KPRA Benefit

Thurs Feb 26


1001 SE Morrison

Kevin, Gus, and Sam operate your local pirate radio station, Portland Radio Authority (PRA). Can you hear it? No? A-ha! That's why they're having a benefit.

SoÉ you guys haven't gotten caught yet.

Sam: Because no one can hear us.

Gus: I think we've all pretty much agreed to getting caught.

S: It's better to get more people listening than to wallow in fear and have only cab drivers and DJs listening.

Which is the point of the benefit, yeah?

Kevin: We want to make it so everyone can hear the station, even on shitty stereos.

S: We're also going to broadcast online eventually. There's an idea floating around to form a loose coalition of pirate radio stations and at some point air the same content, forming a national pirate station.

So what can we expect at the party?

K: There are going to be 19 DJs, all from the station.

S: It's designed to degenerate into a dance party, but it's going to be really diverse, and give people a good taste of the station.

Can you give me some examples?

K: DJ Dickel plays music exclusively from 1900-1945; DJ Tan't plays instrumental hiphop and electronic; and DJ Tanner plays really good underground rock. We'll also have a silkscreen press, so you can bring a T-shirt, or we'll also have pre-made shirts for sale. There's going to be a contest for the coolest boom box, and we're also holding a raffle and giving away compilation CDs.

Anything else you want to add?

K: Isn't now the time to support pirate radio, when everything is owned by, like three companies?

S: Just tell the people of Portland to rock out with us.

PRA broadcasts from 4 pm to midnight everyday except Saturday at 96.7 FM. For a schedule, check their website at