A new issue of Dagger is on the streets but the next one'll be a big fucker; it's the local zine's 20TH ANNIVERSARY. I know, fuckin' a, huh? Longer than you've been listening to music, right? I got a hold of Dagger publisher Tim Hinely, who also does some Mercury freelancing. Says Tim, "The new issue will be packed to the brim as always. I've decided to re-interview a few old faves from New Zealand, Martin Phillipps (the Chills) and David Kilgour (the Clean) that I interviewed in earlier issues and I may even reprint a few of my old interviews from issues past (i.e., Will Oldham, American Music Club, etc.) plus a few surprises." The 20th anniversary Dagger will be out April 1. (Really.) Dagger #39 is on the streets right now. I found mine at the downtown Everyday Music.

Josh Hinton from Nire writes to say his band has signed with Abandoned Love Records. "We are really excited to announce that we are signing on with Abandoned Love Records, a wonderful label from Austin, TX. Next month we start recording our first official LP release (tentatively titled Vespers) in Seattle with our good friend Casey Foubert. The album should be out in the late summer or fall of this year. We're also setting off on a short Northwest tour in March and planning something on a more national level around the time of the release."

Alela Diane has a new record out, but it's a UK-only release. If you head over to pampelmoose.com, you can check out a little video Dave Allen (Gang of Four, Pampelmoose Records, etc.) shot at her house, where she talks about the vinyl-only release, Songs Whistled Through White Teeth, a limited run 10-inch on England's Names Records.

The Shaky Hands will also have a new record—their self-titled debut full-length—out April 10 on the Holocene Music label. I'm listening to it right now and it's gonna beat the world's ass—just wait. Meantime, you can still pick up their EP at Mississippi Records or mail order it by sending five bucks to 109 NE Mason, 97211. And no I won't burn you a copy of the full-length. That's a preemptive strike, moochers. Don't forget, April 10. Oh, and the Shaky Hands plays Lola's Room on Sunday, January 28. They go on at 4:30 pm.

Lastly, if you miss this show, you're un-American: Zs, Get Hustle, Yellow Swans, and Silentist at Rotture, February 6.

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