The Dimes

WHO: Ariatic keyboard pop band The Dimes, starring Meredith Butner (guitar, bass, writes, sings), Liza Stillhard (keyboard, guitar, writes, sings), Steve Gevurtz (guitar, keyboard, sings), and Katie Greenhoot (drums).
: They're playing Meow Meow on Saturday, June 16, with Origami and Sarah Dougher.

How would you describe your sound?

L: It depends on who writes the songs or sings them; Meredith and I make the sound very different. Sometimes we're poppy, sometimes indie/emo, sometimes we're funny, sometimes we're sad.

If you could open up for anyone, who would it be?

L: We already opened for Rainer Maria--they're one of my favorite bands. Other than that, I guess I'd say Ida.

M: Joan Jett. She's my fave.

What Portland bands do you like?

L: The Disappearer. Steve Gevurtz [Disappearer guitarist/songwriter] is also in the Dimes. He used to come to our shows all the time, and then he played with us at the Lloyd Center Mall. We played at that coffee shop because their band had cancelled. I think they thought we were a folk band or something. Anyway, they called security.

How did you decide on your name?

M: Katie and I said we should be in a band that was written "10¢" but pronounced "The Dimes." We wanted to stand in front of a curtain and sing and have the band play behind it.

For what movie would you want to be on the soundtrack?

M: Goonies. In high school, what would you have been voted most likely to do?

L: I was actually voted most likely to win an Oscar. M: I wasn't popular, so I wasn't voted anything.

Do you fight?

L: We have communication problems sometimes. We're quietly mad at each other. No one ever gets mad at Steve, though.