by Adam Gnade

Lungfish Sun May 11


Questions 1. Lungfish is smoother than lung butter and more rockin' than "Aqualung"--which is damn tough to beat--but why doesn't anybody besides indie geeks know anything about 'em? 2. Lungfish is a rock critic's band, which is to say, lotsa us writers share a deep collective love for the band and can talk some mad theorization on the inherent qualities of their work--but are we alone in our adoration? 3. Will Lungfish recs like Talking Songs for Walking or Indivisible ever get as much hindsight attention as, say, Gang of Four? 4. True or false, Jessica Hopper's essay in Punk Planet about searching out Lungfish singer Dan Higgs was 100% fabricated. 5. If a tree falls in the bleak snowy outskirts of Baltimore and no one's there to hear it, will Dan Higgs write a fiery, hard-edged, intellectual rock song about it? 6. In J.R. Nelson's review "J.R. Reviews Joan Hiller's Reviews" (Hit it or Quit It #16), what kind of bird does he write about "erupting from [Dan Higgs'] throat"? 7. Which of the following is one of Dan Higgs' books of poetry: The Book of Antennae, Ariel's Radio, or Bridges with Spirit? 8. If Lungfish was an animal, what kinda animal would it be? 9. What record label is Lungfish on? (Hint, the answer to this one is a big, fat lie.) 10. Will Lungfish cancel this show the night before they're supposed to hit town?

Answers 1. "Because fools got no taste," Jonny Collins, longtime Lungfish fan, New York City, New York. 2. Yep. 3. Outlook very good. 4. Our sources say, true. But on the other hand, it was one of the best things PP ever printed. 5. I damn well hope so! 6. Magpies 7. The Book of Antennae. 8. A badger. You totally thought I was gonna say "a fish." Admit it. 9. Interscope! They're label-mates with that un-American commie lout Marilyn "Scarilyn" Manson. 10. If they do, the terrorists have won.