Last week I reported on Lauren K. Newman's (AKA LKN) near fatal head and spine injury. While her recovery has been a slow go, there are a shit-ton of good people pulling for her, including the folks behind, a site set up to help assuage her medical bills. Also, Lauren's label, Greyday, has put together a package deal that includes three of her records for $20 with all proceeds going straight to her recuperation. Finally a benefit has been tentatively scheduled for June 23 at the Modish Building downtown at 333 SW Park. Acts booked so far include DJ Dantronix, We Quit, emBROWNLOWe, and two-piece rock act Swallows. Will keep you updated as information is announced.

The opening for the Someday Lounge has been delayed. Says Someday's Noah Mickens, "Alas, there has been a slight delay in acquiring our building permits, and the directors of the Someday Lounge have been forced to push back our opening to September. We have, for the most part, successfully rescheduled the artists from our original August calendar, and will continue unhindered toward our goal of opening the most unique nightclub in the city. More soon."

The Online Romance are looking for a drummer and they're having one helluva time coming up with anyone decent. Says TOR singer Jack Saturn, "We're a vocal show band at heart, so we hope to find a 'musical' drummer who knows how to play appropriately for each given song, who can find ways to be idiosyncratic within a 4/4 framework, and someone who asks him or herself, 'What would Burt Bacharach's drummer do?' Another harmony voice in the band would be nice, as well, and hopefully our future sticksperson wouldn't mind stepping out from behind the kit to steal the spotlight every once in a while." If you think you fit that role, email Jack at The drummer-less TOR plays Dunes this Sunday, June 18.

Herbivore Magazine just released their new issue and it's a sweet one. Along with the magazine's regular sections, the Music Issue features interviews with vegan and vegetarian music-makers Paint it Black, Nellie McKay, and Joan Jett, among others. Herbivore's also co-hosting (with Food Fight Grocery) a screening of the documentary Places in Pieces Vol. 2, to benefit SHAC7 defendant Josh Harper. This happens Saturday, June 17 at the Newspace Center for Photography, located at 1632 SE 10th.