With Yellow Swans, Inca Ore, Japanther, Ghosting, Mattress, Bird Costumes, Kevin Shields, and Valet all weighing in with titanic local shows, this week looks to be one that'll burn in our memories like a hot stick of incense. So many bands to see. So many vital, creative, left-of-center music-makers all converging on this very spot. So, what's the deal? Why are we so lucky? Is this some kinda reverse Buddhist trip where all the great luck we're having is getting us ready for something seriously disastrous? It's weird. Shit keeps getting better. Metal at Apotheke on Saturday? Bark, Hide and Horn on Thursday at Cortney Eggert's Valentine's art hanging? Thanksgiving's Adrian Orange playing an all-ages solo house show at 1831 SE Ankeny? It's a heavy week.

In the midst of all this playing out, it's amazing that music is still being recorded and released, and that anyone has time to start new bands. But it's happening—all over the place. Take for instance Romancing, which is Charlie from Panther and Maggie from the Bangs making some good, weird avant-pop. Vocals are total gibberish—all ahhs and ohhs and primal chants. Music's tight, controlled, deconstructed rock jams that are tiny and punchy at just the right time for them to be punchy. (Maggie and Charlie also play together in Leti Angel with Joe Kelly, which is a lot more mild mannered and traditional, though still nowhere near the vanilla indierock norm.) Check out Romancing on Friday playing the Maximum Warriors art show at Yes at 811 E Burnside.

Writing about music on the internet is more the business of my fellow columnist Ezra Ace, but I want to mention something really quick about the Audio Dregs label's newish collection of YouTube videos. (Type audiodregs.com/youtube). They've got Lullatone live in Japan. There's a video for a YACHT remix of my favorite Bobby Birdman track, "I Will Come Again." Really decent stuff.

More decent stuff: there's a new issue of the Ong Ong 'zine out. It's handmade, comes with stickers, and a CD with tracks from the Vonneguts, Ghost Family, Ear Venom, and a whole lot more. There will be a 'zine release party happening at the Blandina House (635 N Blandina) on Aug 12 as part of Portland's 'Zine Symposium going down Aug 11-13 at PSU. Western Graves, Na, and the Vonneguts play. Check out next week's Mercury for more info.

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