Come Monday, August 28, all-ages club Satyricon (125 NW 6th) will be opening its doors again. There's more in the works (a full bar, food, etc.), but for now it's just shows. We got the story from co-owner Jeff Urquhart.

MERCURY: What's Satyricon's status?

URQUHART: Well, when we got in there the place was a mess, but we managed to clean it up and got everything organized for the most part. All we need to do now is build the stage and install the sound system and lighting. We haven't started doing shows yet, but August 28 we have our first show and pretty much all of September is booked up. The calendar for October is filling up pretty fast, as well.

What's going down on the 28th?

We've got From a Second Story Window playing. We weren't planning on opening 'til the second week of September, but I got a call from their agent and they really needed a Portland date so we figured why the hell not.

Who's opening?

We've got a few locals lined up [Fall of Enosis and Passing in Dreams]. From a Second Story Window is on tour with Darkest Hour right now, but they have an off date on August 28 since Darkest Hour will be in Alaska playing a couple shows.

What's next?

We will be focusing on loud/heavy/noise/hardcore and getting young people into music, which I think was a big part of the original intent of the place, but we won't be doing it by having Dead Moon/Napalm Beach/Poison Idea every night. Not that we wouldn't want those bands to play—we very much do—but people seeking nostalgia may be disappointed in the booking if they are looking backwards.

They won't be disappointed in the rooms, however, as very little has changed. We will be rebuilding the stage and some structural elements, but anyone coming in from the old 'Con wouldn't notice. The current plan calls for a full bar, food priced early and served late, shows most nights, and regular hours after licensing—we're shooting for end of November on the bar.

One side will be all ages, the other will be 21+, and both should have a good view of the stage. We are doing most shows in-house, but Bennett Yankey from Food Hole, Nate Carson from Nanotear, and Jeff Hill from Wishbone Concerts are going to be doing some shows, as well.