At some point, your band may want to "record an album." If you opt out of the DIY route, here are some studios in the Portland area that might be able to "help you out."

Fresh Tracks, 235-7402

Past Clients: Fran Gray, Jonathan Hoffman, The Essentials

Insta-Fame Studios,, 786-5045

Past Clients: Minmae, El Doras, The Regurgitations

Interlace Audio Production,, 681-7619

Past Clients: Anatomy Of A Ghost, Kinzel & Hyde, Crosstide

Jackpot Recording,, 239-5389

Past Clients: Elliott Smith, Quasi, Stephen Malkmus

Nettleingham Audio,, 888-261-5086

Past Clients: Empty Set, Countdown to Life, Catholic School Girls

No Moving Parts,, 234-6410

Past Clients: Kaddisfly, Dislogik, M.R.P.

North Coast Sound,, 244-7795

Past Clients: The DeTractors, Ian Henehan, Asia and Barry

Type Foundry, 284-1892

Past Clients: Doug Shepherd, The Intima, Johnny X and the Groadies

Walnut Studios,, 312-9663

Past Clients: Tuesday's Taken, Emerald City Players, Champagne Syndicate