After a 20-year stint as the West Coast's longest running punk club, owner George Touhouliotis has put Satyricon and its adjacent restaurant, Fellini, up for sale. "I have been here enough time, and I think some other person will do a better job than I have in the past few years," Touhouliotis explained. "I'm not as involved as I was in the early days. I don't come here at night; a small business like this should always have a connection with the management and what's going on."

But before you get your panties in a bunch, rest assured punk rock and other live music will still have a home at Satyricon, located at 125 NW 6th. Touhouliotis has made the stipulation that the club's future owner keep Satyricon up and running. Several people have already expressed interest in purchasing the property, including unnamed local promoters, though none have made an official offer yet. JULIANNE SHEPHERD