OCCUPATION: Poet; Proprietor, Kill Rock Stars, a label specializing in spoken word and smart Northwest rock; lead singer of art damage band Witchypoo. Catch Witchypoo at their 10th (and final) Anniversary show Thurs July 27, at the Medicine Hat.

Hey Slim, is the English language doomed?

"Well, I don't think so really, but I wouldn't mind if it was. Except that it is my specialty, so I would become obsolete, but that's ok."

If Witchypoo was your 10-year-old son, would he be a well-behaved lad or a badass juvenile delinquent?

"Unfortunately, he would be dying of leukemia, but we would all remember him fondly after he goes."

If somebody handed you a billion dollars would you buy the Mariners or give every school child a wordcore record?

"I think you can do both of those things with a billion dollars. I wouldn't give it to the UN (Ted Turner, are you listening?), or start a retarded museum for the purpose of explaining rock and roll to the mainstream in some kind of bizarre attempt to strip away the very last whiff of threat or danger that rock ever had, and turn even the most exciting, crazy music into some kind of sick, safe, cotton-candy-Disneyland experience."

What are you listening to?

"Juvenile, Hot Boyz, Big Tymers, XBXRX, Eraserata, Subtonix, Lisa Miller, A Perfect Circle."

Steak or seafood?

"Yesterday I ate steak at the Oyster House. I am from Montana. You can take the boy out of Montana, but you can't take the Montana out of the boy."

Were you in 4-H?

"No, but I ate a lot of mutton."