Goddamnit if 2007 isn't starting out beautifully. Just a few days in and we get this one dropped on us: the Children of the Revolution festival, going down Saturday, January 6 at AudioCinema (226 SE Madison). The schedule is as follows:

3-3:25 pm Ghost To Falco

3:30-3:50 pm Argumentix

4:00-4:30 pm Show Me The Pink

4:00-4:25 pm Siberia

4:30-5:00 pm Me Con

5:05-5:25 pm TBA (DRUGS or Black Elk)

5:30-6:00 pm Shaky Hands

6:05-6:30 pm Yellow Swans

6:35-7:20 pm Mustaphamond

7:25-7:55 pm Scout Niblett

8:00-8:40 pm Old Haunts

9:00-9:40 pm Wet Confetti

10:00-10:30 pm Rabbits

10:40-10:50 pm The Better To See You With

11:00-11:45 pm Danava

12:05-12:45 pm 31 Knots

1:00 am Fleshtone

In other Wet Confetti news, the band was recently featured in Spin.com's "Hey, This Is Awesome" section. Says the site, "Laughing, Gasping is the upcoming effort by Portland trio Wet Confetti, who enlisted Gang of Four's Dave Allen to help them capture their chiming post-punk sound. Out February 6 on Allen's Pampelmoose label, Laughing, Gasping has several tremendous song titles, especially if you like all things Jurassic. There's "Sorry Dinosaur" and "Donuts and Old People," and the latter's name "came about after going to a bingo parlor and then going to a donut shop," [says] singer/bassist/keytarist Alberta Poon. "We were the youngest people in both places by about four decades."

Dragging an Ox Through Water, which left town for New York last year, is coming back for a show at Valentine's. Also playing Dragging an Ox's Thursday, January 11 date, will be We Quit and Chin Up, Merriweather. The show is free.

Big congrats to the Beauty, who were named one of the 25 best bands of MySpace by RollingStone.com. Says a press dispatch, "Rolling Stone magazine, in an effort to draw attention to the musical talent represented on the ever-expanding internet super-giant MySpace.com, announced a contest last week with the goal to find the Top 25 Bands on MySpace.com. For a week, they invited ANY and EVERY band to submit one song to be listened to by employees of the magazine. During that time, 1,700 songs were listened to, and they made their final picks yesterday, which included local R&B innovators the Beauty. As the band understands, the honor of being chosen means that the song they submitted will be featured on RollingStone.com, and will receive a mention in the print magazine." Check out the Beauty at myspace.com/11845240. The duo will be playing Wednesday, January 24 at Satyricon with local beatbox guy Fogatron.

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