First off, this shit is fucked. GreyDay Productions recording artist LKN (Lauren K. Newman) was seriously injured recently. Says Newman's friend Jason DuMars, "Lauren fell face first down a flight of stairs and fractured her skull, seriously damaged a major blood vessel, and herniated a disc in her back. Doctors said it's amazing that she lived. She has indefinitely cancelled all of her shows and is expected to recover, but it will take a long time. People can contact me for volunteering or donations [at] or 888-7808." Stay tuned for details of Lauren's benefit show, tentatively scheduled for the 23rd of this month.

Travis from Please Step Out of the Vehicle writes to say his band wants to play your house party this summer. If you're throwing a BBQ, secret show, house party, whatever, contact Travis at Also, congrats to Travis and his ladyfriend, Amy, who were married in a group ceremony at the recent Captured by Robots show. Keep an eye out for the band's new CD, due out in September.

Levi, Scott, and Adam from Heroes and Villains have a new side band. According to Levi, "A few years ago, I played guitar and sang in a band in Idaho called You Might Die. We played loud, jazzy, yet melodic skronk. The biggest influences were the Who and the Minutemen. I wrote eight songs with the band that were recorded in Washington DC on New Year's of 2004. I had planned to release some or all of this as an EP, but instead, the bass player moved to Alabama and I decided to move to Portland to play with System & Station." A few years later—last January to be exact—Levi was asked to do a solo show and put together a backing band to perform some of the You Might Die material. "Adam and Scott from H&V were kind enough to learn these songs and play with me. They convinced me that we should continue as a band, like for real. I thought this was an acceptable idea. We were called Brass Eye for one show, but then H&V was driving through Riggins, Idaho and Adam said 'Damn, we're in the deep north, aren't we?!' Just then our van was hijacked by three sleeveless T-shirt wearing cretins with five teeth between them, and one said to me 'Boy, you got a purty mouf!' I just looked at Adam and said 'You're durn tootin'!' So that's our name now, Deep North."

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