Local Music News

Whip out your "shows to see" list and pencil this one in: Eternal Tapestry this Saturday, August 12, at the Food Hole. Besides being amazing and trippy and smart, the band recently bulked shit up, becoming a six-piece. Says ET's Dewey Mahood, "[New member] Jed Bindeman just moved to Portland from Brooklyn where he played drums in a band called Heavy Winged. He has a super heavy rock style that blends perfectly with [his brother and band mate] Nick's free-jazz-on-speed approach. The rest of the band has responded by becoming much tighter structurally, but not at all losing the open endedness. Total groovy heaviness." Bindeman's brother Nick is also a member of the band, about which Mahood says, "Eternal Tapestry's double Bindeman power drum blast sends the already absurdly tripped-out sounds into a rhythmic frenzy of total mind-blowing hyper Kraut rock noise freak jams." Saturday. Don't flake. Eternal Tapestry also plays with Comets on Fire on Friday, August 18, at Holocene. Go to both.

Local media company Tables Turned has been posting podcast recordings of the recent PDX Pop Now! festival at tablesturned.com. "We've licensed the use of an internet broadcasting device from a local technology company called Box Populi. This portable device automates the recording, encoding, and uploading of podcasts in a live setting, supports multiple authors for use in a radio environment, and also creates an audio stream," says Tables Turned's Marcus Estes. According to Estes, "Tables Turned has loaned a unit to the recently besought-by-federal-fucking-pigs Portland Radio Authority, and you'll soon be able to subscribe to any of their shows as a podcast. We're also in talks with Holocene, the Towne Lounge, and KPSU. We hope to speak to a city commissioner about help funding a live music in Portland project. It's our goal to put one in every [good] club in the city." He also says that they've "been offered a partnership with ASCAP that would help us compensate the artists involved. And it would help us with our second goal, which is to liberate the institution of college radio from its under-funded, terrestrial ghetto."

And! Looking for some new all ages action? The Satyricon has risen from the ashes again to host shows for the young 'uns. First show coming up on Aug 28th. Stay tuned!

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