I continue to be impressed by the Better to See You With. They have a new record out on Silentists' label, Celestial Gang Records, and it's a 12-track beat down of smart, smart punk rock remade as reptilian attack noise. The production, instrumentation, and dynamics are fucking complicated, cliché-free, and full of bursts of napalmic noise, tiny feedback symphonies, and micro-condensed guitar thrash. I'm listening to it right now and it's staggeringly good. I can't even imagine how amazing the recordings with new members Nathan and Fae are going to be. (Their first Tube show remains one of the best things I've seen all year.) The release party is Sunday, July 9, at Disjecta with Iron Lung, Silentist, and Skin Culture. Silentist also has a record (the House on the Hill EP) out on Celestial Gang. Look for both at the merch table.

Kind of figured they'd do this, and it's finally confirmed. Sleater-Kinney's last show. Portland. Crystal Ballroom. August 11. Get your tickets before the out-of-towners come in bloodthirsty, invading hoards. People will fly to get to this one. Some of them won't even need planes.

So many great shows coming up. Here are my favorites. Mark these on your calendar in gold ink: Feathers will be at Valentine's on Wednesday, July 12. Pete Swanson and Pulse Emitter are at Dunes on July 16. Get Hustle is at Dante's July 18 with Quintron. Food Hole has Ikebana on July 19. Six Organs of Admittance will be at Doug Fir on July 28. (The new Six Organs record, The Sun Awakens, is a trippy pile of greatness.) Frog Eyes is at the Crystal on August 22. Summer's starting off well, isn't it? Yes it is. Let's say "fuck it" to being hermits and enjoy this one.

Finally, the Mercury is looking for MP3s to play on our local music podcast shows. (There are a couple of them. Mine's called Best Show/Worst Show.) It can be a bitch of a time hunting down new ones every day, so we're putting the call out to you. Send us your band's best song on MP3, tell us a little about what you do, and maybe we'll play it sometime. All this happens at portlandmercury.com/podcasts.

Email MP3s: adam@portlandmercury.com