Thurs March 28

Unwound have toured
Europe and Japan, released six albums, an equal number of retrospectives, EPs and limited releases, and a shitload of seven-inches. If this is the end of the band, as the rumors have stated, they'll at least have the past ten years of work under their belts.

Formed in 1991, Unwound was the first band on Olympian independent label, Kill Rock Stars. They started out in their late teens, with guitar player Justin Trosper, bass player Vernon Rumsey, and drummer Brandt Sandeno, who was then replaced by Sara Lund in 1992.

Unwound's present tour, which will travel from Portland up to Seattle and Tacoma and end in Olympia, will be a charged opportunity to see what will probably be their last explosive live shows. Regardless of rumors that have been flying about Vern's erratic behavior on tour, according to Lund, the band is "taking an indefinite break. Primarily so Vern can spend time at home with his kid. I guess I want to tell people to see [Unwound] now, because you don't know when you'll be able to see them again."

Unwound's dynamic evolution has taken them from angsty, distorted guitar rock to a similarly morose, symphonic, arty sound on their recent prolific double disc, Leaves Turn Inside You. Instead of the punk guitar riffs pulling away from the drums and bass--as in the early music, the instruments (plus effects) pull together, blending the songs into one booming noise, layered over by Trosper's restrained vocals.

As far as new projects go, Lund is optimistic. "Justin and I are going to try and get something together, but we could never get a step-Vern, so it won't be Unwound. We'll be able to try something new without any expectations. After having been a band for so long, people expect something or other out of you. We tried not to let that effect us, but there is the sense of, oh, '[people] like the first record,' so this is a good excuse to move on."