters (9079 SE McLoughlin) at 9 am on Friday. For more information, including a detailed back history on this ongoing issue, visit pdxpopnow.com/olcc, and hit blogtown.portlandmercury.com on Friday for updates and the results of the vote.

Despite the rumblings down at the OLCC, there is a relatively new art space and venue opening its doors here in town. Worksound (820 SE Alder) is hosting one of this week's finest events, the New Bloods CD release show on Friday, April 18. And there is more to come, according to the Worksound's Mark Janchar. "We're in the process of getting an annual alcohol sales license, and once we have that, early this summer, we're gonna roll. Our layout allows us to separate the over and underage folks so that all-ages shows are possible and enjoyable for all." He adds, "The first weekend of July we are throwing an all-ages music festival called Juicebox, and the winner gets a contract with our adjoined record label Hovercraft." For more information, visit worksoundpdx.com.

File this one under unique projects you don't hear about every day: The enigmatic Alexis Gideon just put the wraps on an "animation/claymation video opera based on Hungarian mythology and folk tales." Gideon's foray into the multimedia world will take place April 25 at Backspace.