OF SOUND MIND: Pat's a bartender at the beloved, historic Jockey Club and plays in the band Third and Failing. He's also a recording engineer at his own studio, Ground Score. Since moving here from Chicago in Oct '99, he's recorded Last of the Juanitas, Machine That Flashes, and Laurel Canyon, and has plans to work with 31 Knots.

Why'd you come to Portland?

"I wanted to live in a smaller city that could support another record studio. Other places, the whole music scene is really based on hype, and here, there's not so much of an industry. People are doing it for the love of it."

What's your approach to recording?

"I tend to record very dry, natural sounding records. I try to capture the band on tape the way they sound in a practice space...that sound gets lost so often."

What albums do you think are very well-recorded?

"I might be biased; I apprenticed with Steve Albini, so I'd have to say Shellac's At Action Park and Jawbreaker's 24 Hour Revenge Therapy. And Highway to Hell by AC/DC is a pretty cool record."

What do you like about them?

"The fact that they're very realistic representations of the bands. You don't need studio magic to make good bands sound good."

What's your most coveted piece of equipment?

"I just got them, actually--a rack of Sytek pre-amps. They're high-quality mic pre-amps, and they're really clean."