1. NO! "Born on the Bayou"? Baloney! More like "Born in Berkeley, California"!

2. NO! What self-respecting rock band sings lullabies about West Coast life?

3. YES! Facial hair and heterosexuality is not a prerequisite.

4. NO! They're not even Americans! (Plus, Peter Frampton was a founding member. Please.)

5. NO! C'mon--he plays a violin! (And don't say "No, he plays a fiddle!" They're the same thing!)

6. YES! First, they're from Athens, and second, they signed to legendary so-rock label Capricorn.

7. NO! They're Georgia-born, yet they worship Rod Stewart more than Ronnie Van Zant. Traitors!

8. YES! They have a jug-blower, for chrissake.